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Rodan and Fields FAQ

FAQ – Your Rodan and Fields Frequently Asked Questions are now answered.

Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields are the founders of Rodan + Fields. So, they met at Stanford Medical School during their residency. Therefore, they understand the skin and agree that its condition can make or break self-esteem. Hence, they are committed to delivering dermatology-inspired skincare to everyone, at any time without a trip to the dermatologist’s office. A portion of every transaction is donated to the Rodan + Fields Prescription for Improvement Foundation.

Our primary concern is with your skin such as signs of ageing, discolouration and dullness, dryness and sensitivity, or acne with a simple step by step regimen. Hence, to achieve real and visible results, we use our Multi-Med Therapies. In Short, our products are treating skin concerns uses the right ingredients in the correct formulations. For other issues, additional R+F items may be added. Rodan + Fields uses innovative technologies to make your skin look the best of your life.

The Environmental, Social and Governance Aspects of Rodan + Fields are helping and defending our diverse and global community. The Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation aims to empower young people is channelled to our philanthropy. R+F includes people of various cultures and diverse backgrounds. And we are actively working towards minimizing our footprint and protect the environment by waste reduction, clean ingredients and recyclable packaging.

Certain products have natural or animal ingredients such as milk and honey, to produce our clinical outcomes, which means our products cannot be certified as vegan.

The packages are mostly Rodan+Fields product and are all manufactured and manufactured in compliance with all relevant laws and 
regulations, including the strict California Hazardous Waste Act, as well as the federal and national and local environmental legislation.
The formulas of Rodan 
Fields are not tested on animals. 
In order to check the safety and effectiveness of our formulations, we 
use alternative in-lab tests for staff, employees who volunteer and also home office volunteers.

Nearly any formulation does not currently have any derivatives of wheat or oat.

Exceptions are –
SOOTHE Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30, and SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Care are the only exceptions which may involve or have come into contact with gluten.

Our primary concern is the protection and effectiveness of our goods. Both FDA directives are followed, and knowledge and testing data are continuously checked. We are members of the Committee for Care Items (PCPC). All of our products are tested for irritation, and our regimens are dermatologically tested and clinically tested by third parties to ensure their safety and effect. Please visit the PCPC website for more information.

Retinoids are vitamin A and, in skincare products, one of these is Retinol. Dermatologists favour Retinol over decades in favour of encouraging epidermal cell turnover to visibly enhance the skin’s texture and minimize the appearance of the pores.

You will find Retinol in:
Dual active lighting complex REVERSE Complex
Treatment of REVERSE Skin Lightening (available only in the U.S.)
REDEFINE Serum for Night Renewal (discontinued product)

Another retinoid is retinyl palmitate and is contained in:
Intense Renovation Serum REDEFINE
REDEFINE Restaurant Cream Overnight
The foaming of Sunless Tan Necessities
Lip Protector SPF 25 ESSENTIALS

You will find Retinal in:
Intensive Serum REDEFINE

Tretinoin is not present in any Rodan + Fields product as an active ingredient of the prescription drug Retin-A.

Bakuchiol is a better option for you if your skin is sensitive. Suppose you find redness, pain or flattening when using Retinol, as an alternative use a Bakuchiol solution just once a week.

If, at any stage of the year, you find your skin more seasonally dry and responsive (for example, this ski season or winter), use a Bakuchiol solution rather than regularly scheduled retinoid treatments.

In terms of the capability of improving photo ageing, that is to say, visible ageing signs from sun exposure. However, aged spots and dark spots, Bakuchiol skin studies show that it is identical to Retinol. It is also better tolerated than Retinol, as described above.

The users of Retinol indicated further scaling and stinging of the face skin. Smoother skin, reduced fine lines, wrinkles and greater elasticity are all advantages to Bakuchiol’s skin. For anti-ageing skincare, it is also a viable alternative to Retinol.

Like retinol, Bakuchiol occurs from the facial serum to the oils and the creams in several formats. The ingredient is presented in the completely reformulated Rodan and Fields – REDEFINE Overnight Restorative Cream.

In short, this is a deeply moisturizing night cream that enhances fine lines and wrinkles and visibly heightens the skin. This fantastic recipe combines Bakuchiol and Glycolic Acid for a sculptured and smoother skin concept.

There it is! Bakuchiol is a plant extract with comparable skin benefits to Retinol but has no possible side effects like redness or discomfort. So for people with sensitive skin, it’s fine. Bonus: vegan is Bakuchiol. Some types of Retinol come from animal products.

