Japanese Skincare Program

Rodin + Fields’ skincare program is developed based on our unique skincare philosophy, Multi-Step Science. This skin care has been created by Dermatologist Dr Katie Rodin + Dr Kathy Fields.



Based on dermatology, the skincare program that the Drs designed is very effective. The Drs started by carefully selecting ingredients that utilise the powers of science and nature, blending them to resonate with each other, and increasing each other caring in the correct order.

Rodin + Fields

Product Features Of the REDEINE Skincare Program

Skin troubles :

no smoothness,
roughness of skin

Features of the Refined Skin Care Program :

Skin condition and function decrease with age, lose firmness and shine, become coarser, and the contours of the face become fuzzy. The cause is damage that has been received from the external environment for many years, such as old keratin, lack of moisturising, ultraviolet rays, etc., accumulated due to the decrease in turnover.

Rodin + Fields' Refined SkinCare Program is a simple skincare program that approaches the entire face. Removes unwanted old keratin to replenish hydrate and protects the skin from environmental damage such as UV rays. Leaves skin smooth, firm & textured

BRIGHTONE Japanese Skincare Program

The Brightone Japanese Skin Care Program has been developed to address uneven skin tones, leading to bright and clear skin. Gently removes old keratin that causes dullness while preventing spots caused by sunburn. Keeps a radiant sense of transparency and freshness

BRIGHTONE Japanese Skincare Program Products

Brightone Skincare Program

Japanese Skincare Program: This is a skincare program that leads to bright and clear skin. Developed to cope with uneven skin colour. Gently removes old keratin that causes dullness while preventing spots caused by sunburn. It maintains radiant transparency and freshness. Includes:

Luminous Cleansing Foam (125 mL)
Skin-friendly face wash. Removes old keratin and washes it into clear skin that feels naturally smooth.

Brilliant lotion (150 mL)
Yeast fermented extract for bright, uneven and uniform skin※Blended lotion. It firms the skin to make it softer and smoother and prepares the skin for the next step. ※ Saccharomyces culture solution (skin tone and moisturising ingredients)

Tone-up essence (50 mL)
A moisturising serum that replenishes moisture and leads to the skin full of transparency. It blends into the skin freshly and smoothly, giving it a radiant glow.

Protecting Emulsion SPF50 PA+++(50 mL)
Daytime emulsion protects the skin from UV rays and prevents spots and freckles caused by sunburn. With a light texture, it keeps your skin radiant and radiant while giving it a moisturising feel.

Luminous Night Cream (30 mL)
A moisturising cream that restores moisture and creates skin shine. Beautifully smooths skin texture and tone to maintain glossy skin.

Rodin + Fields Skincare Program

Product Features Of SOOTHE Japanese Skincare Program

Skin Troubles :

Sensitive Skin
Dry Skin

Features of the Soothe Japanese SkinCare Program :

The skin inherently provides a barrier function that prevents external damage and retains moisture. However, if the barrier function is damaged due to changes in the season, environment, and dryness, the skin becomes easily stimulated from the outside and becomes sensitive.

Rodin + Fields Sousse is a simple program that approaches the entire face. Effectively moisturises sensitive skin due to seasonal changes, dryness, and other environmental stresses. Leaves skin smooth, balanced & bouncy *1: Saccharomyces culture solution (skin condition and moisturising ingredients) *2: Tetrapeptide 16, oligopeptide 10 complex (skin condition, moisturising ingredient)

Rodin + Fields Skincare Program

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REDEFINE Japanese Skincare Program

The Redefined Japanese Skin Care Program the Dr's developed to create a smooth and toned skin that leads to firm skin. Remove unwanted keratin to replenish hydrate. Leaves skin smooth & firm & glossy

REDEFINE Japanese Skincare Program Products

Daily cleansing mask (125 mL)
Cream-type, a foam-free facial cleanser that can also be used as a clay mask. While protecting the moisturising, it clearly removes old keratin and dirt from pores.

Smoothing Lotion (150 mL)
An alcohol-free lotion that leads to moisturised and smooth skin. It complements the skin's natural moisturising factor, THE SMF, and prepares the skin for the next step.

Firming Essence (50
mL) A moisturising serum that is soft, smooth and leads to firm skin. It supports the vitality of ageing skin and gives a lively beauty.

