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How to Sell Rodan and Fields Skincare: The Complete Guide For Small Businesses. Learn the inbound marketing approach and all about lead generation.

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How to Sell Rodan and Fields Skincare: Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing -The Complete Guide For Small Businesses

How to Sell Rodan and Fields Skincare Products to Strangers Interested in Purchasing Skincare Solutions Do you have trouble selling Rodan and Fields skincare products? 

Don’t feel disheartened if you joined as a Rodan and Fields consultant expecting to make $2,000, $5,000, or even $10,000 a month, or even just enough money to cover your car payment, and you’re still not making $100 a month in profit. 

Even though Rodan and Fields trail only Sephora, Glossier and Walgreens in sales, it is typical for every small business to start and fail to make it work in the first three years. How do you see yourself when looking at joining a Direct Selling company? Do you want to stand out?

Some Small Business Statistics – Editor’s Choice:

  • Just 78.5 per cent of small companies make it through their first year.
  • Entrepreneurs under the age of 30 are more likely to fail.
  • The most common explanation for small business failure is that the market does not need their goods or services.
  • 29 per cent of companies fail due to a lack of funds.
  • Just 17% of restaurants fail during their first year.

Just 78.5 per cent of any small companies make it through their first year. (Office of Advocacy)

I understand that a new adventure can be complicated, especially for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Only a fifth of Companies make it through their fifth fiscal year; in my first company, a construction company, we are still going strong after 33 years. 

And there aren’t many companies who can claim they’ve been in existence for a decade which is a great feat for the Dermatologist who founded R+F in 2008, twelve years ago.

According to research, only one-third of all entrepreneurs live to see their tenth birthday. So I know I am a great company working alongside the Dermatologist.

The most common explanation for small business failure is that the market does not need their goods or services.

This is where I started in this MLM Industry. 

I saw a Product that the market needed. I was a serial visitor to my GP’s office with issues of dry skin along with sensitivities. My problems were heightened with menopause. With a draw full of steroids and topical cortisone treatments, I knew it cost me a fortune. As I also loved skincare and would buy almost anything from the Estee Lauder Skincare range. Nothing and I mean nothing, was working on my skin.

Until I met a stranger who shared some vital information on the Drs Soothe Regimen for Sensitive Skin, this was my pain point, dry skin. I wanted to find a solution to fixing it. Finally, I found a product that, in 12 weeks, helped with my dry skin and redness. Now 4 years in, my skin has never looked better, and I just turned 59.

  • That is why I won’t give up on the Rodan and Fields Business model. 

I am here to share with you that you are one of the people who are considering joining. I want to help you learn the correct market techniques for successfully selling Rodan and Fields. This post will teach you how to resolve any difficulties you might be having in obtaining qualified leads for your Rodan and Fields skincare products.

  • 14 per cent of small businesses fail because they neglect their customers’ needs, and the same percentage fail due to inadequate marketing. (Insights from CBInsights)

When starting a small business, you must consider what you are selling and to whom you are selling it. Getting to know your target group is half the fight. The other half of your job is to tend to the individual needs of your customers.

According to the small business survival rate, any business or large organisation that neglects their customers’ issues are more likely to fail. This is related to a lack of marketing skills. After all, successful marketing involves adjusting to the user-centred environment of the twenty-first century. Your buyers Journey will follow this.

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Engagement
  • Action
  • Advocacy

Inbound Marketing Approach For Rodan and Fields Selling.

How to Sell Rodan and Fields Skincare Products – Your Complete Guide to Inbound Marketing

To make the most of your upcoming marketing or in-store display, you must be fully familiar with the fundamental tenets of successful marketing: 

  • Show them the products if you own a Personal Service Small – Medium-sized business, give them a treatment with the facemask. If you don’t own a Salon, Physical Product samples are a great digital marketing campaign. Don’t tell them about the products.
  • Talk to your Audience – i.e. if they are a customer in your salon or commenting on your great photo.
  • Establishing your Expertise as a Skincare Advisor. For those who are Dermatologists or Optomiterist, it is easy as the client is already true. However, for you. For those like me in a field that is Digital Marketing, I had to earn that trust, and this takes time.
  • Validate with Images on Social Media. Or Product placement in your Personal Service Office space where you meet with clients. Suppose a recent “Press Release” or “Product Launch” feature that product in your posts or display.
  • THE Best part of you wants to – Tell A Story about the products.

