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The latest Trends in Japanese Men’s Skincare

Updated 29 August 2020

The Japanese approach men’s skincare and grooming in a different way to the Western method; scarce are acne treatments and anti-ageing potions, in favour of an overall healthy look and feel of skin. There is a focus on the best effective ingredients.

Maintaining good skincare with high-quality cosmetics products is important not only for women but also for men. There are a number of appreciated grooming in Japan offering effective skincare products. In June 2020 San Francisco beauty dermatology brand Rodan + Fields Skincare arrived in Japan. Here are the best Japanese men’s grooming products that you can buy in Japan.

Let’s upgrade your skincare products and tools to keep your skin well-groomed.

Best Japanese Skincare – Cosmetic Dermatology

Sandford University-trained dermatologist Drs. Katie Rodin and Dr Kathy Fields are cosmetic dermatologists. With over 30 years of experience as an active cosmetic dermatologist, we established Rodin + Fields to meet the desire of men and women to be beautiful.

Rodin + Fields “Multi-Step Science” is our unique skincare philosophy, our programs are developed on this supported dermatology by the founding dermatologist,

Designed to be effective to the maximum by carefully selecting the ingredients that make use of the facility of science and nature, blending them in order that they resonate with one another and growing, and taking care of them within the correct order.

The products of Rodin + Fields contain ingredients that can deal with various skin problems, from the perspective of the cosmetic dermatologist,


We developed a skincare program for Japanese men skin, over the course of 5 years. We trialled skincare on Japanese men and woman and consider that the products were optimal, effective, and safe for Japanese skin.

” For men, it is essential to have a simple skincare routine. If you’re a minimalist with your grooming products, or if you’re wondering which products are mandatory for a blemish-free face, then take note: There are three key steps in any guy’s skincare regimen. We’ll make it as straightforward as possible for you.

Stock your sink ledge with the following essentials. You won’t add more than a few minutes to your daily routine, but that time spent can make you look years younger and for the long haul. ”

Rodan + Fields Multi STEP -SCIENCE

DIFFIN (DISAMBIGUATION) – Best Japanese Skincare

Step 1. Diffin DAILY CLEANSING MASK | Daily Cleansing MaskCleanser – This will prevent clogged pores, breakouts, and will minimize shine.

Step 2. Diffin FINE SMOOTHING LOTION | Alcohol-free lotion that leads to smooth skin full of moisture. The moisturizing ingredients lactobionic acid and royal jelly supplement the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and prepare the skin for the next step. “To restore the pH balance of your skin use these specifically designed fine smoothing lotion,”

Step 3. Diffin FINE FARMING ESSENCE – Regularly using essence should be a part of any good skincare routine for men. Moisturizing beauty serum that leads to soft, smooth and firm skin. Skin conditioning ingredients (Hiramame seed extract, adenosine) care for older skin and maintain beautiful skin.

When to Moisturizer the skin. The most important times to use this essence is after a bath, shave or exfoliation. For some, this might be twice a day. The skin on your face, ears, neck and chest are very sensitive to environmental changes.

Step 4. Diffin FINE MOISTURIZING CREAM SPF30 PA+++ | Again to protect your skin from UVA ( Aging) and UVB ( Burning) light. These light age your skin.

Step 5. Diffin FINE OVERNIGHT CREAM | Use as step 5 of the Diffin Fine Skin Care Program. For a more effective experience, use it after Farming Essence. After adjusting the skin with essence at night, take one or two pearl grains in your hand with the included spatula. Apply cream evenly across the face, please avoiding the area around the eyes.

Step 6. Exfoliate 2 times a week | After you cleanse, you should scrub away any dead skin cells that would clog pores and otherwise lead to breakouts. This exfoliation also allows healthier skin cells to live on the surface of the skin, giving you a “brighter” complexion while also minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. It is recommended that you should only exfoliate twice a week. This is to avoid too much abrasion to the skin.

7. Daily – Radiant Defense – Introducing our new, groundbreaking tinted Glow Guard, Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid Broad Spectrum SPF 25+++. Formulated with dermatology-inspired skincare ingredients to deliver a radiant, healthy-looking complexion in six flexible shades. Use as the last step of your skincare routine to protect and perfect the glowing skin you’ve earned. For men, it is a very light almost not there tinted Glow Guard.

Service Information

When you have a problem or want to talk about your skincare worries. You do not have to go to the store again. Please use it in various scenes.

Please feel free to ask me about your skincare. We have experienced beauty consultant. We will answer your questions and worries. We specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal skincare goals by coping with the skin issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. New telephone beauty counselling that you can easily feel at home!

Get in touch to learn more about my skincare counselling services, We will share my secrets on product selection, daily care. We are experienced beauty consultants tailored to customers. As a knowledgeable Rodin + Fields counsellors the team will provide advice that suits your skin problems and the best Japanese Rodin + Fields skincare product.


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