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Two STANFORD-Trained Dermatologists founded this Skincare Company, the founders of Rodan and Fields leaders’ best Skin Care Regimen in Anti-ageing, Acne, in North American Skincare markets** (Euromonitor). In addition, the founders of ProActive, the acne care brand, are also the founders of a second successful prestige skincare company in Rodan Fields Skincare.

What Is The Rodan Fields Skincare Company philosophy?

Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields cosmetic skincare dermatologists had the vision to start their own skin care company, which was also cruelty-free" skincare company. These two leading skincare doctors founded Rodan and Fields with the creative insight of delivering the best skincare regimen supported from a dermatology perspective to customers around the world. Always believing that everyday people had the ultimate potential to their best skin.

Skin Care Regimen Rodan Fields

What is the History of Rodan Fields Skincare Company?

The Estée Lauder Companies in 2003 rush to purchase the private skin care company. The Estée Lauder team's executives decided to strategically place the Rodan and Fields skincare Regimens in local department stores. In 2007, the already prosperous doctors admirably accomplished an unique audacious move to leave retail stores and purchase their skin care company back from Estee Lauder. The Drs genuinely believed that word-of-mouth was the future for this skin care company. They had watched sales grow when sales consultants were having an real consultation with the customer and presenting the essential information about its unique skin care regimen and products. The Drs instantly relaunched Rodan and Fields in 2008, employing an innovative Consumer Connected Commerce skin care business model with individual personal skincare counselling. Since 2008, Rodan and Fields, the private Skin care Company expansion has been tremendously successful. With it expanding into the emerging skin care regimen market in Canada, Australia and Japan. This beauty supply now online and available near you and always open.

What Product Innovations has this Skincare Company be able to achieve?

Rodan and Fields have incorporated developing product innovations, producing more automated professional skin care tools for their customers. Recently in 2021, being names in Marie Claire Magazine for their PORE CLEANSING MD SYSTEM.


This Professional Skin Care Tool rolls away those fine lines + wrinkles. The AMP MD System uses our micro-exfoliating Derma-Roller, Dermis to boost absorption + accelerate the effects of our skin-revitalizing Intense Renewing Serum for more refined, cleaner, firmer-looking skin. Typical Use: 3 times a week Main BENEFITS: Clearly firms and refines rough texture for younger-looking, cleaner skin SKIN CONCERNS: Lines and Wrinkles, Loss of firmness, Irregular texture

What is active cosmetic dermatology skincare?

The Drs unique experience as both leading dermatologists genuinely felt their prospective patients typically possessed the remarkable common skin problems. The doctors felt that a formulation of the right ingredients introduced in the correct order would be advantageous for healthy and exquisite skin gave women confidence. Rodan and Fields skincare born out of this modest background. In 2020 Summer Rodan and Fields launched their first Asian emerging market in Japan skin Care.

Cruelty Free Skin Care Company

Tell me more about the Life-Changing Skincare Company the dermatologist created?

With an unconventional desire to properly provide glowing and exquisite skin for everybody, they genuinely need to develop a unique skincare philosophy, "Multi-Step Science", from years of research knowledge and the latest science. This lead to the ideal skin care order to address anti aging, acne, sun damage, and sensitive skin. However, developing the Rodan and Fields skincare regimen fully met each person's skin condition by adopting a dermatologist skin care philosophy. With this concept, all people had the ultimate potential to their best skin from anti aging, men's skincare, Acne, Profesional skincare tools, and skin-enhancing products. Rodan and Fields beauty products correctly contain precisely active ingredients that will properly deal with an extensive range of skin troubles from dermatologist founders' unique experience of a cosmetic dermatologist.

What are the products behind this Skincare Company?

Rodan and Fields products correctly contain precisely active ingredients that will properly deal with an extensive range of skin troubles from dermatologist founders' unique experience of a cosmetic dermatologist. These skincare products as packaged in a skin care regimen, which takes the guesswork out of the correct skin care order. Each customer can have a free private consultation available to each customer with an Independent consultant. This skin care company launch a Japanese Skin Care range exclusive to Japan in the summer of 2020.

Why is this Skincare Company looking to reach New emerging market segments?

The successful skin care company Rodan and Fields is investing significantly in increased productive ways to promote growth within the global Acne, Anti aging, skin care category with their skin care regimen.

Cruelty Free Skin Care Company


A professional-quality pore extraction device you can use in the comfort of your home. Our patented pore tool system provides instant pore-fection with strength and ease. It unclogs pores and eliminates blackheads in seconds for a cleaner, smoother, more radiant complexion. The Pore Prep Solution breaks down stubborn oil, dead skin cells and debris. The targeted tips give you the ideal combination of pressure and suction to remove gunk and blackheads for visibly decreased pores and reduced risk for blackheads and breakouts. Leaving your skin feeling refreshed and purified, looking good and smooth with clearly tighter pores. This skin care company is now reaching untapped audiences in new market segments with their Pro skin care tools.

Skin Care Company Pro Tool

Who is an Investor in this Skincare Company?

TPG Venture Capitalist intentionally made a decisive minority investment in Rodan Fields Company. They believed that Rodan and Fields' ongoing experience as skincare dermatologists best skin care regimen and innovative formulators uniquely position them to effectively assemble the best skin care order and products that effectively address clients' skin concerns. They have invested in Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify also.

Best Skin Care Regimen

What is the Unique Customer Experience of this Skincare Company?

By utilizing their Independent Skin Care Consultants and their extensive knowledge and the skill of two successful entrepreneurs, the Doctors enthusiastically adopted a sales channel that efficiently delivers unique products to our loyal customers. Through the Rodan Fields, Independent consultants can properly communicate their unique experience of using the exclusive merchandise to their potential customers and counsel women and men who share universal skin interests and goals.


The Founders

Dr Katie Rodan

Katie Rodan (born 1955/1956) is an American dermatologist, entrepreneur, and author. She is co-creator of the acne treatment skin care product of Proactive, now the co-founder of anti-aging skin care company Rodan Fields, and runs a private cosmetic dermatology practice in Oakland, California. In 2015, she was listed by Forbes as one of the 50 most influential self-made women in the United States. She is a billionaire

Dr Kathy Fields

Kathy A. Fields is a dermatologist who is best known for being a founding member of Proactive and a founder of Rodan + Fields skin care company LLC – a company specialising in the manufacture and retailing of top-quality skincare items. Have you ever queried how much money this skincare specialist has earned to date? How fertile is the Kathy Fields? According to reports, the overall nett value of Kathy Fields is estimated to surpass $550 million as of early 2017, primarily due to her involvement in the Rodan + Fields skincare company, which she co-founded in 2007 although her career began in the mid-1980s.

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