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Rodan Fields Soothe Regimen

Sensitive skin is a common concern among our patients. Over 70 per cent of people experience sensitive skin to some degree. *British Journal of Dermatology 158(1):130-3 December 2007. How I found relief from my Sensitive skin with Rodan Fields Soothe.

Our philosophy

The Drs created the Rodan and Fields Soothe Program for anyone exhibiting the signs of sensitive skin. This daily skincare program shields your skin against environmental aggressors. Therein, supporting you in strengthen your skins natural moisture barrier and to calm visible redness so that you can take comfort in having a healthy-looking, luminous complexion every day.

Sensitive Skin

Why Rodan and Fields Use Multi-Step Science For Sensitive Skin care?

Firstly, I look for proof that sensitive skin moisturiser and face cleansing product works as a consumer. I studied skin care product brands like Rodan and Fields, Murad, Perricone MD, or SkinMedica that all have put forth the effort to create clinical tests.

What I looked For In Sensitive Skin Moisturizer-

Before I decided to invest in Prestige or Premium Skincare products from Rodan fields. I took the time to do my research. Usually, a quality brand will be ready and willing to prove their products work. Boutique brands, however, might not have the funding to carry out studies—

Why did Rodan and Fields choose to share Trial results? To be transparent and honest with the User, they also offered me a 60-day money-back guarantee if I was not happy.

sensitive skin

My Results With Soothe Regimen For Sensitive Skin

SOOTHE Regimen is a comprehensive skincare system that reduces the dryness that led to my sensitive skin. The exclusive R+F Peptide Technology neutralizing sensitive skin triggers.

♥ The First 60 days Soothe helped reduce the visible signs of sensitivity
♥ It was able to Fortify my skin’s natural moisture barrier to reduce sensitivity
♥ It reduced and neutralized irritants on the skin caused by environmental and lifestyle factors
♥ It really noticeably improves skin tone with optical correctors.
♥ Lastly, helpings to defend against environmental stressors with a moisturizing SPF 15 lotion (Sensitive Skin Face Sunscreen)

sensitive skin

What was Step 2 in Soothe Skin care treatment?

​♥ Step 2 SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment Hydrating lotion containing the exclusive R+F Peptide Technology that was effective in reducing the visible signs of dry and sensitive skin, on my neck, face, hands, legs.

Dimethicone and allantoin fortify the skin’s barrier to relieve dryness and reduce the symptoms of sensitivity. Optical filters effectively neutralize the look of visible redness.

What was Step 4 in Soothe Skin care treatment?

I found Soothe this sensitive skin face sunscreen to provide me with protection during the day and acting as a second moisturiser.

​♥ Step 4 SOOTHE Calming Lotion SPF 15 +++ Calming lotion with SPF 15 protects skin without compromising skin’s delicate moisture barrier. This lightweight formula calms, soothes and minimizes visible redness associated with dryness.

sensitive skin

Does Soothe Regiment Have Anti-Ageing Benefits?

In other words, all skin needs hydration; it’s just a matter of finding the right kind. When skin is not optimally hydrated, it looks and acts like older skin and can become more sensitive.
To clarify, R and F – Enhancements product of Active Hydration Serum is perfect for sensitive skin because you can benefit from a visible improvement in firmness and reduced fine lines and pores without irritation. In fact, in clinical testing, sensitive skin participants noticed improved skin comfort after using Active Hydration Serum for eight weeks.

Sensitive Skin Skincare
Japan - Sensitive Skin Care Soothe


Layer Active Hydration Serum after the SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash as shown.

sensitive skim

What The Soothe Regimen Is Used For?

Dr Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields know – there are two main reasons for sensitive skin:

♥ Many have a genetic predisposition for sensitive skin.
♥Others acquire it from repeated exposure to environmental or lifestyle triggers, such as climate change, sun exposure, friction or rubbing, and cosmetic intolerance syndrome. It will be making you more susceptible to skin issues that include skin dryness, skin chapping, cracks, redness and itching.

Sensitive Skin

Why Rodan and Fields Share Clinical Trial Results for Sensitive Skin Treatment?

Therefore, Clinical tests were essential to me, and it reveals to me proof that their product works, then at least I know I’m buying something that the company put money into proving it worked on those with sensitive skin.

I needed to take good care of my skin as I was in my late 50’s.

sensitive skin

I wanted the best sensitive skin care for my skin

​I do not compare Rodan and Fields to other skincare brands who choose not to provide me with an ingredient list and the important clinical tests. Skincare has several segments and categories. This brand falls in the Prestige and Premium category.

In September 2017, I started Rodan Fields Soothe for my Sensitive Skin.

sensitive skin

How Many Steps Does The Soothe Regimen Have?


♥ Step 1 SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash Swept away my skin impurities without the use of harsh surfactants. Contains essential moisturizing ceramides that nurture the skin’s barrier to support its resiliency.
I found this Sensitive skin face wash very gentle, and I was happy it was not irritating on my skin.
***You Can Insert - Active Hydration - Into This Skincare Routine

What Step 3 of Soothe did for my sensitive skin.

This was the step that, in my opinion, was the best sensitive skin moisturiser I had used.

♥ Step 3 SOOTHE Moisture Replenishing Cream Rich, dewy formula soothes, hydrates and nourishes the skin. Utilizes RF COLD FISSION technology to replenish skin’s natural moisturizing factors without the use of traditional emulsifiers. Soothe Moisturizer.

Adding Rodan Fields Enhancements “Active Hydration Serum to Soothe

My review was that over the 60 days, my skin was less sensitive, and I started to see visibly-firmer skin. Rodan and Fields Enhancements range Active Hydration Serum is a layering super-serum that boosted the performance of my SOOTHE Regimen

Giving me smoother, softer, more radiant-looking skin that is visibly firmer and dewier. I did not see any flakey or red dry skin on my neck, face, hands, and legs.

What Are The Benefits Of Soothe Anti-Ageing Regiment?

In an 8-week clinical study with Active Hydration Serum, The Participants using the SOOTHE Regimen participants had the following results.

Sensitive Skin Face Mask

Soothe by rodan Fields

What is The Soothe Rescue Mask? and What Is It Used For?

How Rodan and Fields works – Soothe RESCUE MASK WHAT IT IS?

♥ This soothing Calamine face mask reveals healthier, softer, smoother-looking skin in just 10 minutes + calms visible redness and dry, irritated skin for healthier-looking skin over time.

♥HOW TO USE IT - Massage a generous layer over clean, dry skin. Allow mask to dry. After 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water + pat dry. Use two to three times weekly for optimum results.

♥ HOW IT WORKS, Glycerin moisturizes + helps defend skin from environmental aggressors while soothing Calamine calms skin + neutralizes irritants to help visibly improve stressed skin.

♥ WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT In addition to instantly revealing smoother, softer skin, this mask is extremely effective over time! 81% of participants immediately noticed fresh-feeling skin, and in just four uses, 100% of participants experienced a visible reduction in redness and blotchiness!*

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