Self-isolation in Perth and how I am choosing to be resilient

My team of 12 and I, are evolving and improving our daily practices to come out of these uncertain times stronger than ever


What does my daily routine look like?


For me, it’s: waking up anywhere from 4.30 to 5.30 am First thing I do is to make my first cup of coffee – and start to look for inspiration either on YouTube, Flip-board or Twitter


Then I go downstairs with the 2 dogs, to feed them, my 2nd cup of coffee – I am now raring to go


I usually shower – then head into the empty office to Skype clients, or team members, creating video, photos, content for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Instagram stories, Blog, TikTok etc.


During all this, I am communicating with customers, contacts saying hello and building relationships I usually have Lunch during the time, I update my blog, or preparing for my next Skype call


I usually after leaving the office – I simply head on home – listening to the radio while I celebrate another productive day. I love days when the to-dos are easily checked off!


What are you working on?


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