I Am Choosing To Be Resilient

I am choosing to be resilient and to have the strength even in the face of a Covid-19 lockdown. I choose to use my team of 12 and I to evolve and improve our practices to come out of these uncertain times stronger than ever. We make the choices each day, which determine how resilient we are when things go wrong. Discover how to thrive when it’s difficult.

What does my daily routine look like, when I am choosing to be resilient?

For me it’s what I have to do before I come into the office: waking up between 4:30 and 5:30 am, I’m first thing out of bed to make my first coffee – and checking my e-mail to get a glimpse of how the day might be.


When I leave the office, I go downstairs with the dogs to feed them, have my second cup of coffee, and am now ready to go.

I am choosing to be resilient.

I shower then I head into an empty office, and I start doing social media videos, photos. Or I start posting on LinkedIn, Imgur, then go onto Instagram, then Facebook, then Instagram stories, or Instagram profile, or Tumblr, then the blogs, then I continue to do the Tumblr posts.

When all is said and done, I communicate with customers, contacts saying hello, and builds relationships I usually have lunch during the time. I update my blog or prepare for my next Skype call.

After leaving the office, it is common for me to head home to listen to the radio in a celebratory manner. When my tasks are so easy to accomplish, I really enjoy them.

I am choosing to be resilient – my tips.

1.  I Don’t try to solve problems using the same thinking that created them.

Resilient people do not repeat the same mistake repeatedly. With failures in their past, they’re not afraid to ask for help.

2.  Master your emotions before your emotions master you.

As I choose to be resilient, I realise that Resilient people view the world with positive outlooks. They remember that they’ve overcome hardship before and know that they can do this time as well. Resilient people learn from their painful experiences.

3. Focus on possibilities when choosing to be resilient.

Rather than having submissive or resigned attitudes, resilient individuals focus on possibilities, even in the worst of situations. The more difficult the situation, the stronger they become.

4. Keep developing.

Life gets more complicated and challenging; we become more resourceful and adaptive. Resilient people are courageous at all times. They realize that life is not what happens to us, but what happens in our hearts.

5. Be prepared.

Resilient people will approach a situation positively rather than let negative thoughts get the better of them. They continue to look ahead even when things aren’t going right.

6. Choosing to adjust and get back up.

Resilient people know that there are opportunities and challenges to be overcome. They can adjust and persevere.

7. Cheer on even your small victories.

As I choose to be resilient, I have watched other resilient people have self-confidence in them. They work hard and take some pride in the small victory.

8. I am choosing to be resilient, so I Keep going!

Selfless actions are clearly shown in the harshest circumstances.

9. Make connections.

Resilient people work well in positive and supportive relationships with their families, friends, and colleagues. As a result, they have caring, supportive people around them.

10 . Define your own meaning.

Resilient individuals search for meaning in their life. This has a ripple effect as it helps them to stay focused.

It takes strength to persevere through tough times. It requires that we notice our emotions, pays attention to our own experience, and be willing to learn from our mistakes and misunderstandings.

What are you working on during these months of lockdown Perth?

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