Derma Roller Serum

Derma Roller Serum: Amazing Benefits Of Using One

Derma Roller Serum
Derma Roller Serum

Derma-rolling as an exfoliation step in your skincare program is able in helping remove dead skin, flaky skin by pushing hydration deep into the dermis’ subsurface layers when combined with the right Derm Roller Serum. Retinal-MD technology eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, making your skin appear healthier and younger.

Retinal is a more active source of Vitamin A than Retinol. The Peptides assist in the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. A calcium buffering system encapsulates the Retinal molecule to reduce inflammation risk, making it suitable for almost all skin types.

Derma Roller Serum

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What is a Derma Roller?

Derma rollers are small 0.2m rollers that prepare your skin to apply serums and creams to the skin. Derma rollers come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny little hands-free devices that can fit on your keychain to flat rollers that look like a large car key. Facial Roller:

Derma Roller Serum: Amazing Benefits Of Using One

What Are The Benefits Of Using Derma Rollers and Serum? 

One great way to use a facial roller is to massage your face to stimulate lymphatic drainage and lymphatic fluid production to eliminate toxins from the body. 

Fine lines and wrinkles: 

A loss of collagen and elastin causes skin thinning, facial wrinkles, and sun exposure. Micro-needling can enhance these conditions, which stimulates the development of natural collagen and elastin, resulting in the education of fine lines, wrinkles, and wounds.

Age Spots: 

One of the most effective ways to treat age spots is with a dermal roller. It exfoliates the top layer of skin and reduces the appearance of age spots. Aside from that, it improves the absorption of the ingredients in your topical product treatment.

Dry or rough skin: 

A common skin condition that most people have. Exfoliating your dead skin cells with your own pressure applied when rolling it. And post derma rolling the use of a Derm Roller Serum.

It also helps to reduce puffiness, remove excess skin and rejuvenate the face. 

How To Use A Derma Roller? 

Applying the AMP MD System to your face and/or neck three times a week avoids the eye region. As tolerated, gradually increase to nightly use.

Step 1: Use the AMP MD Derma-Roller.

Use after the first step of your Recharge Regimen and the second step of your REDEFINE, REVERSE or Soothe Regimen. The AMP MD Derma-Roller should not be used with the UNBLEMISH or SOOTHE Regimens.

1. Gently roll over skin 4–10 times, shifting direction with each pass (vertical, horizontal, diagonal). Before moving on to the next segment, concentrate on one region (forehead, left side, right side, jaw, neck). The total rolling time should not be more than one minute.

2. After each use, rinse the derma-roller under warm water. Clean twice a week thoroughly with AMP MD Purification Tablets, using a fresh tablet each time.


Derma Roller Serum Benefits

During Derma-rolling, you can apply one or multiple serums to the skin, focusing on the areas that need the most hydration. Derma-rolling helps to increase collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The results can last up to 7 months.

If you have sensitive skin, be sure in using Rodan and Fields post derma roller serum as an effective treatment. Applying retinol products on your skin.

Derma Roller Serum: Amazing Benefits Of Using One

Why is a derma roller needed for hyperpigmentation?

The derma roller breaks down your skin’s old scar tissue, allowing for improved blood circulation and, as a result, the start of your body’s natural skin development process. Hyperpigmentation is most common in people with darker skin tones and is caused by irregular melanin development.

Stimulate the serum over your face. According to the cosmetic chemist Sanjana Bachani, there are lots of ways you can treat your skin at home.

Derma Roller Serum – Step 2.

Derma Serum – REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum (Step 2)

1. Remove the capsule tail by twisting it off.

2. Applying serum to the face and neck. There is no need to rinse.

What Is REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum by Rodan + Fields?

Rodan and Fields Derma Roller Serum – If you’ve heard that Retinol is a must-have ingredient in your skincare routine but have been hesitant to try it because of how painful it can be for your skin, Rodan + Fields’ Intensive Renewing Serum should be on your shopping list. It’s a face serum formulated with Retinal-MD Technology, a type of Vitamin A that’s more potent than Retinol but gentle enough to use regularly.

Before we get into the details of the Rodan + Fields Intensive Renewing Serum, I wanted to share a brief definition of words like retinoid, Retinol, Tretinoin, and so on because they can be very confusing!

Retinoids versus Retinol versus Retin-A

Vitamin A derivatives are retinoids. Retinoids are a topical skincare ingredient (can be a cream, gel, serum, or lotion) used to treat acne, anti-ageing, and uneven skin tone.

Retinol a type of retinoid and a form of vitamin A. Retinols are topical skincare items for which you do not need a prescription.

Retin-A is a brand-name medication that contains Tretinoin, a form of retinoid, but it is only available with a prescription. When I tried a prescription-strength retinoid in the past, I used Retin-A.

Okay, I hope that was helpful! So let’s get started with the Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum.

Derma Roller Serum

Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Night Renewing Derma Roller Serum

AUD 139 for 60 capsules is a concentrated anti-ageing rejuvenating serum that helps rejuvenate your skin and return it to its youthful state of health and appearance while you sleep.

I know we all love a good retinoid product, but I’ve had super dry and flaky skin from prescription-strength retinoid (when I used Retin-A), and it wasn’t cute, so I was really excited to try the Intensive Renewing Serum.

