Resale – Used Clothing valued at $64 Billion in the next 5 years

Updated: Sep 11

Resale – Used Clothing expected to be valued at $64 Billion in the next 5 years



My personal story is that I love a good bargain and I have been known to frequent resale market online stores to snag myself a bargain from time to time.


One birthday, armed with birthday money I decided to ignore the local retail stores as I knew what was up for offer was very overpriced and again nothing that would be considered from my standpoint as Classic.


With my stash of birthday money, I sourced an online store called “the real real” authenticated luxury consignment store. I trolled the things I wanted

* Tom Ford Scarf

* Karen Walker Sunglasses

* A small Celine leather bag –

* Small pair of earrings.


Let me tell you I was blown away with the quality of the second-hand apparel and I have gone back again and again.


So the 2nd hand apparel market is valued at about $28 billion today and is forecast to reach $64 Billion. This sector grew 25 times faster than the overall retail market last year.


Why would you not consider shopping for authenticated good quality 2nd hand designer goods – Have you considered this?


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Source – Audrey Anderson LinkedIn

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