Bakuchiol comes from a plant known as a babchi, a Psoralea corylifolia. The origin of Bakuchiol in your products should be tested. We obtain the Bakuchiol from our products from the sustainable, ethical harvesting, edible seeds of babchi.

Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields, the founders of Rodan + Fields, have always believed in their multi-medical skincare approach. That means, in the right formulation, using the right ingredients. All R + F items are visually transformative and clinically verified. Coherence is crucial here, just as noticeable results can be seen in every skincare routine. After four weeks and eight weeks with the REDEFINE scheme, you can expect to see the first measurable results using the whole Regimen. REDEFINE clinical results speak for themselves (please keep in mind that these results are from participants using the entire Regimen, as recommended).

Percentage of REDEFINE regimen participants found changes after eight weeks*. REDEFINE Routine includes Bakuchiol formulated Redefine Overnight Restaurant Cream:

94% had a cleaner, softer skin
Smoother skin was 94 per cent
Firmer skin 91% found
85% had plumper skin that looks more fuller
Overall appearance/healthy glow enhanced 85 per cent
85% had more moisturized-looking skin
79% found that lines/wrinkles were less noticeable.
76% had lifted more skin (less sagging).
76% had more resilient and bouncing skin.

*Based on a clinical and market sample of 8 weeks in the United States. The results can differ by several factors: age, sex, skin type and condition, co-product used, medical history, place, lifestyle and diet.

We have developed the Rodan + Fields Solution Tool to find the best solution for you, which can be accessed online by your independent Rodan and Fields Counsellor | Consultant. As such, our Solution Tool is an immersive and convenient way to explore and customize your range of products. The R+F items can also be clarified by your expert so that you can find what works best for your skin.

R+F products are available mainly by independent consultants like me. So I am here to help you choose the best products for your skin and advise you with one-on-one recommendations. Moreover, I have the expertise and resources to help you find the best solution for your skin and R+F items for you. Instead of shopping, you can directly order products from me. You are purchasing goods from my website to be delivered to your door.

Clicking the link – Book Now on this page, to chat with a consultant. Follow the easy steps to book a free consultation online with me. There is no need to enter your town, even entering your zip code.

Please note that I belong to a team of leaders in the independent consulting community of Rodan + Fields. Whilst your location used to be important. Therefore I am here providing you with the best possible service.

I customize Skincare services. Helping my clients find just what they need for their skin to get the result they want through the products’ R+F portfolio. I can also assist customers register as preferred customers (PCs) or Japanese Club Member so that PC Perks helps them with discounts of 10% and free shipping.

I can assist with product deliveries and your questions

Lifetime varies according to the particular product formulation and type. In the form of internal (primary) and external (secondary) packaging, FDA needs over-the-compliance (OTC) products to have an expiry date.

Cosmetic (non-OTC) products without expiration date have a shelf-life based on FDA criteria for checking the shelf-life. The shelf life of cosmetic products is at least two years, except as stated on the packaging.

Only via an Independent Consultant or rodanandfields.com can authentic Rodan+Fields products be purchased. Please notice that sales are illegal and may be counterfeit if you find Rodan + Fields goods on any other website such as eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, etcetera.

Each individual is unique, so consult your doctor or health professional before using our skincare products is essential. The resources you need are available from me. So that you can provide this information to your health care professional (i.e our Rodan + Fields Ingredient List)

Independent Consultants and Counsellors mainly distribute Rodan and Fields products with expertise in the usage and explanation of the products’ correct use. Tap on the book now at the bottom of the page. You can also purchase items on my website directly without a consultation.

Our company headquarters are at

  • 60 Spear Street, San Francisco, California.

Our methodology for the best skincare is based on a step-by-step approach to your fundamental skin concern. It would be best to blend your regimen with other regimens items to deal with any other skin issues such as expression lines, once you have identified your regimen. Check with your counsellor to find out what’s best for your skin.

To discover how you can reach us and locate our product support, latest orders, device supports, PR requests and more services, please contact us.

  • Australia 1 800 277 328
  • Canada 1 855 732 2623
  • USA 1 844 202 1227
  • Japan 0120 775 588

Email –

We believe that all possible allergic reactions are prevented at all costs. Anyone with any allergy must consult with their doctor before using the medication the list of ingredients and select their product, depending on what their healthcare provider guides. You will find our ingredient lists here.

In short, we provide a 60-day money-back guarantee.