What any good Coach wants you to know, you can change your Mindset.

Updated: Aug 24

This morning I received a very kind thank you on LinkedIn and it formed part of the discussion for this post. It was filled with gratitude for my SNS Marketing Coaching and how it changed their Mindset to believe in a “Growth Mindset” from an Alumni at my old university. Then during my morning, I received an email that formed the other half of this post, it was filled with fear, trepidation, and hesitancy. How we think, learn, and behave.

A good business coach can help you change your mindset that is wired for “growth” will help filter out and interpret certain information in a way that sees opportunities around each corner. Leading one to look forward to a changing landscape or shifting landscape with more confidence than cowering in fear of uncertainty.


As a coach, I see that if I can help someone improve how they see and interpret their world, they would be able to process and operate in their world more effectively. Really it is about having the right mindset to achieve success.


Gottfredson – Author of the “Success Mindsets; Your Keys to Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life, Work and Leadership”


Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset in Business and in Marketing


I coach myself and my clients using a Growth Mindset. Which is I believe I can change, I can develop and improve my abilities, talents, and intelligence. These things are not fixed and immutable.


If you are able to before considering working with a coach. Take some time to look at a simple question “Are you willing and open to learning more new skills”? Not to judge your self worth on the degree of talents and abilities you currently possess. If you are of a fixed mindset you would tend to avoid situations, where you could fail or be criticized and over time this will lead to impaired growth and development in your life.


So how did I and do my Business Clients develop this open mindset? So I have always found ways to improve my skills or talents, whether by attending a class, surrounding myself with thoughtful peers, or reading a book.


Open Mindset vs Closed Mindset


Having a willingness to take suggestions from others, and being open to new ideas and adventures is really all it boils down to. This willingness allows you to “engage in “Higher -quality information gathering and thinking” with less Bias. This will lead to innovation and creativity.


How do you develop this – Ask questions, listen to feedback, look at a new way of doing business or new perspectives, and think positively that this encounter could spark openness and greater creativity.

Promotion Mindset vs Prevention Mindset


I coach those to focus on winning and achieving gains. If there is a tangible reward that is within the Clients grasp, I would coach them to attain it. If you have a clear goal each month and activity to shoot towards will train you into developing consistency to striving for a goal each month.


Research has found, those who work with a promotion mindset, are more prone to thinking positively, more open to change, and more likely to persist despite challenges and setbacks. They will usually complete their tasks and come up with innovative behaviors.

How to achieve this – identify clear goals or a destination each month, instead of avoiding risk. Develop a clear and powerful purpose for each goal


Outward Mindset vs Inward Mindset


People with an outward mindset tend to see other’s are equals, and those who like to see themselves are being more important have an inward mindset.


By creating an engaging and safe work environment is part of the Outward Mindset way of thinking. This fosters trust by all involved. Someone who will walk over others to achieve their goals would consider having an inward mindset.


How to develop an Outward Mindset- I would highly suggest that you engage with all kinds of people no matter their position. Ensuring that other’s needs and wants are as important as that of my own.


So back to my two messages this morning. Do I spend time trying to coax and cajole someone into a change of mindset?

Over the years I have learned the hard way that I can only meet people halfway, to find solutions to their problems. If a Client / Customer came to me with an open mind and willingness to discuss how we can achieve their goals. Opening dialogue and communication would allow us to work this through brainstorming as a team. When communication is open, to various options. I see a greater level of success.


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