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The Gut Instincts That Make You A Successful Entrepreneur – Instinct is not a peculiar force only to animals. The same innate behavioural pattern is particularly applied to several responses, among other things, is often referred to as ‘gut instinct’.

We are created with the skills we need to keep us alive. So much as we may want to convince ourselves that we aren’t, we are by nature animals; how cruel! Although it is true that we are not very intelligent or that we cannot think creatively, we have both inside us and can do both. We’re so smart, but our minds try to fool us, too. Our automatic reactions tend to get the job done when faced with potential threats.

Successful Entrepreneur

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Successful Entrepreneur

What is Gut Instincts?

Your gut instinct is your physical response to the world around you and within you.

When you get an intense “gut feeling,” the body responds to subconscious knowledge in a primitive way. Your gut instinct’s ultimate goal is to keep you safe. Since your gut instinct is the most ancient and primitive “sixth sense” you have, it is the most reliable.

One example of your gut instinct in action is choosing to stop walking down a road late at night because something “feels off.” The sensation is your gut instinct alerting you to the presence of a threat.  

Instinct is what helps you to solve problems. When faced with a dilemma, you probably act instinctively and try to fix things the first way you see them. If your first instinct is to pray, you should. Our instincts help us avoid bad situations, work out what is good, bad, or even average, and then choose to do what is right. 

Gut Instinct is what teaches you how to do things. With instinctual behaviour, you don’t question your instincts or “learn” to do things differently. With instinct, you do. You don’t have to “think” to do it. You learn about someone by spending time with them. You make friends by getting to know them. 

You know how to play your instruments because you’ve been playing them all your life. The same is true of how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Gut Instincts and the Entrepreneur Brain

When we are threatened by pain, assault, or any other perceived risk, our brain signals chemical releases that act to delay or stop our digestion. This is an ancestor’s reaction. It aims to prepare people for action.

Instinctive behaviour stems from the physiological and psychological needs of our evolution. Physiological cues generally trigger instinctive behaviour, and we are very often not even aware of them. Our brains are very conscious and in tune with our surroundings, but they are also very ‘prepared’ for danger.

This means we react to stimuli and are instantly in control of our actions; whether this is an instinctive response or a conscious one is up for debate. Instincts are essentially the same across all species, but the differences are in the amount of control we have over our behaviour. This is because our brains are complex, and they developed by allowing us to feel fear, especially in dangerous times.

Gut Instincts and Entrepreneurship

We all know that entrepreneur’s often operate in gut instinct mode. You only get the gut instinct, so use it wisely. To use it effectively, you have to understand your inner motivations, your goals and your vision for the company. 

This is not to say that you should  “go with your gut” and not think logically, but it is to say that you should not allow yourself to be conned into decisions or moves that could damage the company. Gut instincts are especially important in times of crisis. 

When you live by yourself, you also have no one to advise or direct you. When left to your own devices, you end up having to make all of your own decisions, which can be very overwhelming.

So, with no one else to depend on, how can you make tough business decisions while being confident that you’re on the right track? It’s often a good idea to trust your instincts because intuition is sometimes the best way to decide whether you’re on the right track. Why would you do anything if it didn’t feel right?

Of course, when you first start as a freelancer, you’ll make many mistakes, and it’s only after those mistakes that you’ll become more intuitive. Intuition, after all, is our ability to recognise patterns and perceive signals.

You will often choose a more logical decision-making approach, but you can never disregard your gut feelings as part of that process. So, when do you rely on your gut instincts in business? Here are some instances where you can trust your instincts.

The first time you meet somebody

First impressions are important, so be aware, accessible, and critical of anyone you meet. Of course, you should be wet, polite, and professional because you want people to like you right away. Paying close attention to other people’s body language and try to read between the lines of what they’re doing. There’s probably an explanation why something doesn’t feel right, and you don’t like anybody.

When you’re thinking of forming a new business relationship,

There are few people in the company you can rely on. The good people you meet in life aren’t always as plentiful as you’d like, so be cautious about who you do business with.

The best way to know for something doesn’t feel right is if it doesn’t feel right and you’ve been trying to convince yourself otherwise. Don’t hesitate if you are happy with the way things are.

When submitting work to a client for approval

If you have something to show a client for approval, such as a new website design idea or piece of copywriting, and something does not feel right, it is probably wrong. Trust your instincts and spend more time perfecting the project before seeking client input. 

When a call comes into your office

Every day, a variety of people will call your office number. Always follow your instincts. What is the purpose of that person’s call? Are they genuine? And if they start asking questions, think about why they are asking them. If something does not feel right, be cautious about what you say on the call.

When you are thinking of taking on a new client,

Since you have been in the business long enough, you should choose people you work with more carefully. Steering clear of problematic people. When dealing with potential new clients, trust your intuition. The very fact that they give you negative feedback now suggests they will be a difficult client to please.

When attending a corporate meeting

Trusting your intuition will make you acutely conscious of the emotions of others. Having a good intuition will therefore give you a significant advantage when it comes to business meetings. Understanding how to communicate with others and tune into their emotions can help you become a savvy entrepreneur. After all, business is simply people collaborating, and if you are a nice person to work with, your work will be more effective.

We found ourselves in a bind. When we have to make snap decisions, do we need to make a high investment in technology or customer service? These are often the kinds of decisions that we should make intuitively.


Gut Instincts and Entrepreneur - Decision Making

We have evolved with instincts to survive. People have populated our world for millennia, and to survive, our species needed to start having instinctive reactions. Our ancestors instinctive to store food, and we did not understand how they did it.

Our ancestors would instinctively know when to do certain things, but they did not know why. Why? Well, because it simply worked. All animals need instincts to survive, and our brain evolved to assist the survival instincts of our ancestors. This is a perfect example of instinct being a critical factor to success.

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. 

Successful Entrepreneur

Conclusion - The Gut Instincts That Make You A Successful Entrepreneur

While it would seem that the products of humanity come from experiments conducted by amazing scientists and brain surgeons, the products of humanity come from what happens in the gut of these animals. The little nubby things inside us, which digest our food and take out the nutrients that help us grow, also know what makes us sick and cures our ailments.

Some people instincts are better than others at picking up on the signs. But it goes deeper than that. Our gut instinct is also responsible for our ability to make decisions, our thirst for alcohol, our propensity for lying, our desires for chocolate and many other things we would not contemplate without the pleasure of that guttural motion.

Examples of how your gut instinct can help you in business. But how do you cultivate your intuition? How can you improve your ability to avoid bad people, sticky circumstances, and poor business decisions?

Listening to your emotions is the best way to cultivate your instincts. Consider a time when you had a gut feeling that something was right or wrong and you followed your instincts.

Thinking about it: how did you find out? What did you feel like in your body? Was there a sound? Is your stomach churning? To develop your gut instincts, you must first learn to recognise how your body and mind react to certain feelings. You are better at relying on your instincts this way.

Many people would argue that you can rely entirely on your gut feelings, and I would agree. They should not, however, be taken lightly or ignored. Develop the habit of trusting your gut instincts in all types of business situations, and you will find that you will become much better at making the right decisions over time.

Therefore, you will be more emotionally intuitive and develop instant rapport with almost everyone you encounter if you have a good intuition. You also become more mindful of other people’s emotions and learns how to use them to your advantage.


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