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YouTube Shorts is Now Available, and is it a competitor to TikTok.

YouTube, like Instagram, is launching a new short-form video creator called YouTube Shorts, which Google thinks will draw attention away from TikTok.

The move signals the most serious effort yet by a Silicon Valley tech corporation to combat TikTok’s rise, a rare example of a Chinese-owned social media app that has become a global hit.

Although reports about shorts YouTube’ short-form video maker tool surfaced several months ago, the firm is now starting an early beta in India. Shorts, like TikTok, will allow users to create 15-second videos that can be synced to music.

A YouTube spokeswoman informed The Verge that music is available through an “in-product music selector feature.

Youtube app already has 100,000s tracks and are working with music artists, labels, and publishers to make more of their music available to continue building our catalogue.

The company said today in a blog post that these films will show on the homepage in a section dedicated to Shorts. A sample of how Shorts will appear is shown below.

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YouTube Annoucement

One aspect of YouTube’s announcement post that aims to emphasise creators is the opportunity that shorts YouTube presents. The site has over 2 billion monthly viewers. The company says it wants “the next generation of mobile producers to be able to create a community on YouTube using Shorts video.”

YouTube Short's Social Media Marketing
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What are YouTube's short-form videos?

Shorts is YouTube’s entry into the short-form video market, dominated by TikTok and other competitors like Byte, Triller, and Dubsmash.

What are the terms for a Shorts YouTube video?

Videos must be 60 seconds or less, vertically oriented, and adhere to YouTube’s standard Community Guidelines to be considered for the Shorts feed.

How do Youtube Shorts work?

Shorts videos YouTube will strive to attract as many users as possible to use its new Shorts feature, including new “create” icon spots prominently shown in the app. The “create” symbol was released alongside the Shorts beta for Android, with intentions to introduce it to iOS devices soon.
According to a YouTube spokeswoman, there is no current estimate for when Shorts will be available in additional countries, including the United States.

“We have presented stories on YouTube, and we have seen our artists engage with the stories,” CEO Susan Wojcicki told NBC News’ Dylan Byers on an edition of his podcast. “That is an example of really short-form content.

So as a result, we will undoubtedly continue to innovate across all format sizes, including highly short-form video.”

Instagram’s crew appeared to have similar ambitions in mind with its TikTok clone, Reels, but the feature’s first reception hasn’t been enjoyable. Anecdotally,

I have noticed that many of the films I see in Reels (from non-partnered influencers and brands) are simply re-uploads of other TikTok videos.

However, Instagram was never primarily a video entertainment site; YouTube is. YouTube video clips YouTube Shorts allows anyone to reach a new audience by utilising only a smartphone and the Shorts camera in the YouTube app.

Given that people currently come to YouTube for short video entertainment, the firm hopes that Shorts will be another way to keep people on the site longer and encourage both existing and new producers to continue sharing.

When Youtube Shorts Started?

YouTube announced on May 4, 2021, that the Shorts beta would be available to all US users by mid-May. However, because YouTube is unsure how long the development and testing process will take, there is no definite timetable for when Shorts will be available outside India and the United States.

Anyone can now upload Shorts to YouTube via the Youtube app, even if they don’t have access to the official Shorts camera. In addition, videos you submit to YouTube may appear in the feeds of Shorts viewers if they meet a few criteria: they must be vertically oriented, last 60 seconds or less (YouTube personnel encourage 15 seconds or less), and include the hashtag #Shorts in the title or description.

Which countries/regions have Shorts creation tools?

The YouTube app makes short-film creation tools available to everyone across the world.

Will the Shorts I Upload Appear on my Channel?

Yes, Shorts will remain on your channel alongside any classic YouTube films you’ve previously made public. The data for your Shorts will be combined with the information for your lengthier videos. 

As a result, YouTube personnel advise thinking about how your audience will react to shorter videos from your channel. Some YouTubers are starting new channels to keep their short-form and long-form work distinct.  

How Does The YouTube Shorts recommendation algorithm Work?

The Shorts recommendation algorithm’s details were not released because the technology is still in its early stages of development. However, the YouTube personnel did say that the standard indicators of strong material, such as view duration and like-to-dislike ratio, are considered.


