Social selling – How to Create a Converting Instagram Sales Funnel 

How to Create a Converting Instagram Sales Funnel

Instagram Sales Funnel
Instagram Sales Funnel

If you are an Instagrammer looking to increase your brand’s sales, this article is for you. I will be looking at the best practices when creating a sales funnel on Instagram, increasing revenue and profit margins. The sales content marketing funnels start with the product offer- how it is positioned in the IG feed, what language you can use, how it is placed in the IG feed, and any coupons or discounts available.

In addition, 200 million Instagram users check at least one company profile every day. Leading to where customers can buy your product- do they have to head off-site, or can they click straight through on Instagram? And finally, we will look at what happens after a customer makes their purchase- does your profile congratulate them or follow up with them after the initial investment?

Instagram has the potential to be lucrative. Of course, Instagram sales content marketing funnel setup and optimisation are required, but it’s also essential for consistent results.

Instagram Sales Funnel

Table of Contents - How to Create a Converting Instagram Sales Funnel

Breaking down the Instagram sales funnel

There are several ways to accomplish this. Attract, Deepen, Convert, and Refer are the four main phases we’ll cover in this essay.


Each stage has a specific purpose:


  • Increase the number of people who see your content and transform them into leads.
  • Increase your chances of converting cold leads into warm leads and hot leads by establishing a personal connection with your target audience.
  • Get new customers and clients by converting hot leads into customers and investors.
  • Persuade customers to spread the news about your business by providing a first-rate experience.


It’s crucial to know each one to put yourself in your clients’ shoes and understand what message to send them and at when time.

Instagram Sales Funnel

Creating an offer that your Instagram audience will love

Instagram Sales Funnel – As I know, you have been utilising Hashtags after learning how to do so. We know that on Instagram, hashtags are more essential than they are everywhere else on the internet, and you have read about them before. 

  • You have discovered and followed users who share specific interests with you.
  • You have a reputation for posting regularly.
  • Finding and implementing the ideal set of photo editing tools.
  • Emojis can be used.
  • Promote an Image Contest…
  • Making use of video footage.


The first step of your sales content marketing funnel is to create an offer that your audience will love. Never assume that you know what your audience wants- take the time to find out. What are their desires? What are their needs? Once you have this information, research what similar brands offer in terms of product offerings or services. Then, determine if you want to provide the same type of items or if you would like to create a unique offer by adding something new to the mix.

Once you have determined your offer, position it in the Instagram feed to stand out and be visible. It’s essential to use good pictures and suitable placement for your customers to see it easily when scrolling through their feed. If your offer is too close together with others in the feed, then they might miss it! Remember, people can scroll through quickly when using IG- don’t make them hunt for your products!

It’s common to see these kinds of Instagram posts shared:


  • Controversial \sRelatable

Get behind a cause you believe in and speak out. It’s understandable if some people don’t like what you’re posting, but that’s fine. As long your company stands by its core values and ideals, it doesn’t really matter what it stands for.

Knowing your target audience makes it easy to go inside their heads and come up with something that makes them think, “Yes!.” There you are! If you are a perfectionist or believe that any meeting without food should be an email, you may be to blame.

  • Humorous

During the lockdown, what did everyone talk about the most? Memes! Why? We enjoy them because they are funny. Your chances of getting more shares will increase if you make your audience laugh with relatable material and match your brand.

Sure folks will find you by anything you’ve shared on social media and immediately connect with you and want to buy your goods or service.

However, this will start something more serious for most people.

  • Inspirational/aspirational
  • Instagram posts with inspirational/aspirational content perform well in the travel, cuisine, fitness, interiors, and fashion industries.

So, take charge of the content sales funnel’s Attract phase and make sure it gets as much fuel as possible by being proactive with your current community and attracting new members every day.

When your Instagram strategy includes both shareable content and proactive engagement, your next step is building a deeper connection with your audience so that they become more than just followers.

How to strengthen your Instagram sales funnel Attract phase ( Instagram Growth Hacks )


  • It’s vital to enhance your Instagram bio. Your “Name” needs to be keyword-rich, and you should also include a call-to-action that encourages your audience to take the next step (social media sales funnel framework)l, as well as information about what you do and who you are. Then, if you’d like, you can direct them to your website, Facebook group, or email list.


  • Your Instagram feed should be consistent and easy to follow. Ditch the idea of a “perfect grid.” As long as your visual aesthetic is constant, it’s apparent what you do, and your material is varied (i.e. not every image is a promotional product shot), you’re set to go.


  • Your Story highlights are essential, so don’t forget about them! As a “mini-website,” your Story highlights can help move your ideal customer (IC) closer to the point of sale. So, think of the progression your IC makes from “I know him/her,” to “I like him/her,” to “I trust him/her,” to “I want to work with him/her!” while you create your Highlights.


