Beauty Sleep

Ria Turangan

From Skin Logique


A good night sleep gives us greater energy to make better decisions and other positive choices the next day. Sleep is vital for growth and repair. It also helps liver detoxification and hormones regulation. Moreover, by reducing cortisol level, sleep helps prevent skin ageing.


Our body, including our skin, rests at night. When we sleep, skin cells undergo a slightly faster turnover and repair, which makes the skin look refreshed and brighter. On the other hand, lack of sleep causes tiredness, dull skin and dark circle under the eyes to show up. If we don’t have enough sleep, we won’t look and perform our best the next day.


Many studies have been carried out about sleep, how it affects our body and the best way to get enough sleep. We have put together some of the helpful tips to make you sleep more soundly. Try these techniques for better sleep and healthier skin:

  1. Aim to sleep for 8 hours. Research shows that most adults function better with eight-hour sleep.

  2. Make a routine. Try to go to bed at the same time each night and set the alarm at the same time every morning. It is recommended to be asleep by 10 pm.

  3. Sleep on back. If you sleep predominantly on one side, that side will show deeper lines and creases.

  4. Create a calm and comfortable environment. Scientific studies have found that our surroundings have measurable effects on sleep. Try to keep the bedroom cool, quiet and dark. Also, use comfortable sleepwear and bedding.

  5. Disconnect mobile phone, TV or any screen at least 30 minutes before bedtime. The blue light emitted from those devices suppresses melatonin (the hormone responsible for our circadian rhythm), which lead to insomnia and tiredness.

  6. Do not consume coffee or other drinks containing caffeine at least four hours before bedtime. Caffeine blocks adenosine, a body chemical which promotes sleep in the brain and makes you feel sleepy.

  7. Include exercise into daily routine. Research indicates that regular exercise can reduce stress and improve your sleep quality.

  8. Keep a pad and a pen close to the bed. This will be very useful when you wake up with ideas or to-do list, so you can just write it down and go back to sleep, instead of overthinking about it.