What is the distinction between YouTube Stories and YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Stories appear just in one section of the YouTube app and disappear after a set period. They are transient and serve as status updates.

YouTube Shorts are designed to minimise the barrier to producing high-quality, engaging videos. Shorts will remain on your channel and will not be removed.

YouTube Shorts Feature
YouTube Shorts Audrey Anderson World

Are YouTube Shorts Monetised?

Shorts cannot currently be monetised. However, YouTube representatives recognise the benefits of revenue for artists and believe it has future potential. So instead, YouTube has established the YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100 million fund for creators who help us shape the future of short-form content on YouTube.

Is it possible to make money with YouTube Shorts? Yes, although it’s a little difficult to describe. Essentially, with Shorts, there will be views from outside the short shelf that will be monetised. However, given the duration of the video, you are unlikely to make much.

When you post a video to YouTube, a video ID is generated, whether it’s a short video or a regular video. With that video ID, you can obtain views from all traffic sources, including the YouTube home page, a subscription feed, a suggested video, and even external. The short shelf is one of the other alternatives.

If the video is picked up on the short shelf, you won’t monetise it and make a lot of money. You may receive many views, but where you generate money is where the advertisements will start to take off, which is currently on the other traffic sources mentioned above. There is no integrated option that fires and credits shorts makers in such a unique way.

So, for businesses, Shorts aims to gain awareness and hopefully subscribers to your channel so that people can see some of your material outside of the short shelf. However, YouTube will eventually figure out a way to compensate artists since they understand its importance to their ecosystem.

YouTube Shorts: A Business Opportunity for Businesses using Social Media

How can digital marketers benefit from this new YouTube content type?

Why are YouTube Shorts so Perfect for Digital marketers?

YouTube Shorts is the company’s answer to the growing popularity of short-form video on platforms such as TikTok. A YouTube short is a vertical video (with a 9:16 aspect ratio) that fills up the entire “MOBILE SCREEN” and can last up to one minute, providing a unique watching experience for the platform’s users. But for social media, these short video’s are the way to complement your other social media marketing strategies.

Part of the appeal of a short video on youtube, especially among younger audiences, is immediately pleasing to the viewer. They can go on to the following video to enjoy another satisfying moment. In addition, it has a sticky quality to it. Today, YouTube introduced a dedicated short shelf for the Shorts feature to its app homepage, where you can begin to see Shorts created by beta testers as well as short movies already on YouTube.

There isn’t much competition for YouTube Shorts right now. Unlike ordinary YouTube videos, where you have to compete with content that has been available since 2005, there isn’t much saturation with Shorts. As a result, if you are an early adopter, you will gain more visibility.

When a new feature, such as Shorts, is released, YouTube typically accomplishes two things. First, they’ll put a lot of money into it, both in R&D and in paying producers to make content, and they’ll focus on distribution. Second, YouTube will promote and push Shorts because they want you to succeed. As a result, Shorts represent a significant opportunity for both marketers and producers.

While Instagram Stories and Reels material expire after 24 hours by default, some YouTube shorts beta testers report that Shorts do not disappear from YouTube — which could assist build long-term YouTube exposure.

YouTube Shorts can help you increase your subscriber count dramatically.

With YouTube’s newer video format, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your media marketing to reach a new audience by repurposing your other long-form content.

According to Income’s SEO expert Jim Harmer, YouTube creators who take advantage of this new video format by publishing video shorts to their channel might experience a considerable subscriber increase in a brief period.

YouTube does not yet monetise shorts; however, the goal for creators is to take advantage of this new possibility to increase channel exposure.

How can I make Short Videos?

With the YouTube app, anyone in the world may create short films. When you have the YouTube app, producing a Short is as simple as a single tap.

