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Over 50 Personal Branding, as I am aware when I listen to career-minded professionals from those who are looking for their first internship to those who are looking to change careers later in life. Why it is important to consider personal branding? It is important for 1 reason

It helps you stand out from your peers and provides you with the opportunity to become influential with greater credibility

Personal branding is subtle and nuanced; I have seen and can identify with concerns and opportunities for people who are 50+. The rules have changed for us in our middle age. We have lived through watching our parents start a career and get rewarded with respect money and opportunities as you now have reached over 50.

However, what is not lost on me is that there are much younger, more tech-savvy, and up on-trend and less expensive employees who are reading to knock me off my perch. So it is really up to us to re-educate ourselves and broadcast our unique brand of relevance and viability.

The great news is, though, will take some energy; consequently, it isn’t that difficult to do. So how do people over 50 ensure that our Personal brand traits keep us relevant, influential and in demand in this new digital world of work?

Firstly I have a strong belief in authenticity. Personal branding is always based on the premise of being authentic. My brand is true to who I am while making myself accessible to people and engaging on the LinkedIn platform.

 Action 1 - Master the Mindset.

We all know that age discrimination in hiring and promotions is there. I use mental messages to reaffirm my believe in myself

for those Over 50 Personal Branding
  •  I have a profound understanding that makes me sought-after and differentiated from other over 50 year olds.
  • I am perfect for tackling change with my trust and a genuine sense of oneself.
  • I have a long history of exceptional results.

 Action 2 - Develop Digital Agility.

When you’re over 50, like me you weren’t born with computers with your fingertips that would open the magical world of online platforms and access the world.

Therefore today, Companies are searching for experienced, flexible, digitally fit employees, irrespective of their position, function and age. Excitingly enough, each job is now on some level digitally-enabled on some level.

For those Over 50 Personal Branding-It’s essential to be digitally informed whether you are involved in market analysis, customer support or sales. tells consumers that “employers have to be as technical as someone 20 years younger.” Prove that by including these skills on your resume, ensuring they are up to date with the latest software and platforms.

This included abilities you acquired at lockdown in 2020; The Knowledge Academy research suggested that learning a new technical ability would take as little as ten days!

Dive Deeper - How to Updatw You Skills

Seven of the best online learning tools for those over 50 years of age to advance your career.

  • Udemy is the highest value. Udemy allows you to curate your education, especially in the bud, with tens of thousands of classes on hard and soft skills.
  • The best for career growth – Learning on LinkedIn. The best for career development. This e-learning subscription from the website that allows you to search for work will help you know your resume’s “professional skills” section and get your best job.
  • Skillshare is the best for creative people. Students come to classes and have a good portfolio of useful projects to add to your skills list.
  • Coursera – The best for College style lessons. You will finish online degrees in full information from fired, portfolio-worthy projects in the afternoon. Coursera is your exclusive online college training store.
  • Treehouse – The best for Tech. Collaborative and helpful. Treehouse is the place to learn to code, helping you make a sweet success in software, even when you are over 50 years old.
  • Khan Academy – Best for Complete Free Education. However, this non-profit educational network would carry no additional pizazz if any primary academic skills are to be brushed up. These Online courses could only be the ticket you want to travel with.
  • Great for Masterclass – For those Celebrity Stan’s. MasterClass is not a substitute for conventional training. As a result, their celebrity instructors will make some interesting video demonstrations.

Action 3 - A Strong First Impression.

People are forming their first impressions of you now online. They’re going to go to Google to check you out and see what Google has to say about you – this is for those Over 50 Personal Branding. Having an online presence is vital.

If your online persona shows you are colourful, creative, optimistic and dedicated, people will want to meet you. Starting firstly with your LinkedIn profile, as it will be your most widely read bio edition. Use it to prove integrity and likeability.

Action 4 – Demonstrate Your Social Savvy

One way to demonstrate your digital fitness is through social media. Now I know you will start stressing out or sweating. However, hear me out you can create a powerful online social media presence in just 9 mins a day as long as you make it a daily commitment and are consistent.

for those Over 50 Personal Branding

Action 5 - Mastering Video

You may do many video interviews if you interview for a new job. The interview itself is a chance to prove that you are among the most prevalent and latest business communications forms. You will stand out in every way when you master video.

It means that you’re available for synchronous and asynchronous videos (zoom meetings, Webex and Google Hangout) (videos to demonstrate thought leadership, video messages from you sent to people on your team, clients, etcetera.).

Therefore, if you do many video conferences, you are not competent. The following advice will encourage you to understand and improve, and what you need to prevent a disaster on the camera.

6 You have to stop stuff at video conferences

1. Do not turn up late. Also don’t turn up late with a litany of the blame game, moaning that there are all sorts of technological difficulties (‘m not doing my audio,’ ‘I can’t understand you..’). You are sending your Personal brand message when you come frazzled, unprepared, or frustrated, not improving your brand. Display in time, instead,

2. Don’t be all business. Don’t be all business. The lack of relationships in the real world amplifies our need for human touch. Create extra time for heartfelt check-ins from person to person. Add it to all plans to ensure ample time and to show participants how important it is.

3. Do not take a “Shelfie”. This is my word for the ubiquitous bookshelf that guests believe is the ideal backdrop for their video meetings. The traditional context of the bookshelf is so omnipresent that it is completely special and unprecious.

4. Don’t forget the A/V. Seriously take video meetings. All the techniques – audio and visual – are therefore right (specifically, sound and light). If possible, do not use the microphone of your laptop. Without distracting ambient noise, the voice needs to move clearly.

5. Don’t just look away. Your device or phone’s height has to do with one of the technical problems that are sometimes flubbed. When it’s too low, the eyelids look up and look like you’re half asleep.

6. Don’t confuse WFH and WIP (work in pyjamas). You don’t have to wear a suit or give your Perles, but you have to look professional — you’re there for an interview. You probably won’t welcome people at the door of your PJs when you are welcoming them to your house. For your virtual meetings, use the same protocol.

Conclusion - for those Over 50 Personal Branding

To reach the top of the end, the 50+s and I realize that it was up to me to adopt this “Growth Mindset”. I had to apply strategies so that I did not become irrelevant. I have spent the last 33 years working on my personal brand. So that whatever organisation I worked with, my “Personal Brand” came with me. I know that I offer something unique and precious.

Now the question I ask you do you know that you are “Unique and valuable”?

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