Johnnie Walker to be Sold in Paper Bottle by Early 2021

A debut in bottling for Diageo will commence for Johnnie Walker in 2021.

With the call from consumers for less Environmentally unfriendly packing for food and beverage companies. There has been a concerted effort by brands to look at alternatives. Packaging for beverages isn’t easy.


With Glass being recyclable and made from natural materials, it is also breakable and heavy. This really leads to it being less sustainable to ship.


Plastic is of course much lighter and durable, but its failure is seen on the Environmentally friendly metrics.


I have seen a push for Alcohol Brands to consider Aluminium cans for repacking of their products. The younger consumer is enjoying these ready to go packages, and it is gaining popularity.


However there is this “Holy Grail” which is the Paper Bottle. I know that Cardboard and liquids do not always mix. This is beginning to change. Recently a British Company unveiled a new paper wine bottle – though the design did contain a removable plastic liner, essentially a bottle – shaped bag in box wine.


Guess what Johnnie Walker is looking to lead brands but taking this concept to the “next level”. The brand’s parent company Diageo announced plans to release the famed Scotch Whisky in what is now being touted as the worlds first 100% plastic free paper based spirits bottle. made from sustainably sourced wood.


Diageo is confident enough in this project as it is called “Pulpex Limited” . This is a partnership with Pilot Lite , and it will establish a world leading Consumer Goods Companies in non-competing Categories which will include Unilever, and Pepsi-co.


It is not as if this idea has come out of no where , Carlsberg has been working on “the world’s first paper bottle” for 5 years now. However it is at this point that it appears that Diageo which owns the brand Guinness could beat them in the Paper Bottle race.


I would love to know what you think about purchasing your Premium or Ultra Premium Alcohol in a paper bottle?


Original Article appeared on Food & Wine by Mike Pomranz


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