Showcasing a small number of products in your Hairdressing, Lash or Brow Salon. Actually, Personal Care Service provider would be included in this list if you choose to display too many products on your marketing. It may cause product overload, and they decide to choose nothing. 

Even if the client or potential customer fancies the Rodan and Fields skincare products, most clients will not want to read through dozens of product posts on your Social media account every day. Just like your in-person display in your office or place of operation, showcasing too many products may confuse the client. (Rodan and Fields Corporate office has strict guidelines as to who can sell and display products in their businesses and also about paying for advertising)

Understanding That Providing Consumers With Too Many Options Can Result In Fewer Sales?

That is right. When I was a kid growing up, Ice-cream Business on the high street had some 50 something flavours of ice cream.  There were more than fifty in all. I wanted to get some Icecream each week with my pocket money because the assorted flavour colours were appear along. I would get inside some Friday’s after school and stand there for ages trying to decide. Then I would stick to my go-to “Chocolate” flavour.

Inbound Marketing Pro Tip – Display a small amount of relevant product information about each item for sale in your store on a rotation or share product posts on social media in rotation. Making sure each of your items or display is changed much like a retail store shop window.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation For Rodan and Fields Sales

How To Get Qualified Leads – Inbound Marketing

Who is the supreme salesperson to sell Rodan + Fields skincare products? Being the right type of person is one of the best indicators of you selling Rodan and Fields skincare. 

I can tell you from my first-hand experience is that all the top leaders have very similar characteristics. They are all resilient. They have all had serious major setbacks in their professional or personal lives. Yet, they somehow find the determination to keep going. Another major indicator is the willingness to work, not for just 6 months or 12 months but understanding that any business building will take years.

It has nothing to do with if you are an extrovert or an introvert. You can be either. But the indicator is the willingness to work through each obstacle, having a plan, and keeping your eye on the big prize.

Lead Generation: Your Beginner’s Guide to  Inbound Marketing For Business Leads

We’ve all been there. You remember the moment you’re about to start watching the new Netflix show your best friend raved about. The phone rings or pings just when you’re getting comfortable and looking for the box of M&M’s. “Can I speak with Audrey?” asks the Telemarketer on the other end of the line. “This is a critical message about your recent automobile accident.”

This vexing disruption is precisely why we’ve assembled to address inbound lead generation. So what is the concept of inbound lead generation? It’s a solution that can save your company or organisation from being the irritating, disruptive cold caller who ruins Netflix nights for Binge Streamers all over the world.

The Transition From Stranger To Customer Is Important For Your Business. 

  • Attract Strangers or Followers
  • Convert 
  • Close The Sale
  • Delight them with your follow up

This is far more natural when this stranger initiates a relationship with you by displaying an organic interest in your company, so in a Salon, that would be your client. Or for my part of my Consulting work. We build relationships, and this is my Inbound Marketing approach to draw them into me.

The second stage of the inbound marketing approach is lead generation. It happens when you’ve gathered an audience and can turn those strangers into leads for your sales team. Usually, that would be you(namely sales-qualified leads).

Producing leads is essential in a person’s path to becoming a happy customer.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation For Rodan and Fields Sales

How to Sell Rodan and Fields Skincare Products to Strangers Interested Skincare Solutions?

Selling to strangers does not have to be a complicated process. However, it requires training, preparation, and lots of planning and commitment to execution. Then tweaking and adjusting just like any larger Corporation Digital marketing Strategy.

  • Thirteen per cent of small companies fail because they lose focus, while seven per cent fail to be agile. (Insights from CBInsights)

If the product fails to produce the desired results, you might need to explore a different strategy or a new path entirely. However, the failure rate of small businesses demonstrates that there is no shame in accepting defeat, particularly if another route to success exists.

  • CB Insights surveyed 101 businesses, and 13 per cent failed because they actually lost focus, while 7 per cent failed to make the required improvements. 

Inbound Marketing – Process of Generating Leads

Now that we’ve identified how lead generation fits into the inbound Digital Marketing approach, let’s go through the steps involved in lead generation.

  • First, a visitor discovers your Business, Salon, or Companies pages from one of your Digital Marketing channels, such as your website, blog, or social media page.
  • After that, the visitor clicks on your call to action (CTA), a picture, button, or message that prompts website visitors to take action. 
  • This CTA directs the visitor to a landing page, a web page designed to collect lead information in return for a request, i.e. booking an appointment for Personal Service Providers.

Note that an offer is in the form of “Content” or something of value that is “offered” on the landing page, such as an Ebook, a Course, or a Discount for a service. 

