Rodan Fields Brow Defining Boost

Brow Defining Boost: The only product you need for beautiful brows.

Borw Defining Boost Shades
Borw Defining Boost Shades

Eyebrows frame the face, which is why beautiful brows give you an instant confidence boost. And the creators of Rodan and Fields Lash Boost now can bring you Brow Defining Boost – one simple swipe enhances colour and shape, giving you the appearance of fuller, thicker, more defined brows instantly and over time.

Our easy-to-use tinted fibre gel provides buildable coverage that lets you create a range of natural to bold looks you’ll love. I know that when I feel good, I know I look good. Brow enhancement products in the U.S. are part of a 1 Billion dollar category.

Rodan + Fields, the developer of Brow Defining Boost, has a Multi-Med Therapy skincare philosophy that combines the right ingredients with the right formula and then tops it off with an application in the correct order to give spectacular results.

Rodan and Fields Brow Defining Boost has been designed for all skin types and hair colours to help you engage and enrol new Preferred Customers (PCs) and prospective Consultants and re-energise existing Customers. Like Lash Boost, Brow Defining Boost is an enrollment driver and has the potential to help increase your product sales.

Like Lash Boost, Brow Defining Boost provides differentiated benefits over time vs its competitors that only offer the same effects resulting from most makeup products.

Borw Defining Boost Shades

Table of Contents - Brow Defining Boost: The only product you need for beautiful brows.


When Lash Boost launched in 2016, Rodan and Fields had sales of $200M in Lash Boost sales within the first year. It’s always exciting to watch what innovations beauty brands use to better formula or design with each introduction. I’ve always enjoyed creating looks, but I, even more, enjoy assisting individuals with product knowledge and application.

Our 2016 Lash Boost campaign extended far outside of Rodan and Fields current Customer base at that time! Like Lash Boost, Together, Brow Defining Boost and Lash Boost will offer eye-popping lashes plus amazing brows. Rodan and Fields eye-popping portfolio with this brow conditioning serum to foster hair growth.

With 71% of our Consultants finding that Consultants found Lash Boost during these times “Extremely” to their businesses and successfully used it to reach new customers.* I choose and write about stuff that interests me and that I believe you will enjoy as well.

Brow Defining Boost
Brow Defining Boost Shade

Rodan Fields Product - BROW DEFINING BOOST

Although I have my favourites, our heart rates quicken with each fresh Rodan and Fields Product release.

Increases the appearance of volume + fullness of hair growth with buildable coverage instantly + overtime. What it isBrow Defining Boost is a multi-tasking tinted fibre gel that perfects brows look in a single swipe. 4-in-1 benefits instantly boost volume, fullness and definition, while buildable coverage lets you customise your look. Plus, over time, your natural brows will appear thicker and fuller. This Brow defining boost shades are light, Medium dark, black.


This Tinted Brow Gel -addresses all your Brow concerns, including volume, shape, definition, sparsity and greying. It is a follow-up Rodan Fields lash boost launched in 2016.


Brow Defining Boost ingredients work together with our proprietary Rodan Fields Lash Boost Technology to amplify the appearance of brow fullness and thickness instantly and over time.


  • 74% agree it provides an alternative to microblading.
  • 94% agree it offers buildable coverage over sparse areas of eyebrows.
  • 92% agree it gives the appearance of fuller eyebrows immediately and over time.
  • 93% agree it builds in areas where more coverage is needed


It is a Tinted brow gel with cellulose fibres that instantly and gradually increases volume and fullness. You may get any style, from natural to bold, with buildable coverage.


Why do you require it? The normal ageing process results in sparse brows. However, you can achieve a naturally youthful appearance with rich, fluffy brows that frame and enhance your face.




Eyebrows that are thin, sparse, and indeterminate




Moisturizes, moisturises, and noticeably volumises brows for a fuller, thicker appearance.



  • 100% agree brows instantly look less sparse*
  • 93% agree brows look fuller*
  • 90% agree brows look thicker*
  • 90% agree brows instantly look more defined*


*Based on an 8-week U.S. based clinical and consumer study.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on multiple factors: age, gender, skin type and condition, concomitant products used, health history, location, lifestyle and diet.

Unretouched photos.

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Brow Defining Boost ( Rodan Fields Product ) delivers results far beyond those of typical brow products. With the addition of our proprietary Lash Boost Technology, you not only receive the immediate results you are seeking but the appearance of fuller, thicker-looking brows over time as well.

  • Brow Defining Boost a tinted brow gel with cellulose fibres that instantly and gradually increase volume and fullness.
  • THE Brow Defining Factor – is our Premium Ingredients 
  • Rodan and Fields Price Point – Is reflective of a Premium Product with Patented Pending Proprietary Ingredients.


