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Makeup by Mario - Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic New Cosmetic Range.

Makeup by Mario

I will need makeup again. So I am going to let Mario Dedivanovic lead me into his world – Mario’s Journey. On October 1, Makeup by Mario beauty products will be available at (Ships to Australia) and

What I found refreshing was that Mario is aiming his luxury cosmetics brand range at people like me. A considerable portion of the population was having difficulty with the recent trend of lighter makeup and fresher makeup because they had been schooled in the YouTube and social media era, or like me, turned off makeup.

Dedivanovic, on the other hand, was born under the Libra astrological sign. As a result, on October 1, he will not only celebrate his 37th birthday and the 20th anniversary of his first day working in beauty (on a Sephora sales floor), but he will also launch Makeup By Mario, his own beauty company. Yes, it is finally occurring after three years of preparation.

Makeup by Mario

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Mario Dedivanovic Journey

One of my all-time favourite makeup artists is Mario Dedivanovic. Perhaps most known for applying Kim Kardashian’s makeup, working with KKW beauty, although he has an impressive resume of other work as well as his own and his tutorials on social media.

When Mario (as he’s known on social media) introduced his Makeup By Mario line, I now cannot wait to give this cosmetic line a try. Although the products are designed for use by makeup artists, anyone can buy them and use them.

With a celebrity clientele under his belt (and a legacy as an educator and role model to make up artists all over the world), Makeup By Mario celebrates Mario’s 20th year in the industry by bringing luxurious formulas to the masses by combining high quality ingredients with Mario’s two decades of industry expertise.

Makeup by Mario
Makeup by Mario

Makeup by Mario - History

Before he was @MakeupbyMario, young makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic worked the fragrance aisle at Sephora’s Flatiron branch.

“One day, a customer requested me to assist her in selecting a lip colour. “It came to me like a tonne of bricks when I started choosing them out for her,” recalls Dedivanovic (pronounced DedivaNOvic). This is what I’m supposed to do.”

He kept his makeup artist intentions hidden from his Albanian-born parents, who expected him to go to college, earn degrees, and work professionally. “Being an artist was not in their agenda for me,” he laughs.
He kept his beauty products, and cosmetics hoard concealed in a Nike shoebox in his closet, gradually assembling his first kit with whatever freebie he could get his hands on.

Mario’s abilities eventually led to him being promoted to a makeup artist. Soon after, he found himself working everywhere and on everyone: in Saks’ Armani counter, doing the faces of Fox newscasters, and assisting makeup artists on shoots.

When he decided not to cancel the gig that brought him to Kim Kardashian West, he had good fortune on his side. As a result, his career has advanced at the same rate as the sisters he has continued to work with since that fateful day. He did Kim’s wedding makeup, and he recently collaborated with her on a collection for her cosmetics brand.

Mario is well known for his hard work ethic, and he transformed the flood of “How did you do that?” questions on his Instagram feed into accurate and accessible solutions.

He did Kim’s wedding makeup, and he recently collaborated with her on a collection for her cosmetics brand KKW.

As a result, Mario’s Master Class, which is approaching its tenth anniversary, has become its own global sensation, with the next one scheduled for February in Los Angeles, with Kardashian West coming to the stage to join him.

“She enjoys them,” he says. “I mean, she gets to sit there and let me do her makeup. Who wouldn’t want that?”

The cosmetics artist behind Kim Kardashian’s legendary looks drops his own makeup line.

Who Owns Makeup by Mario?

Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is at the helm of Makeup By Mario, which he founded and self-funded. “I’m so involved in every area of my brand,” he says in the Allure magazine interview. “It’s more than simply artwork; I’m more than just the face of this company. I’m in this office every day, learning everything and collaborating with people from all sectors of the business.”

The business is entirely self-funded by Mario Dedivanovic. However, Dedivanovic needed to share his makeup philosophy and techniques with the world on his own terms. Therefore he established the business without any financial assistance.

Makeup By Mario draws inspiration from various unusual and unexpected sources to develop a striking line of high quality palettes, eyeliner, and highlighters that are more functional than trendy.

Makeup by Mario
Makeup by Mario Collection

What is the Makeup by Mario Dadivanovic Product line?

This makeup pro decided to start with eye shadow products for his debut launch, encompassing everything from palettes, liners, primers, highlighters, and brushes because that’s how he always begins makeup application.

Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic went to some rather unusual, but I think ingenious, measures to guarantee his initial makeup collection, Makeup By Mario, is as accessible and inclusive as possible:

The makeup artist speaking to Allure Magazine that when at an Italian lab developing the colours for his Master Metallics palette, which will be released next month, he zoomed in on photographs of, well, arteries and organs for the scientists to colour match.

“It’s a matter of taste. It’s cleaner for me, and I prefer having the eyes done because it allows you to step back and realise, ‘I don’t need a lot of skin things,’ “According to Dedivanovic.

“I use skin tone [shades] on everyone to create the eye,” he explains, “therefore, the formulation of Master Mattes originates from degrees of human skin tone.” “It’s a little nerdy for Master Metallics, but if you look microscopically in the human body, there are billions of cells that have these hues. So they are actually natural hues that come from within ourselves.”

Palette Master Classes are Available in a Variety of Formats.

His most prized methods and look are simplified with the high quality Master Eyes Prep & Set and Master Metals. “I [looked] through masterclass footage from over the years to see what I was doing and what colours I was always utilising,” he explains.

The three-pan compact Master Eyes Prep & Set (seen below) elegantly bundles Dedivanovic’s go-to eye makeup priming technique: “I usually use a concealer in a couple of tones, followed by a translucent powder to set it.” In addition, the top row features a pair of light and darker creams that may be mixed and matched to properly match your skin tone. (There are three hues available: light, medium, and deep.)

Alternatively, apply the lighter hue alone to naked eyelids “if you want to go [brighter] with your eyes, a little bit more fun,” he suggests. In either case, tap the powder on top and clear any smudges away. You can also powder certain areas of your face that tend to shine during the day.

Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic Master Metals palette, which can be used wet or dry, provides a “liquid metal” effect for those who prefer an even higher-shine finish. “You may do something different with your finger and play,” he says.

Aside from eye shadow, Dedivanovic will show off additional eye basics that he’s grown to rely on his clients over the years. “In this brand, I didn’t want anything gimmicky,” he explains.

Mario believes that for the most natural, dewy glow, more ladies should include a clear, cream gloss highlighter in their makeup repertoire. “Other highlighters can be used to add texture and opacity. You can apply the Master Secret Glow to your eyes, cheeks, and lips. There is no more gorgeous glow than when you can see your skin behind it, “Dedivanovic claims.

The makeup artist also believes that little is more when it comes to beauty, which he developed his products.

“Of course, you can easily construct these. However, I believe that there has been an explosion of heavy pigments in recent years, which has made it harder, “According to Dedivanovic. “The formula has a slight sheerness to it and is quite simple to apply.”

Types of Makeup: The Foundations that look like Eye Shadows.

For a reason, the shadows in the Master Mattes palette (seen above on the top right) look like a dream foundation spectrum. Dedivanovic researched skin tones and base makeup to reflect the wide range of complexions we have and to ensure that even those with the darkest skin tones have a neutral palette to reach for.

The shadows, like foundation and concealer, have deliberate transparency to them. These matte eye shadows are simpler to work with and create a cloud-like veil of colour because they lack the extreme opacity we’ve come to anticipate from matte eye shadows. Dedivanovic, on the other hand, insists that black is the blackest black on the market.

“I don’t want to put something on my eye that is so pigmented that I have to fight to remove and blend,” Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic explains. “When you apply [these shadows], they merge. Because they are not hyperpigmented, you don’t have to worry about putting too much on the brush.”


What kinds of products does Mario like?

Mario prefers sheer, emollient highlighters to powder highlighters.
During the preview, Dedivanovic mentioned that his Master Secret Glow is another favourite product from the brand. The highlighter is the makeup artist’s interpretation of a sheer, emollient highlighter. He prefers this type of highlighter because it gives the complexion a natural glow rather than adding texture.

“I’ve tried a number of these types of products over the years, and the problem is that a lot of them start sliding or disrupt the texture underneath,” Dedivanovic says. “I wanted to make something with a better grip so that when you put it here, it stays there, doesn’t slide or move, and, of course, doesn’t disrupt the texture underneath it.”

So instead, he recommends tapping it on your cheeks, eyelids, or lips with your finger to give your skin a natural glow.

Makeup by Mario Pigment Pencil

What are Mario Master Pigment Pro Pencils?

His Master Pigment Pro Pencils were inspired by his role model and older sister.

Sister Staples – are the long-lasting Master Pigment Pro Pencil slicks on creamy lines in the darkest of blacks and an earthy brown. Turn it over to reveal a rectangular brush developed by Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic for his older sister Vicky.

