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How is the Beauty sector-leading Ecommerce, Beauty Industry Marketing trends and Strategies? Innovations in E-commerce, news and updates in the industry.

Posts on the Beauty Industry from a digital marketing perspective, organisations have executed successful digital marketing strategies to attract customers.

Beauty Industry Marketing can add value to your consumer and product with innovative industry marketing strategies. Disrupting markets that have had no technological innovation and removing ‘friction’ from what already exists.

The latest news on those subscription-based retailers adapted faster to new Social Media platforms than any other firm. Furthermore, the subscription-based business that has capitalised on the ‘surprise’ feel leads to a more engaged consumer and how they could gain greater consumer trust. News on consumer attention in the modern media landscape. Information on digital strategy to elevate your brand to the next level

Trends in augmented reality and virtual reality in beauty industry marketing lead to greater efficiency and optimisation.

Allowing consumers to experience a smooth buying process.
Learning how to taking advantage of information with this beauty blog. Phrases like “store link bio” or “swipe up to purchase” are now prevalent on Social Media platforms in 2021.

The different approaches of AR and VR: the power of video. The “top 200 beauty videos” over the measured period were the makeup tutorials. Display adverts generated 7% of beauty content views for that given period.

Influencers are on the rise.
The beauty industry compared and how Influencers play a crucial role in it. Beauty consumers enjoy seeing all the features of the product on models with ‘real’ faces.

I will be posting articles on the important marketing trends at the next TREND, product innovations. Beauty products that are turning online brands upside down