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Happiness Defined + Multiple Happiness Streams

What Exactly Is Happiness?

Happiness Defined

Happiness is an emotional state is defined by joy, pleasure, contentment, and fulfilment. While there are many different definitions of happiness, it is commonly described as involving positive emotions and a sense of accomplishment in LifeLife.

When most individuals talk about happiness, they refer to how they feel right now or to a broader sense of how they think about LifeLife.

Because happiness is such a broad phrase, psychologists and other social scientists commonly refer to this emotional state as “subjective well-being.” As the name implies, subjective well-being is concerned with an individual’s overall personal feelings about their current situation.

The following are two important aspects of happiness (or subjective well-being):

Emotional equilibrium: Everyone has positive and negative emotions, feelings, and moods. Happiness is usually associated with having more pleasant feelings than negative ones.

Life satisfaction refers to how happy you are with various aspects of your LifeLife, such as your relationships, career, accomplishments, and other significant things.

And the experts have said that it is wise to find and invest in multiple streams of revenue to diversify oneself and find a way to make it financially stable. A fascinating article I read today really reminded me of happiness is defined and the multiple streams of the happiness concept; I agree!


That we need to draw from happiness sources from all aspects of LifeLife, beginning this Monday morning, 

I plan to incorporate all of the ways to keep streams of happiness continuing. I spend a lot of my time thinking and planning strategies to run a Consulting Coaching Business. I also run a Consulting Business with my friends and employees from my Consulting Business. Grow in my downtime.

Even with all this study, I still know that I need to spend the same amount of time thinking and planning to be happy. When I rely on something else such as work to be the only source of my happiness, LifeLife is like a balancing act, and if I don’t have a fulfilled life, I also need to balance my not too extreme amount of work.


Happiness Defined – Surrounding Your Self With Great People

There is a beautiful quote in the article: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend time with the most.”

It holds the truth to be self-evident that all men are created equal. For the past 58 years, I find that my family has spent the most time with me. I have worked alongside my father, mother, and sisters for 32 years. I have a strong relationship with my family. Having been allowed to use this social connection with my daily workday consistently has allowed me to draw on this stream of happiness over the years of working.

Then, on Friday afternoon, I spent time with my old friends, after a long time of them not seeing each other. You can see there were many instances during the lockdown where social engagement was missed. These women are mothers of my child’s friends, and they have always provided a sense of joy and happiness to me.

It was an informal gathering where we could all share our personal stories and experiences about LifeLife, our children, our husbands, parents, and their dementia.

Also, there are times when being a business owner and entrepreneur requires you to talk to a stranger, but it is the same type of comfort you have with your friends. While I’m still a bit careful when it comes to strangers, I’ve learned that talking to and being a bit different than I was taught can be a great way to help others. Unfortunately, since most of my work interactions depend on me connecting with strangers, they fail.

On Saturday morning, I spent helping out a friend using a social networking site called Zoom. I called in to learn about the Brand RF and get a chance to get some more information about the way he does things and what he thinks the role of medicine is in the future.

It is true that without an intimate relationship with him while on my trip, I was able to feel a sense of happiness and confide in the one’s I met.

Multiple Happiness Streams

Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

Joseph Addison

HAPPINESS DEFINED – Can Be Special Places

Multiple Happiness Streams – Can Be Special Places

 I remember this weekend as unique because of the events that took place and created a cleaner, more organized environment that I enjoy very much. 

To keep my personal space equally up to date, I spent some time during the week updating work supplies. In addition, I needed some time over the weekend to work on my hobbies and to nurture the place I spend my non-working hours.

It was such a wonderful weekend, where I spent some time sprucing up the garden. I got rid of all the bags and, subsequently, all the loads I did not really use. My son being at camp tonight is very oppressive. So I decided to clean out and repaint his bathroom. I also repainted his wooden bedside tables and desk.

Happiness Defined – Can Be Your Daily Experiences 

My last tip to keep in mind is to enjoy yourself truly. “What I do for fun” is to exercise and eat a lot. This Sunday, my husband and I had the time to go out of the house, but also we needed to go out and grab some groceries, so I prepared a little menu and some snacks to go along with our meal at a local Asian cafe.

The main objective of our trip was to complete all of our tasks. We were out on a mission with our chores to accomplish, and we try to be back home at 3. I can say with great respect that we both like the excitement of getting things done as quickly or efficiently as possible

After running many errands and going to the market, we were rewarded with lunch of Kolo mee, mee kolo or mee halilintar in Singapore, a type of Sarawakian noodle dish, at a local market. The meal that we ate that night was relatively light and moistened with a juice sauce lightly. It also came with some slit and fried doughnuts, which were out-of-this-world. Then we left for home.

The idea is to create trust beyond just one single source of happiness to find our way to a place of greater security and happiness. Be more active in this week and this week more so keep you positive and happy. Your Marketing SNS businesses and are more grateful for your help.

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