He wished for her to be able to design the crisp, symmetrical wings of her fantasies. All Mario sister had to do now was run the liner down the roots of her lashes, then drag the pigment outward with the brush, which is designed with a flat edge to create the perfect flick. The colour may be intensified by tracing it with the Master Mattes Liquid Liner, as Dedivanovic had to try his hand at the beauty staple.

The Master Pigment Pro Pencils are another standout from the Makeup by Mario range. He mentioned that his older sister Vicky had battled with applying eyeliner for many years during the preview. Therefore he wanted to invent a solution that made applying eyeliner easier.

“Pencils are one of the most transformational components of makeup for me, especially for the eyes,” Dedivanovic explains. “I wanted to include my liner skills into the pencils to make it faster for me and a lot easier for the person doing her liner at home.” The gel-based pencils are available in two hues (Super Black and The Perfect Brown) and come with a special brush on the end to help you blend and perfect your winged liner.

What is on my Essentials List - Makeup by Mario

The Product Pricing for Makeup by Mario Online – (USD)

MAKEUP BY MARIO items range in price from USD 14 to $48 and are now available solely at Sephora,, and, with plans to expand into additional categories in early 2021.

  • $48 for the Master MattesTM Eyeshadow Palette
  • Super Black Master PigmentTM Pro Pencil – $22 
  • Super Black Master PigmentTM Pro Pencil – $22 – $ 22 
  • Super Black Master MattesTM Liquid Liner – $22
  • Quartz Master Crystal ReflectorTM – $24
  • Expensive Master Secret GlowTM – $22
  • Master Eye Prep & SetTM in Light – $2
  • 8 Pro Volume Lip Gloss in Rose Nude – $22 
  • Pro Volume Lip Gloss in Mauve Nude – $22 
  • Pro Volume Lip Gloss in Golden Nude – $22
  • Glam Quad in Bronzey – $25
  • MASTER MATTES™ PRO LIP PALETTE – AU$‌105.00 “This is the ultimate matte pro lip palette, inspired by my signature technique for creating custom lip shades on-set. 

I tried to purchase one of these products online from the USA. However, the shipping cost was super cost-prohibitive.

Currently, Sephora Australia – offers approximately 26 items ( a smaller selection) online. 

  • MAKEUP BY MARIO Soft Glow Highlighter AUD 43.00 and free shipping.

Which I think is a much more affordable price point.

A range of primary colours, nudes, berries, and neutrals are designed to mix and blend within the palette so you can customise endless lip looks and shades.” — Mario.

Is Makeup by Mario a Cruelty-Free Brand?

Makeup By Mario is a cruelty-free brand, and all of its products are devoid of parabens. In addition, some products are vegan and gluten-free, but you must check each one to determine whether they are.

Finally, Makeup by Mario is not offered in stores in mainland China or any other countries where animal experimentation is required.

Is Makeup By Mario Vegan? 

Makeup By Mario is cruelty-free but not 100% vegan, meaning that some of its products contain animal-derived ingredients.

Is Makeup by Mario packaged in environmentally friendly packaging?

Some products have some sustainable features. “Because I’m self-funding this, it’s challenging because it’s expensive to do things entirely sustainably,” Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic admits openly.

“However, I tried everywhere I could. I believe that as the business expands and we achieve greater success, I will be able to invest more in those areas.”

Makeup by Mario

The Future of Makeup by Mario Cosmetic Brand

Fans may expect additional Dedivanovic launches in 2021, eventually encompassing base products such as foundation and concealer. With that in mind, Makeup by Mario will place a premium on diversity. “Since kindergarten, I’ve lived in the Bronx and in some of the most different environments imaginable.

Dedivanovic created this collection with both professional makeup artists and everyday beauty enthusiasts in mind.

On his social media, brand website, and even the package itself, you can discover instructive videos and how-tos for every single product.

It’s a part of who I am. As the brand grows, I want to do things for everyone, “Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic claims. “I do notice creams designed expressly for older skin. And I do see things designed specifically for women of colour. So I’m definitely looking forwards to that. Because certain things simply work better on some people or at specific ages. And I want to be very honest about it.”

The biggest challenge for the Makeup by Mario brand in the coming months and years will be how the world perceives makeup behind a face mask or Zoom call. For what it’s worth, the makeup artist believes we’re on the verge of a makeup revolution. Of course, when it’s safe.

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