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FREE Personalised Skincare

Skincare Consulting is available with me, Audrey Anderson. Consequently, I am an experienced Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant who can provide you with the one-on-one guidance you are looking for.

Therefore, I have the knowledge, experience and tools to support you. As a result, I can create a solution for your skin concerns and find the right R+F products for you. Skincare Consulting is free.

Free Skincare Consulting Services

Our experienced Rodan Fields experts will provide you the best advice on your skin concerns and will recommend the best Rodan Fields Skin Care products for you.

Skincare Consulting

Skincare Support 24/7

Feel free to chat with my consultant by email, phone, video call, etc. We value your life-changing experience of these dermatologists inspired skin care.

Rodan Fields Skincare Consulting
Rodan Fields Skincare Consulting

Discovering how to take care of your Skin

As A Rodan Fields consultant I will use our specialised tools to find the best product for your skin.

Rodan Fields Skincare Consulting

I Will Keep You Up To Date With The Latest Information

We will offer details such as innovative new products releases and Rodan Fields special offers.



Rodan Fields Founders

Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields are known as Stanford-trained female cosmetic dermatologists and developers of the nikibi care brand Proactive. Believing that everyone has the potential to achieve their ideal skin, the two doctors founded Rodan + Fields with the vision of delivering dermatology-based skin care to all women.

Based on their shared desire to ensure that everyone has healthy and beautiful skin, they have built up their skin care philosophy, "Multi-Step Science," based on years of research knowledge and the latest science. The Rodan + Fields' skincare program was developed to meet each of us' skin conditions.

The Rodan Fields manifesto is their commitment to making the world better, we have established the "Perscription for Change Foundation", which provides young people with life-changing opportunities In America, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

Active Cosmetic Dermatology

Through their experience as doctors, they felt that all of their Patients had some skin concerns and all desired the same thing. That was to have healthy and beautiful skin gave women confidence. Rodan + Fields was born from this dermatologist experience. Rodan + Fields products contain ingredients that can handle various skin problems from the perspective of a cosmetic dermatologist.

Rodan Fields Skincare Consulting

Rodan Fields Skincare Consulting Business

You can gain an advantage from the expertise and knowledge of two successful entrepreneurs; Rodan Fields has adopted a sales channel that delivers products directly to our customer's doorstep. I, as a consultant, can share my expertise with the product. I can also connect with other consultants around the world who share common hobbies and goals.

Even now, our company continues to make strides. Rodan + Fields became the no.1 premium skincare brand in the U.S. (2016-2019 results, 4th consecutive year) and North American (2018-2019 results)