My recommended brand marketing strategies, for Alcohol Brands.

While I am aware that there are clear boundaries on what can and an cannot be done on social media. I honestly feel that there still remains plenty of freedom for Brands to remain responsible and also creative with their social media accounts.

I see that there are 5 strategies that are working well for the leading alcohol brands. Moving forward #PostCovid. Brands know that during this lock Alcohol was still being purchased and consumed via E-commerce. Brands need to also embrace using these platforms for connecting and engaging with their audience.

Lifestyle Content

When brands can focus on anything other than the Product or Drink.

Hear me out – I do understand that with big brands like Hendricks Gin, Absolute and Grey Goose Vodka or Jack Daniels. We do not need to be reminded of the actual product.

So focusing on their Copy and content in a socially responsible event, like a wedding, a retirement, a baby’s birth – are all events which really pique viewers and potential users interest with this “feel-good” factor which becomes associated with the brand.

Behind the Scenes

When Alcohol Brands learn that offering an exclusive look or behind the scenes access to the view can generate such lasting impressions. Some Brands are doing this now with private tours, or tastings.

Since Covid-19, and the boom of visual aids. Brands can use a smart phone to capture video’s of them inspecting the vats, flavoring the gin’s with botanical. Trips to the local farmer in the region to obtain various ingredients. With this longer form video’s each video can be cut into 1 min, 30 sec, 10 sec size bites to be spread out over a 2-3 month period, over social media platforms. There is no need to have to hire a camera crew.

These short bites enables Brands to engage with their followers while drawing new interest into the products. Short video categories to consider

  • Brands “WHY”
  • Personal Insights
  • Inspiration/ Encouragement
  • About the Brand
  • Uses – cocktails , cocktail parings

Social Media – means being SOCIAL

Brands, really any brand will benefit from engaging in a positive way with those who follow their brands, and engaging with their comments. When you have customers taking time from their scrolling to stop and leave you a comment.

The really shows those viewers that you are a brand that is interested in their comments, or those who follow their pages. I recently left a comment on a Japanese 80 Gin / 80 Spirits Instagram story.

Guess what they responded to my message that day and thanked me. Guess what – I am now following them and watching their videos each week. Even thought I don’t speak Japanese.

If there is a News Article or Event Featuring the Product in a Responsible manner

Re-Use “User Content” with your hashtags. I have found product Hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok. If you see that the content has great captivating photos which could raise the profile of your brand. I will “Re-tweet” , “Re-Share” this “User Content”. With a huge Caveat.

ACKNOWLEDGE the origin of that content with a “Via” or “thanks to *** for this content”. I would send them a D.M (Direct message with a thank you ) and I will engage in a conversation. If I had a new product about to drop and I had a small Sample – I would consider posting them the Sample or if they lived local invite them to your launch.

I really want to see Brands up end the stereo typical images one sees with Alcohol. The crappy partying, tailgating, and sports-centered alcohol ads of yesterday are now gone. They are very risky on social media, as the “Backlash is swift” and goes immediately viral

I believe that any small artisan Distillery, can still create a strong social media strategy. Just using their Smart phones and dedicating a few moments each day to create Copy and Content to reach your audience.

Start somewhere – by being more creative and subtler forms of brand-building other than the traditional means of “Advertising”.

Engage Regularly with Social Media Comments

All brands, including alcohol brands, benefit from engaging in a positive way with their social media followers. If, for example, a post includes a picture of a cocktail and a reader asks what mixer is used, chiming in quickly to answer that question is a great way to build good will with existing and potential customers.

Offer Exclusive, Behind-the-Scenes Access

For either new or established brands, offering unique, behind-the-scenes access to information about the brand can engage followers while drawing in new interest at the same time. For example, a wine brand could produce a short video featuring their vineyards, or showing how the product is made.

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