These are my best inexpensive mascaras for 2021 (Under $20). For those looking to create a great minimalist makeup routine for day time or a super glowy full-on face with a smokey eye. Your choice of mascara is something you will need to consider.

I don’t wear makeup, and my one go-to makeup item will always be the mascara wand with so many inexpensive and amazing formulations on the market now in 2021. It is vital that you realise that great mascara should not cost you a kidney.

With so many inexpensive mascaras out there, it can be hard to decipher the best inexpensive mascaras from the lesser-quality ones.

So being a beauty Icon that you are, you realise the most popular makeup brands out there are owned by a small group of big players. Such as L’Oréal, for example, owns Lancôme, Maybelline, and Garnier.

Therefore what ends up happening is much crossing over between their products’ formulations, which is great news for us, mascara lovers. I have long believed that for my use which is the minimalist approach to make up for me a L’Oréal mascara works just as favourably as its more expensive Lancôme equivalent.

Here’s a pro tip from me: because mascara formulas are highly-regulated by the beauty industry. These beauty products go so close to your eyes. So there isn’t significant innovation happening in terms of formulations itself. It is essential that you pay attention to the brush or wand applicator.

Inexpensive mascara features to consider

You can indeed pick the best mascaras nowadays. You have several styles, which allows for various scenarios as well as many mascaras for several women. When only a few applications cause results to be shown, the following aspects are always suggested to be kept in mind.

Type of brush – shape

When it comes to mascaras, the brush type is the most significant. A fat, multicoloured brush is perfect for the biggest cuts. For lengthening of the lash, brushes that are longer and less dense brushes can be used. For curving, a curved brush is suitable. Fibre pins are trendy, and the first cover the pins before use.

Colour Colour

If bright colours, not all alternatives would differentiate themselves from each other in mascaras. Several other colours can be considered to complement a certain look for a mascara. Maritime, bland and even deep emerald are solid alternatives to black mascaras. Most women consider the following items to be the best.

Inexpensive Mascara: An Award-Winning over the counter drugstore mascara. That I use.

One of the more trustworthy dupes for Too Faced’s cult-favourite “Better Than Sex” mascara would have to be the L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise. With experienced beauty editors and Reddit users both agreeing that these two formulations are hard to distinguish from one another.

Inexpensive Mascara: Formulated Specifically To Prevent Clumping

An even cheaper option (though only slightly) CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara is perfect for folks who can’t stand clumpy eyelashes.

This mascara glides onto your lashes without that clumps and lumps all thanks to the well-spaced bristles, curved plastic brush. Moreover, it is regardless of how many coats you pop on your lashes.

This super creamy formulation ensures that your lashes don’t get hard or stiff by the end of your workday or that exciting night out. I need to advise that this CoverGirl’s mascara isn’t waterproof though. However, it is water-resistant with the ability to hold up to workouts in the gym, and hot, humid weather.


Inexpensive Mascara –  Clear (That Doubles As An Eyebrow Gel)


No list of affordable mascaras would be complete with Maybelline’s Great Lash, the classic drugstore pick that was probably our first-ever choice in mascara. I know it was for me.

Subsequently, it has held up after all these years. This brand has still managed to create long and full glorious lashes without being too OTT or dramatic. I love it because it does come in a wide range of formulations and shades from, basic black to brown, blue, washable, or waterproof. This clear formulate really should be in your makeup bag. It is perfection for the Minimalist Makeup look for the day time, and I like most of you use it for a brow gel.

I would love to know your choice of Inexpensive Mascaras out there. Please leave me a comment below. 
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