To make short videos for YouTube, follow these steps:

  • Then, to utilise it, launch the YouTube app that you already have on your smartphone.
  • Then, select Create. Make a Youtube shorts beta version.
  • Tapping 15 above the record button to record up to 60 seconds. However, if you want to make your Shorts last longer than 15 seconds (60).
  • Please remember that recording with music from our library of original audio from other videos is restricted to 15 seconds.
  • (Optional) Tap Speed to accelerate or decelerate recording.
  • (Optional) Setting the countdown to record hands-free and pick when to stop recording automatically by tapping Timer.
  • To record a clip, hold the capture button or tap it once to begin recording and once more to stop.
  • Tapping undo will delete the last video clip you recorded or redo it to restore it.
  • To preview and improve your video, tap done” “.
  • To add details to your video, press the NEXT button. Then, add a title (up to 100 characters) and select settings, such as video privacy, from this screen.
  • It should be noted that the default video privacy setting for creators aged 13–17 is private. If you are 18 or older, your video privacy setting is set to public by default. Everyone has the option of making their movie public, private, or unlisted by changing this setting.
  • To select your audience, tap Select audience and then “Yes, it’s made for kids” or “No, it’s not made for kids.” Find out more about made for kids.
  • To publish your Short, click UPLOAD.


If you’re interested in vertical video aspect ratios, Interesting Igloo is experiencing success using the 9:16 format. This channel also mentioned that Mr Beast uses the same format for his Shorts, as shown below:

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Can A YouTube Short Video get more views on YouTube?

YouTube does not reveal creator counts, nor does it show active user figures for Shorts. (However, it has created a route for motivating them: this month, it unveiled a $100 million creators Youtube shorts fund to entice more individuals to create content for its new channel.)

Optimising a short video is similar to optimising a regular YouTube video. So we made sure that for each YouTube Short:

  • Include a thumbnail image.
  • Create a detailed description.
  • Add relevant video tags.


However, have no bearing on whether or not your short video displays as a Short. And, as many creators have pointed out, it can take days for YouTube to decide to test (or promote) a video on the Stories and Short Videos shelf, where visibility leads to increased views.

The main point is that YouTube Shorts do not perform like regular videos, where the first 48 hours are critical for increasing views. As a result, the video could go viral at any time within the first few weeks.

YouTube Short's
Content Creation YouTube Shorts

Are Youtube Shorts Popular? Initial YouTube Short Impressions

YouTube Shorts appears to have been a success for the company. However, it lacks other enjoyable features such as party filters, stickers, the option to set cover photographs, and more.

The permission settings are ideal. Shorts can also become a fan favourite thanks to YouTube’s intelligent algorithms.
“YouTube has helped musicians of all eras display their portfolio of work for music fans all over the world,” said Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music at YouTube.

“YouTube Shorts is the next big frontier of a rapidly developing network that connects artists and viewers via their love of music. I’m looking forwards to seeing how the YouTube audience may remix old favourites into new ones while discovering new music from artists they’ll certainly fall in love with.”

Audrey Anderson YouTube Shorts Shelf

Where Can I Find YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts can be seen on the homepage short shelf of the YouTube mobile app. Scroll down to see vertical videos on the “short shelf.” YouTube is currently finding out how to determine which videos will appear on the short shelf.

When you reach the short shelf, the experience is vastly different from that of stories. The feed is immersive and engaging, and you swipe through stuff in the same way that TikTok does. In addition, you’ll see random shorts that YouTube believes you’d like based on your search and viewing behaviour on the platform.

Short video contains a red Subscribe button by default. As of now, it may be seen in the lower left-hand corner, next to the channel name.

You’ll see thumbs-up and thumbs-down symbols, comments, and a share option at the bottom of the screen. When you tap the three dots, a pop-up menu appears with the opportunity to view the description. Keep in mind that the choices you see here are subject to change because YouTube Beta is currently testing.

Business Applications for YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are already being used in novel ways by creators and marketers. The sheer magnitude of YouTube has been one of Google’s significant advantages in the realm of online video: the site currently has more than 2.3 billion monthly active users and over 500 hours of content added every minute. 

Now, Google and YouTube are attempting to capitalise on some of that clout as they compete with TikTok.

Some creators will fully integrate it into their channels. For example, a Skincare Brand or Digital Marketing Consultant, such as me, who goes by the name Audrey Anderson World, publishes YouTube Short Videos to help answer questions about Digital Marketing in a way that a layperson can comprehend.

