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is been evident during Covid-19 that while under lock-down. Consumers have been part of the digital growth around the world. This has been such a bonus for companies who were agile and had an online presence.

This page will usually cover topics and insights that work in the industry. Covering trends around the globe and regionally. A great source of information for business professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. People who are looking for SNS | Marketing secrets and insights, on platforms that are being utilized.

It is an important facet of our lives Post Covid-19 that we continue to look at social media or other digital platforms as a key channel for communications for Brands. To ignore this growing sector will prove to be detrimental to your Brands Success.

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SNS Marketing Secrets
SNS Marketing

YouTube as your focal point for the year of 2020 and beyond

I have conducted a lot of research on YouTube. If you are a brand or business, I will provide SNS | Marketing secrets to form part of your strategy? Twitter to build brand awareness and a social conscience

Twitter to build brand awareness and a social conscience

Twitter is part of the SNS | Marketing framework and I would consider that you, use this to your advantage now and you’ll be able to build a surplus of business content and a larger following that you can convert into paying customers down the line. There are many reasons for this, if you want to be a success Brand | Business then start tweeting and building a following.


TikTok marketing will work well for your Brand.

There are over 800 million monthly active users and average daily view time of 52 minutes This is officially the hottest new platform on the social media scene.  Think again if you thought that TikTok was only for those teens. There are now celebrities, influences, publishers, household brands who are now in the mix. We would highly recommend that you should be on there too

​Instagram a visual platform to highlight your products and build brand awareness

The only other platform more popular than the two above is Instagram. As a matter of fact, Instagram a major Social Media platform. Instagram allows both visual expressions and allows the ability to post long-form content, both of which are key to consumers. Recently Instagram has rolled out “reel” to compete against the emergence of TikTok as a growing SNS | Marketing PlatformThere is also an advantage to the use of Instagram as Facebook owns it. There is a significant advantage to using the Facebook advertising features on Business Manager to schedule your advertising to have a winning strategy on Instagram

Facebook building vital Brand awareness and engaging buyers

Facebook is a great source for more B2B marketing and other forms of professional networking as it’s viewed more like a modern-day phone book for connecting professionally as opposed to building a personal brand.

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