RF Business Leadership Spotlight – With Laura Bangar

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Business Leadership Spotlight – Catching Up With Laura Bangar


Updated 29 August 2020


How Rodan and Fields Works


Her entire life, Laura Bangar was determined to have a full-time, professional career. At the age of 18, she left home, hoping to venture into the corporate world. She got a job at a bank, while starting her college career, and loved her work there. She was convinced being a stay at home mom wasn’t for her, until three and a half years later when she had her first child. At that point, Laura wanted nothing more than to stay home.

How Rodan and Fields Works

Stretched for time, she didn’t know how she would find a way to be with her child when she was working full-time and going to school full-time as well. Since a few of her customers at the bank had found success in Consulting and Direct sales, Laura started looking into direct selling companies. Nothing caught her eye until one evening on Facebook, during her maternity leave, she happened to see a post about Rodan + Fields®. “I had no idea what it was or that it was the Doctors and founding Dermatologist, but I knew the timing was right for me.”


How Rodan and Fields Works.


Laura contacted the Skincare Consultant who had written the post and said she was interested in joining her team. A month later, she enrolled as an Independent Skincare Consultant. “I will admit, I chickened out at first because I was working so much and was concerned I wouldn’t have time with a new baby, but I eventually realized that I had to at least try or I’d be forced to give up time with my child that I couldn’t get back.”


Nearly five years ago, Laura Bangar’s transition from working at a corporate bank job to running her own thriving Rodan + Fields business. Now an RF X Circle achiever on a team with each of her five siblings, Laura says the opportunity has provided her family with the freedom to determine their own success. “Being able to do this [business] with my family has been amazing. There are millions of ways it’s changed our lives, but the most important part has been how it allows us to be present, do what we’re passionate about and not be bound by a clock.”

How Rodan and Fields Works


It was the birth of her eldest daughter that propelled Laura to jump into the opportunity. “I never grew up wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, but once I had my baby, everything changed. I saw that I could make a difference [with my business] while still being a present mother and wife.” After dedicating herself to her business, she understood how she could help guide others towards their own success. “This opportunity is specific to each person – what they want out of it is going to look different. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of sharing it. There are millions of others in the same position I was in seven years ago that just need a chance [to build something]. They don’t lack a work ethic; they’re just lacking an opportunity. I feel like I have that answer for so many people.”


Now a mother of four, Laura continues to actively work her business while making a commitment to live in the present with her family. “I write a letter to each of my children at the end of every day, about things that we’ve all done together. If I was working a full-time [corporate] job, I wouldn’t have those memories because I’d be gone until five or six o’clock.” Along with spending time with their children, Laura and her husband use the freedom provided by her business to support their ministry and give to foundations building orphanages around the world. “[My goal] is to be able to help who I need to help each day, love who I need to love and show up for who I need to show up for.”



“Find your WHY and don’t give up on it. People sign up and are so excited, then they get some negative feedback and just stop. That’s the worst thing you can do – to worry about what other people think. Turn the opinions of others off and stick to your WHY, because it’s so important. It’s important enough to make you want to do this, so let it drive you and keep you motivated. Give it your all, and in five to ten years you won’t look back and think ‘what if?’”


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How Rodan and Fields Works


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