I’m utilising shorts to share my thoughts on Digital Marketing and the latest beauty industry news. Because these discussions do not deserve a 15-minute conversation, a short-form video is an ideal medium.

For example, the World’s Greatest Samurai is a 71 million-view film in which he quickly opens and closes a samurai sword while someone in the background’s “arm” falls off. It’s entertaining and on-brand, and people have loved and responded to it.

The essential issue to consider when considering whether to publish shorts on your existing channel or build a new channel only for shorts is whether posting shorts would disrupt your audience. 

Your existing subscribers have expectations about the content they will see on your channel, and they may be disappointed if you deviate from that. If they’ve subscribed to and watched hours and hours of your content, and then you release something that’s entirely off-brand, there could be an issue. To create a new channel or stand on the pillars your existing channel is built on.

It is a case-by-case situation, but publishing shorts on your channel will alter watching patterns nine times out of 10.

Keep in mind that short films do not have to be amusing to be successful. They must, however, keep a promise. If you like chess and watch a video on sacrificing your queen to win in chess, the material should deliver on that promise. That is the secret to a successful short film.

Tips for Social Media Marketing – Making YouTube Videos

Here are some quick and easy video creation tips for YouTube’s new short format.

  • Using your smartphone in an upright position is the most straightforward approach to record vertical videos. However, you can also film your films with a regular camera or a Go Pro if you turn it on its side.
  • Make Your Videos
  • Even though 58 seconds isn’t much time to get your message through, your shorts should feel like a completely independent video because they play in a continuous sequence. The purpose isn’t just to make a promo video for your channel.
  • Adapt Video Content
  • Even while YouTube shorts are in vertical video format, they are not shot on a smartphone.
  • You can use your video editor to build a custom 1080×1920 pixel template (the inverse of the standard 1080p template) and break up your existing videos into smaller chunks or mash numerous videos together.
  • Brand Communication as part of your Social Media Marketing strategy
  • If you have a niche channel, try to keep your shorts in line with your company messaging.
  • For example, if you generally make Skincare Routine films, your short could be a video of your Morning Skincare Routine or how your skin has improved over 60 days with a daily photograph.
  • You can say something like, “if you like this type of content, subscribe to my channel for more dog training advice,” at the end of the video.
  • Use the Hashtag #Shorts in the Title of Your Video
  • If you want YouTube to know that your video was made expressly as a short, include the hashtag #short at the end of the title. If you like, you may also have the hashtag in the video description.
  • Thumbnails


Currently, YouTube chooses a picture from your video to serve as the thumbnail for shorts on the YouTube mobile app.

It is possible to upload your brand’s custom thumbnail for the desktop version, but most people will view your shorts on Mobile.


YouTube Shorts Social Medial Marketing Insider Secrets

Google is constantly experimenting with new methods to provide content to viewers. This is particularly true with Shorts.

Right now, viewers may find your Shorts by scrolling down to the bottom of the YouTube app and selecting Shorts. They might also come across Shorts:

  • On YouTube’s home page ( short shelf).
  • Your viewers received alerts.
  • Monitoring your Youtube Subscription feed
  • Your channel page has been featured. You are learning how to change the layout of your channel.
  • Viewers can browse to watch more short videos after selecting a Short.
  • Subscribers obtained from watching your Shorts count towards Creator Awards Program milestones wherever they find them.

Only time will tell if something is right, wrong, or somewhere in between in your social media marketing, so keep testing.

If the correct audience uses what YouTube offers, the network effect for a site like YouTube is very enticing. However, there is still a lot to play for when TikTok is still a relatively new phenomenon. There is uncertainty about how regulators in nations such as the United States will regard the Chinese-owned app in the long run.

Are YouTube Shorts the next big thing? We don’t know for sure. However, we can tell that short videos on YouTube are no longer a fad on the platform. It is, without a doubt, an absolute and Social Media Marketing dream. And, whereas TikTok is growing but has its roots in China, YouTube Shorts has the potential to develop.

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