Brow Defining Boost by Rodan and Fields is a tinted gel.

Brow Defining Boost is a fantastic solution for individuals who desire fuller-looking, bold brows but want to be able to apply the colour and wash it off at the end of the day — all while offering instant and long-term advantages to brows. Brow Defining Boost Shades Light, Medium Dark, Black.

It combines the best of the cosmetics and brow-conditioning serum worlds. A serum merely makes your brows look more prominent, but this cream defines them as well. Brow Defining Boost is essentially a tinted brow gel that is lightweight and contains fibres that boost the look of brow fullness with buildable coverage. It works instantly and over time to provide the appearance of gorgeous yet natural-looking brows. The fibres and pigment make brows appear darker, more defined, and robust when applied. When used regularly, the solution, which contains Lash Boost Technology and Cellulose Fibers and Castor Oil, helps create the appearance of fuller, thicker, and more defined brows.

Castor Oil moisturises and conditions the brows, while Cellulose Fibers, which are natural, renewable fibres, provide rapid volumising. It is available in four different shades: Light, Medium, dark, and black. Layering a few tones may offer a more natural brow look with a bit of dimension. For example, light and Medium look great on blondes, Medium and Dark look great on lighter brunettes, while Dark and Black look great on individuals with black hair.


Key Ingredients – Rodan and Fields Brow Boost

Key Ingredients 


Together, they amplify the appearance of fuller and thicker brows instantly and over time. 


Omega-6 fatty acid helps moisturise and condition for the appearance of fuller and thicker brows.


Natural renewable fibres instantly add brow volume and offer buildable coverage.


Protects the surface of existing hairs.

Rodan Fields Brow Defining Boost Cost

Forget eyebrow tinting. Rodan Fields Product – the multi-tasking brow gel gives the appearance of fuller, thicker, + fluffier brows overtime for a younger look.

Size: 3 ML / 0.1 Fl. Oz. U.S.

Typical Use: Once daily, in the AM

$112 Retail Price

$100 PC Perks Price

Rodan + Fields products with prices comparable to those found in high0end cosmetics boutiques and dermatological premium products.

Brow Defining Boost
Brow Defining Boost Shade


How do I choose the right ENHANCEMENTS Brow Defining Boost shades?

ENHANCEMENTS Brow Defining Boost Shades – come in four different hues. I recommended that you select a shade based on the colour of your hair.

Brow Defining Boost shades cover a range of brow colours, so finding your shade is simple, and using it is even easier.

o Light: Taupe for light to dark blonde hair.
o Medium: Soft brown for light to medium brown hair.
o Dark: Deep brown for Medium to dark brown hair.
o Black: Ebony is for dark brown to black hair.

Choose a hue that matches or is slightly lighter than your hair colour for a more realistic brow. This will make the brows appear fuller and more defined. Mix and match two colours that match your hair’s lightest and darkest colours to create a multifaceted look.

HOW TO USE Rodan and Fields Brow Defining Boost


You use Rodan Fields Product – Brow Defining Boost in the morning after your skincare routine on clean brows. Do not apply with any other brow product. For best results, ensure the gel is used daily for continuous nourishment and the promotion of healthy brows.


Open the product and pull out the applicator; as you pull out the brush, wipe off any excess on edge to ensure you coat the wand lightly with the Brow Defining Boost serum.


Using short, upward strokes, brush the gel up toward the arch and extend toward the tail using the thicker part of the wand to build and add volume to your brow hair and next, filling in the front of the Brow toward the arch using the remaining product on the wand in upward strokes, brushing the hairs natural direction of growth.


To fill in sparse areas, use the precision tip to apply the formula directly onto the skin, using small strokes, then blend the product throughout the Brow.

My Pro Tip: For a fuller shape, use the brush pattern of “in, up and out” to create hair-like strokes. You may also layer the product on a second or third time. Finally, mix and match two shades that correspond to your hair’s lightest and darkest colours to create a multidimensional effect.

Can I use Enhancements Brow Defining Boost if I wear contact lenses?

Brow Defining Boost Rodan Fields Product has been ophthalmologist tested and is suitable for contact lens wearers.


What are the Current Brow Trends?

All eyes are on the brows with all of this mask-wearing! This year saw a surge in brow trends and makeup releases, with online instructions, at-home procedures, and social media (hello, TikTok) directions emphasising shape and style. From natural looks inspired by our many months inside to strong brows making a comeback on the runway, here are our top 5 brow trends and how to get them right now.


