Multiple happiness Streams – Monday Motivation

Updated: Sep 5

As we all know that it has always been highly recommended by the experts that it is wise to diversify and create multiple streams of revenue or income. Today I read a really interesting article which drew the same analogy with our happiness.



That we need to draw from multiple streams of happiness. So this Monday morning I look at the ways I am ensuring I keep streams of happiness in my life. I spend a lot of my time thinking and planning strategy on how to run a Consulting Coaching Business, alongside my Consulting with Mersol & Luo Business Growth Strategy Company in Hong Kong.


I also know that I need to spend the same amount of time thinking and planning how to be happy. Not just relying on the stream of work to be the only source of my happiness. Life is like a balancing act and to truly have a fulfilled life, I also need to balance my work week well.




There is a wonderful quote that is in the article which is “You are the average of the 5 people you spend time with the most”


It is a very philosophical quote but it is also very true. For the past 58 years, I find that the people I have spent the most time with is my family, I have worked alongside my father mother, and sisters for 32 years. We have a very strong close family bond. So having installed this social connection as part of my daily work week it has allowed me to draw on this stream of happiness over the years of working.



Then on Friday afternoon, I spent time with friends I have known for some 24 years. This social engagement, especially after the lockdown during the pandemic, was missed. These women who are mother’s of my daughter’s school friends have always provided me with happiness and joy. It was a very casual afternoon of cake, coffee, and sharing stories about life, our children, parents who are ageing, husbands with dementia etc.


Then there is the other aspect of being a business owner and entrepreneur is having to talk to strangers and feeling comfortable with this. Over my lifetime I have learnt that talking to strangers and actually be the complete opposite of what I had been taught while growing up. Yet most of my work interactions depend on me making a connection with strangers.


On Saturday morning I had spend the morning talking to and learning about a LinkedIn connection over Zoom. The reason for the call was for him to learn about the Brand RF which had launched in Japan, and I also got the chance to learn more about what he does, and his vision for the future.


Not having a close relationship with him, but having a conversation over zoom was part of my happiness over the weekend.




Then I remembered that over the weekend too, I spend time to create a cleaner and less cluttered environment within my home that brought me much joy. As I had spent time during the week keeping my work environment up to date. I needed to spend time over the weekend to revitalize the place I spend my non-working hours.


So it was such a wonderful weekend, spent sprucing up the garden. I de-cluttered all the handbags I really had not used in over a year. With my son being away for the weekend. I decided to deep clean his bathroom and respray his bedside tables and desk.




Lastly, I always make sure I spend time having fun. “What I do for fun” is again love to eat. So on Sunday my husband and I took the time away from the garden and housework to go out to grab some groceries, gardening supplies, and enjoy some lunch at a local Asian cafe.


We were on a mission to accomplish all our tasks and running around and be back home to finish out the gardening/housework at 3.00. I must say both he and I enjoy the thrill of getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. So after all the errands, we were rewarded with a quiet lunch of Kolo mee, mee kolo or mee halilintar in Singapore is a type of Sarawakian noodle dish, at a local market. This characteristically light and tossed in a transparent sauce was absolutely delicious then we followed it with some glazed doughnuts before heading home.


I know that starting this week, what creates even more security is expanding beyond 1 source of reliability for happiness. So this week friends take this time to create more streams of happiness. Your Marketing SNS business and soul with thank you


Audrey Anderson Linkedin