Opening the jar, you will notice that the serum is packaged in these little blue biodegradable capsules. The capsules shield the serum’s formula from light and oxygen, allowing it to retain its potency. This is fantastic because it ensures that each application will have full effectiveness each night you use it.

Is Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Derma Roller Serum Effective?

This Derma Roller Serum is brought to you by Rodan + Fields, a skincare company created by skincare experts and visionary entrepreneurs Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. Rodan and Fields continue to build on their reputation for creating highly potent formulations using only high-quality ingredients to meet very specific skin needs. 

The Proactive Solution product line initially drew the brand’s interest and popularity.

According to the Dermatologist statement, this product has been designed to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Significantly and visibly increase the skin’s surface texture.
  • Improve the presence of wrinkles and other ageing skin symptoms.
  • Firm and pull up aged and ageing skin to increase its fullness and reduce its saggy look.
  • Improve the elasticity of your skin from the inside.
  • Reduce the time it takes to transform over your skin to be renewed more regularly to expose a flawless layer.

What Ingredients Are In Rodan + Fields Redefine Intensive Renewing Derma Roller Serum?

  • Retinol is a form of vitamin A. This component, a more durable Vitamin A derivative, promotes faster surface exfoliation and removal from your skin, stimulating faster and more effective skin regeneration and turnover.
  • Peptide: Improves cohesion between and within skin cells, increasing the efficiency of cellular level processes in delivering the functional roles of your cells, resulting in substantial skin renewal that you can see and feel.

How Can Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum Be Used?

The Rodan + Fields Redefine Intensive Serum is best used at night. Making sure to thoroughly cleanse and tone your skin before applying the formula.

Rodan + Fields Redefine Intensive Serum is packed in individual capsules that contain the exact amount of serum your skin requires for each use, which is a clever way of keeping the potent ingredients potent and hygienic.

This product contains Retinol and peptide, two of the most widely known skincare ingredients for healing and rejuvenating ageing and mature skin.

One capsule should suffice. Break it open and apply evenly to your forehead, as well as your neck and chest if desired.

Derma Roller Serum

Derma-Rolling Serum - Amazing Benefits Of Using One

‘Derma-rolling combined with the right serum can help remove dead skin cells, excess oil and dead skin cells from the skin. Derma-rolling can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.’ 

This is in line with dermatologists’ recommendations, who have recommended combining Retinol with a high-quality retinol-containing serum to achieve the best results for rejuvenating, clearer skin. 

The Advantages of REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum

So, what exactly are the advantages of the Redefine Intensive Renewing Serum? First, it aids in the natural renewal process of your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hello, younger-looking skin! I’ve been using the serum nightly for a month and can certainly tell that I see a difference. My skin appears firmer, and any fine lines that I did have are less noticeable.

Okay, so here’s a fun fact: a baby’s skin cell turnover is every two weeks. There’s a reason why we think great skin has baby-soft skin! However, skin cell turnover begins to slow in our twenties. By your forties and fifties, the same process will take up to six weeks, resulting in dull skin, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. That’s where Vitamin A comes in, supporting the essential cell regeneration process.

Skin type: Dry, combination, Mature – Once used primarily to treat adult acne, Retinol is now widely known as a powerful anti-ager and anti-acne agent. Retinol activates the production of the keratinocytes, which form the innermost layer of the epidermis. 

The Best Derma Roller Serum

With our Retinal-MD Technology, the most effective type of skin-smoothing Vitamin A available without a prescription, you can plump fine lines and visibly raise sagging skin.

60 capsules in all.

Typical Dosage: One capsule daily, in the evening.

Primary benefits: Skin appears firmer and has fewer lines and wrinkles.

Wrinkles, fine lines, and dryness are all skin concerns.

It Is A face serum that revitalises the skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. (60 caplets)

Why Do You Need It:

This night-time serum, formulated with Retinal-MD Technology, a type of Vitamin A that is more potent than Retinol but gentle enough for everyday use, helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while revealing vibrant, younger-looking skin. 

Noticing a more refined, firmer-looking, smoother-feeling skin with less clear lines and wrinkles in just four weeks.

HOW TO USE REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Derma Roller Serum -

Applying the REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum in the evening, avoiding the eye region.

1. Twist off the tail of the capsule to open it.

2. Apply the cream to your face and neck.

3. Avoid rinsing.


Intensive Renewing Derma Roller Serum Ingredients

Patented Technology + Key Ingredients:

Retinal-MD technology: decreases the presence of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in skin that appears healthier and younger. Retinal is a more active source of Vitamin A than Retinol.

Peptides: help to minimise the presence of fine lines and wrinkles.

A calcium buffering system encapsulates the Retinal molecule to reduce inflammation, making it suitable for almost all skin types.

Key Takeaway Benefits of Derma Roller Serum

Derma-rolling and injections are two methods that have been extensively used to improve the skin’s overall appearance. However, Derma-rolling is a holistic way of taking care of the skin, as it combines all the benefits of exfoliating, the simplicity of the Derma-roller and a great PM Serum. The Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Derma Roller Serum contains highly potent Retinol, primarily due to its smart capsule servings.  

This technique can improve the skin’s texture and tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. If your skin is suffering from dry, flaky skin, this can be the most effective remedy for you. 


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