  • Brows with Fluffy, Feathered Brows

Many people have recently discovered a renewed admiration for natural-looking brows. Because brow volume and fullness frame the eyes and showcase our most outstanding features, fluffy, feathery, natural-looking brows help produce a more youthful appearance. In addition, fuller-looking brows are attractive for all ages and facial types, are simple to style and don’t require much maintenance as you are working on your natural brow shape.

To accomplish the look, use a coloured brow gel with the thicker section of the wand, in short, upward strokes to pick up brow hair, building up fullness from the centre of the Brow before going outwards towards the tail. Fill in gaps and form the brow tail with short strokes of the wand’s tip.

Rodan Fields Product: Brow Defining Boost is a multi-tasking brow gel with buildable coverage for fast and long-term results. The gel is created with our exclusive Lash Boost Technology and Castor Oil to nourish brows, resulting in thicker, fuller, and fluffier-looking brows with continued use. Furthermore, its coloured fibres instantly provide volume, fullness, and definition while providing buildable coverage. Easy to implement in your current makeup routine.

  • Brows that are Laminated


With the edgy laminated look, you may achieve smooth, gorgeous brows. Laminated brows appear smooth, straight, and glossy and are laid flat against the face (much like laminated paper). 

The popular brow treatment in salons (the treatment can last up to 12 months! ) is also doable at home with a few tools and items such as perming solution and cling film. Sweeping the brow hairs upwards vertically with a brow brush and cutting the top with brow scissors makes the hair seem straight. This is easy as lamination eliminates this step in your makeup routine.

After that, solutions are applied to the brows and covered with film to fix the brows for approximately 10 minutes for every application. In general, newly laminated brows should not be moist or have makeup applied to them for at least 24 hours following the treatment. 

Laminated brows appear extremely polished and bold and are easiest to produce if you have enough brows to work with. However, like any salon service, the style necessitates a certain level of effort and upkeep to get the desired results.

  • Browlift Geolift Brows


The geolift brow trend strikes the perfect combination of sculpted and natural-looking. Brows are swept around to create a fringed effect, but only on top. Below the Brow, the hair is sleek and tidy, with a slight arch in the back. 

Gaining popularity due to its masculine-feminine balance and versatility for styling with and without makeup. It’s all about adding lift and geometry to the upper areas of the face (bonus: a quick eye lift!) 

The geolift form is simple to achieve with an essential brow brush, clear or coloured brow gel, and basic Brow shaping tools like tweezers or wax. Recommending that you avoid tweezing, waxing, and threading for a few weeks to let your natural Brow acquire shape, then remove only the bottom hair of the Brow to produce that streamlined shape. 

This brow style is currently trending in beauty magazines and features a sleek yet natural-looking brow style.

  • Straight brows


The straight brow trend is a new (and ferocious) approach to frame your face. Straight brows sweep into a diagonal line from front to back, adding a bit of edge to your face, with little to no arch in the centre. 

For people like me who don’t tweeze, wax, or thread their brows frequently, the form comes naturally, making it a simple trend to try with a bit of preparation. 

Brush your brows up and back and pluck stray hairs from the bottom arch only once they have grown out enough to play with. Then, to enhance the look and add a little extra colour or gloss, use a clear or tinted brow gel to keep brows in place. 

The straight brow trend is terrific for those who prefer to have a bit of an edge with their makeup and style, and it’s a great way to frame your eyes to make them stand out. Most people can create this look at home using tweezers or informing their waxer or threader of their prefered shape. 

Just make sure you have enough brow growth for them to work with when you arrive for your appointment.

  •  Shadow Brows


The shadow brow trend adds volume and density to your brows. This trend is popular among those who wear their brows darker than their hair or wish to build their brow form to be more defined and less sparse. 

I accomplish this by adding the coloured powder to cast a “shadow” beneath your natural brow hairs to create the illusion of more prominent brows. Using a brow brush, apply natural brow powder (not eye shadow) in a shade that matches your natural hue in short strokes from front to back. 

If I want to add even more dimension and texture, run back over the brow hairs with a sharp eyeliner or brow pencil, producing trim sweeping lines. To finish, use a clear primer or gel to tame the brows.

Key Takeaway’s Brow Defining Boost (shades)

My experience with Rodan + Fields’ new tinted brow gel that does double duty. Rodan + Fields will help you embrace your brows. Review of Rodan and Fields Brow Defining Boost.


Brow Defining Boost isn’t something you want – it’s something you need! Our new Brow Defining Boost quickly adds volume, fullness, buildable coverage, and definition to your brows.

The Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost. It’s available for purchase through my Rodan + Fields Consultant Store and online only on the US SITE. 


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