2021 Ultimate Face Masks, Rodan Fields

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Rodan and Fields masks for all skin types in 2021. Maybe your skin is both acne-prone and occasionally sensitive. Or that your main concern is fine lines, but you want a brighter complexion, as well. Or if you need a skin detox. The exciting news is that using one of Rodan Fields masks can help you!

So my excitement is that these face masks will achieve noticeable changes in each of our masks. The four-week clinical trial results are at the bottom of the page. These face masks have been designed to be combined with any Rodan Fields regimen. Apply your favourite mask in 10 minutes from steps 1 to 2 of your Routine for the most beneficial results. You are using your Mask 2-3 times a week to look through time for even better outcomes!

What is your skin concern and meet your Rodan Fields face mask? For you to address additional skin concerns and see even better results in 2021


Rodan and fields Masks

Is Your concern: The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles?

Your mask: Rodan Fields REDEFINE Rejuvenating Mask

What does the REDEFINE Rejuvenating Mask do?

It SMOOTHS and treats fine lines + wrinkles. With hydrating 3D3P Molecular Matrix + exfoliating Jojoba Beads.

Our patented 3D3P Molecular Matrix, which uses hydrating hyaluronic acid and glycerine to pull moisture on the skin from the airlock, provides the bubbling gel-to-foam mask. Jojoba Beads exfoliate gently dead skin cells in the meantime. Instantly, the skin is smoother and more refreshed, and with the time you can visibly improve the fine lines and wrinkles.


Rodan and Fields Masks

Is Your concern: The appearance of dullness and uneven skin tone?

Your mask: Rodan Fields REVERSE Radiance Mask

What does the Reverse Radiance mask do? +RADIANT for uneven skin tone + dullness. With brightening Retinal-MD Technology + exfoliating Glycolic Acid. 

 Our proprietary high-power retinal MD innovations, the highest-power vitamin A without prescription — plus glucose and radiance-enhancing turmeric extract are found on this metallic cream face mask. Your complexion will instantly appear brighter, and you will see a more even skin tone with continued use.

Pro tip: Use only this mask at night; vitamin A can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Rodan and Fields Masks - SOOTHE RESCUE

Rodan and fields Masks

Is Your concern: The appearance of visible redness and sensitivity

Your mask: Rodan Fields SOOTHE Rescue Mask
What does the SOOTHE Rescue mask do? +CALM for sensitivity + visible redness. We are using soothing Calamine + barrier-boosting Glycerin.

The green clay mask has an instant soothing effect on all skin types. With Moisture-attracting Glycerine helps to soften and smooth, while Calamine neutralizes the environmental irritants. Reach for this mask if you are looking for a smoother and fresher feel immediately. The mask overtime will change red, irritated skin over time into a healthy appearance.

Rodan and Fields mask UNBLEMISH CLARIFYING

Is Your concern: The appearance of acne and blemishes

Your mask: Rodan Fields UNBLEMISH Clarifying Mask
What does the Unblemish Mask do? It will CLEAR your acne + breakouts, using acne-fighting Sulfur.

The ingredient sulfur is purifying helping to treat current breakouts and avoid the creation of new breakouts. The face mask contains beads that change colour, including moderate exfoliation and relaxing ingredients, to minimize visible redness and blotchiness. The mask removes excess oil, blocks pores and deals with visible acne, and avoids new problems.


Is Your Concern: The appearance of dull-looking skin and oiliness.

Your mask recommendation: Rodan Fields RECHARGE DETOX MASK

What does the Recharge Detox Mask do?: +BALANCE for tone + texture using skin-purifying Activated Charcoal

This intensive charcoal face mask helps draw out impurities in the skin while boosting your Regimen’s work. If your skincare challenges include oiliness, radiance, luminosity, plus tone and texture, the combined effects of your new mask and Regimen are sure to restore the look of your skin to its healthiest glow.


Nobody knows more than our Chief Scientific Officer Dr Tim Falla when it comes to our dermatology-inspired goods. And today he’s here to send you the science that powers our NEW Face Masks – and what makes them the ideal plus one to your regime.

Join partner (one or more!) of our masks with your favourite Regimen to deal with additional questions about skincare for immediate results + advantages, the more they are used.

Are you getting the best skin? I am here to Unmask the answers for you to find out more with the top link.

So in 2021 whatever your skincare concern may be. Time to celebrate and unmask the best skin of your life!

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