  • Your offer must be of sufficient perceived value to entice a visitor to provide personal information in return for access to it.)
  • In return for the request, your visitor fills out a form on the landing page. (Although forms can theoretically be embedded anywhere on your web, they are usually hosted on landing pages.) 
  • So there you have it! You’ve got a new lead. That is, as long as you stick to best practices for lead-capture types.


Isn’t it amazing how everything blends?

To summarise, a visitor clicks a CTA, which leads them to a landing page where they fill out a form to obtain a bid, at which point they become a lead.

After working for Rodan and Fields for nearly four years, I decided to continue working as a Growth Consultant and Strategist and sell skincare (this is something I love doing, helping people). 

When I started in 2017, I knew that this business I set realistic business goals. However, this would take 3- 5 years to build because I had never sold a single skincare product before joining it. 

It would be nearly impossible for me to start out making $40,000 a month just by selling the products unless I had my entire marketing plan ready. It didn’t happen when I started my Construction Company 33 years ago or Digital Marketing in 2012. The same is true for every other consultant, but it was all about mindset.

If you want to learn more – and speak to me, feel free to book an appointment.


Lead Generation For Rodan and Fields Sales

Inbound Marketing – How to Sell Rodan and Fields Skincare?

How to Sell Rodan and Fields Skincare Products to Strangers?

My target has always been to provide as much useful information to my potential clients as possible, including successfully selling Rodan and Fields skincare to strangers who might want to purchase it. 

  • Marketing for Lead Generation

If you’ve put all of these pieces together, you can use your various promotional tools to direct or drawing traffic to your landing page and start generating leads. But, remember, you don’t’ want to be that annoying Telemarketer that messages me during a Netflix binge.

However, how do you promote your business landing page? 

Lead gen marketing, which is the front end of lead generation. This chart depicts the path from promotional marketing channels to a created lead if you prefer to learn visually.

  • Generating Leads

There are Social Media platforms you can use to turn visitors into leads. By creating useful content, you can eventually turn your Social Media Followers into leads or your business clients into leads.

Where do you start – you start with great content. This is an excellent way to direct visitors to a landing page. Usually, you create content to offer free, valuable information to travellers. CTAs can be put anywhere in my content: inline, at the bottom of the post, on your side panel or the hero section of your website. 

The happier a visitor is with my free material, the more likely it is that they will click your call-to-action and proceed to your landing page.

Examples of Content – Inbound Marketing

  1. Infographics – I love some infographics.
  2. Ebook – I wrote a book on how “Personal Brand Strategy” can help with sales.
  3. Lifestyle Marketing – perfect for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok
  4. Memes –
  5. Videos – especially explainer videos, fantastic for YouTube
  6. How to guides – Like this post – it helps with my SEO.
  7. Book Reviews, Restaurant Reviews, Holiday Reviews – again great for Facebook, Instagram etc.
  8. your OP-Ed ( Opinion Editorial) I use that a lot on LinkedIn
  9. Product Reviews – I review Rodan and Field Products that I love. Or the Latest Rodan and Fields Products released.
  10. Posting a List – i.e. the 8 things you did not know about Rodan and Fields, great for Blogging, writing articles on LinkedIn
  11. Write a “Case Study” in an industry you are working in.
  12. Podcasting – 
  13. Guest Interviews.
  14. Research + Data, this ties into my Infographics
  15. Turning into a Scientist for a bit to share Innovations by the Dermatologist.

The list goes on and on.

Conclusion – How To Sell Rodan and Fields Skincare using Inbound Marketing

Rodan and Fields are one of the Best MLM Companies from my experience and research. The brand still can grow over 1,000% in the next ten years; we are only in 4 countries. My research has also shown me that Derms’ innovations are coming up with ones that are part of “Emerging Markets”. The most recent published insight was the Eyelash Serum Market named Rodan and Fields as a key player.

Futuristics Overview of Eyelash Serum Market: Industry Insights and Forecast 2021-2026 by

This post is one of the very few guides on the Internet that teaches an in-depth tutorial on successfully selling Rodan and Fields Skincare products to strangers interested in purchasing the same products. 

Using some of the systems you’ve learned here, you should be able to start your Journey into nurturing relationships then ease into selling products to strangers. 

This post also serves as a discounted copy of my Ebook, which might help you see yourself as a Brand like those big Corporations. Use the same techniques when selling thousands of dollars more per month simply by implementing comprehensive digital marketing techniques and strategies.

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