Moisturizing Cream SPF30 PA+++(40
mL) A daytime cream that protects and moisturises the skin from UV damage. Leaves skin smooth & plump & firm

Overnight Readyence Cream (30
mL) A night moisturising cream that wraps and nourishes the skin with a veil of moisture. Leaves skin firm, smooth&glossy & firm

Japanese Skincare Program

Product Features BRIGHTONE Japanese Skincare Program

Skin problems

Uneven colour Spots

Characteristics of the Brightone SkinCare Program :

80% of the causes of skin decline are thought to be damage from sunlight, not ageing. The effects of ULTRAVIOLET rays not only appear on the surface of the skin but also lurk in the back of the skin, causing dullness, uneven colour, spots and freckles.

Rodin + Fields Brytone is a simple skincare program that approaches the entire face. Removes old keratin that causes dullness and protects the skin from UV rays that cause spots while filling the moisturising. It leads to a lively, bright and transparent feeling.

Rodin + Fields Skincare Program

SOOTHE Japanese Skincare Program

The Soothe Rodan Fields Skin Care Program has been developed to support changes to your skin; it is to present you with stable and healthy skin. Sues Program effectively moisturises dry and irritable skin due to seasonal and environmental changes. Leaves skin warm, balanced & bouncy

Rodin + Fields Skincare Program

SOOTHE Japanese Skincare Program Products

Soothe Skin Care Program

This Japanese skin care program for dry skin to assist in stabilising and hydrating your skin. Developed to stabilise fluctuation skin. Effectively moisturises dry and irritable skin due to seasonal and environmental changes. Leaves skin smooth, balanced & bouncy

Balancing Face Wash (125 mL)
Creamy foam, a facial cleanser that gently removes dirt. It moisturises dry and irritable skin while washing it into soft skin.

Soothing Lotion (150 mL) Yeast
Fermented extract for moist and stable skin※1Blended moisturising lotion. It complements the skin's natural moisturising factor, THE SMF, and prepares the skin for the next step.

Harmonizing Essence (50 mL)
Proprietary RFP2 Peptide Technology※2Moisturizing serum that adopts. It balances the skin to relieve discomfort, prevents external stimuli such as dryness, and keeps it supple.

Balancing Moisture Gel (50 mL)
A moisturising gel-cream with a light texture that recharges the skin. It prepares texture and leads to healthy, bouncy and soft skin.

Mineral Protector SPF30 PA+++ (50 mL)
Mineral-based sunscreen latex protects irritable skin from UV damage. Leaves skin moisturised and calm, keeping skin soft and fresh.

Rodin + Fields



Special skin care products developed by the Doctors for solutions to your important skin queries. By adding these skincare products to all skincare programs for more radiant and glowing skin


Product Features :

An oil-free moisturising serum that increases and keeps the moisture level of the skin. Balance the moisture in the skin and penetrate the next product to be applied to your skin.

※1 Increasing the value of the Sodium hyaluronic acid ※2and glycerin※2 R+F’s unique “3D3P molecular matrix” combined with※2 It captures moisture in the air and forms a moisture film on the surface of your skin. Leaving your skin moisturised & healthy all day long

※1: Up to stratum corneum

※2: Moisturising ingredients

ENHANCEMENTS Hydration AH Brilliant Eye

Product Features :

Eye cream cares for the thin and delicate skin around the eyes. This product gives your eyes brightness, removing stress and fatigue when they first appear※1Leads to a firm and sparkling eye without.

Sodium hyaluronic acid※2and glycerin※2R+F’s unique “3D3P molecular matrix” combined with※2however, it gives brightness to your eyes all day long—Plant Extracts※3and caffeine※4Leads to the eyes of a firm and clear impression.

※1: Dullness by drying 

※2: Moisturising ingredient

※3: Apple fruit extract, chlorella extract, kudamonoto keisou fruit extract, pitaya fruit extract (all skin condition components)

※4: Cleat ingredient

ENHANCEMENTS Hydration AH Body Cream

Moisturising body cream for your skin that leads to smooth and glistening skin. It is familiar to the skin and keeps moisturising, and prevents dryness. Sodium hyaluronic acidand glycerinR+F’s unique “3D3P molecular matrix” combined withmoisturizes the skin and keeps the skin soft and smooth throughout the day.

※ Moisturising ingredients

Japanese Skincare Program

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