World Growth Forums – August 2020 Issue no 5

Updated: Aug 26

I must write a sincere thank you to the Editor and Chief of World Growth Forums Hasina Parvin. Who was kind enough to invite me to be part of their 5th Issue. Thank you so much for this honor. I had the opportunity to share with her my view on Social Commerce and Marketing for businesses. My Personal Branding tips, and also my marketing sns tips, to increase brand awareness, and sharing what normally would have been considered business secrets in the industry.


Personal Branding examples

World Growth Forums is committed to the positive growth of businesses around the world. Focusing on all aspects, sections, societies, economies, regions, countries, and continents.


It is neutral in all issues and facilitates discussions at all levels to make an everlasting impact towards its cause of making the world better. It works through a multitude of Forums, each independent yet intricately inter-linked to all other Forums, so together all of them endeavor concertedly to minimize or eliminate all negativities in any form around the world.


Audrey Anderson Personal Branding Tips


World Growth Forums believes firmly that each negativity minimized or eliminated leads to enhanced positivity in the world. For a better and greater future for everyone, each one, it is highly significant that maximum positivity must be disseminated, absorbed, and created, for making the world better, for good!


Audrey Anderson Personal Branding Tips


Personal Branding Tips Audrey Anderson

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