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Updated: Aug 24

It’s Time To Make E-Commerce More Social, as Voice searches are now starting to play an unexpected role in this. Corona-virus has really shaped the way we are shopping. With lock-downs, and many cities still with outbreaks. Consumers are turning more to online and E-commerce to shop.

The Power of another Person’s Voice

The past 6 months I have seen the virus has changed the way we shop, the way we communicate, and the way we relate to each other. We have been relying on home deliveries for our basic needs and our work communications are through Zoom.

During this time we need to hear voices now more than ever. As humans we get lonely when we don’t hear other human voices, we begin to feel lonely, and this pandemic has had an affect on many.

And as the pandemic is having an effect on the way we are shopping. The rise of e-commerce and online retail companies. We need to find creative ways to integrate voice into our daily operations to bring value and humanity to our brands

Voice search

Search engines are moving away from keywords and towards conversation, looking to answer questions more precisely. Our voice is playing an unexpected role in that. Voice search is supposed to be the next big disruption in e-commerce.

So this is where “Search” is headed, and making sure that we are thinking of how we optimize our SEO for the next generation of searches

The best way to match the needs of conversational, question-driven voice search is to design a thorough FAQ page.

By answering all your customer’s questions before they ask. 

So I have been ensuring that my website is structurally sound. This means I have been optimizing for fast and fluid mobile use

I have had to have the right schemas in place – not just so navigation flows properly.

This is to help search engines understand what’s on my site.

And the next thing, in terms of voice search is I also want to create actions and skills on Alexa and Google Assistant

With a complete FAQ page, structural integrity, and actions and skills, I hope that I can expect to be rewarded very heavily by voice search

Corona-virus has changed the world we live in and the way we shop, search, and connect. It has highlighted the importance of staying connected with one another via technology. We already knew that voice search was the key to the future of E-commerce, and now this is more evident than ever. So business needs to stop up to make online shopping a more connective, social, and stress-relieving experience.

Original Article Forbes:- As Voice Search Becomes More Conversational, It’s Time To Make E-Commerce More Social

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