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2021 Social Selling On LinkedIn – My Tips

Social selling and LinkedIn go hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly, Lebron James and NBA rings, or chocolate brownies and ice-cream. However, to get this special magic happening, you and I need to have a chat, so you know how to use LinkedIn to sell big in 2021.

What is Rodan and Fields? How Rodan and Fields works?

You may have heard of the Premium Beauty Company Rodan and Fields, but wondered “what is Rodan and Fields?”. And How Rodan and Fields works? 

Why the beauty brand Rodan and Fields? and is it a legitimate business opportunity?

Personal Branding Strategy, An Easy To Understand Guide

I wanted to become part of the conversation and wanted to share my experience over the last three years using social media to brand myself. What started as a 2000 word blog post has turned into this ambitious 100-page E-book.

Personal Brand The 12 Principles

our year that has been 2020, and the evolving labour market. I had an epiphany when I read the LinkedIn Study by their Senior Editor for Job Search & Careers at LinkedIn News. It highlighted that with the labour market being competitive that it was essential for individuals to stand out. Personal branding strategy is anything other than a vanity project; this is part of your business development.

Firmer more youthful looking skin

You’ve heard about collagen, from targeted Instagram advertisements for supplement powders to add to your morning coffee, to the various methods of stimulating collagen in