  • Engagement is a part of your everyday routine to be engaged. Unless you have this, it will take you a long time to progress in any significant way.


  • Keeping a careful check on your Instagram metrics will help you determine what content is working and what isn’t for your brand. Optimising your Instagram strategy, you need to watch these metrics.



Know your target audience - Instagram Follower

Instagram Sales Funnel

What is it that your ideal Instagram followers are looking for? They seem to be reacting to… What are they going to tell their pals about their trip? Before you begin, you must have the answers to these questions.


  • Videos for your Marketing Funnel


Using video on your Instagram account is ideal for building stronger ties with your audience. 

All of these characteristics help people get to know you better and feel like they’re hearing from a friend rather than an “account” – your voice, your eccentricities, the sentences you say and the manner you tell them.

Remember that Instagram users have grown accustomed to viewing video content from their friends and family on the platform.

Furthermore, the quality of the material isn’t particularly excellent. But, because it’s genuine and honest, video creation doesn’t have to be daunting or pricey for you.

Even when it comes to Instagram Lives and Stories, the more straightforward the information is likely to be more effective.


  • Content that serves as a vehicle for learning


Content that can help you build stronger bonds with your audience and make them more than just followers is informational material.

An excellent opportunity to show off your expertise to establish what you’re talking about with this type of content.

How-to posts, techniques, and tutorials are all examples of educational content.

To get consumers closer to the “Convert” phase of your sales funnel, offer them something of value and give them something to take away.

For this reason, it is essential to deliver as much value as possible for free, as this will encourage your audience to think: “If they give this out for free, how excellent is their premium content?!?”

Don’t be scared to share your knowledge with others for free. Quick wins leave people wanting more, and it’s the ideal approach to demonstrate your expertise.


  • Posts by the creator


Regardless of the speciality or industry, photographs of individuals with honest/vulnerable/personal captions tend to perform well on Instagram.

“People” can be an individual, a firm employee or a satisfied customer/client/member of the public.

An Instagram account’s identity may be established through this type of material, which is highly effective at establishing personal connections with followers.

Iconosquare, a tracking and analysis tool for Instagram, is an excellent place to start. Discover what content is most popular with your followers and when the best times are to post them using this tool. Creating a sales funnel on Instagram just became a whole lot easier thanks to this feature.

Rather than seeing your followers as just people who like or comment on your posts, think of them as people who have been in the market for a long time and can help you construct a successful Instagram sales funnel!

Getting the wheels in motion – Instagram Sales Funnel

Make an action plan to better understand how an Instagram sales funnel works.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether you have a large following on Instagram or you’re just starting out. 

Your goal will be filling the top of your funnel with new, targeted followers is still essential, but always remember that it is also necessary to bring them down the funnel utilising engagement and a clear call-to-action.

As you can see, the funnel builds on itself until it reaches the conversation or sale stage. Keeping a check on your analytics daily will guarantee that your funnel runs smoothly. To do this, look for:

Sales Funnel

Setting up the sales funnel on Instagram.

The first step is to brainstorm your proposal. What do you have to offer? Photographic sessions, prints and albums are all included in this category.

Your offer should be constructed in such a way that it piques the interest of your followers. “Want to head back to high school for less than $15?” might be a good headline for a photo you’re selling. On our website, you can now order prints!

Your Instagram feed should be positioned such that your followers who may be interested in what you have for sale can readily see it.
Including a coupon or discount code directly after describing your goods is a good idea. It’s best to have a coupon or discount code available in case a potential customer is intrigued but not ready to pay right away. This way, they may return later and complete their purchase without dealing with you again.

Positioning the product to make it visible

Instagram Sales Funnel – You need to start with a product offer to build a sales funnel on Instagram. First, make sure your Instagram profile appears to be a salesperson rather than just an ordinary Instagram account. First, you need to make your product stand out on Instagram. This includes how it’s presented in the stream, the language used, and whether coupons or discounts are accessible.

For Physical goods putting this at the very top of your news feed. For example, when selling an ebook or online course, posting information about the product first is polite for individuals following your account, but this is not always the case.

It is also essential to describe your product: should you use numbers or adjectives? Exist any discounts for first-time customers? This particular deal may be superior to others in some way. What about coupons?

Finally, refrain from over-promoting a single product in your posts. As an alternative, devise a timetable that accommodates the needs of both you and your audience. When creating a successful funnel, you can get ideas from successful brands on social media.

Instagram Product Placement

How to maximise your Instagram sales funnel’s “Deepen” phase

Increase the amount of video you use in your material. Don’t start from scratch — think about how your existing material could be translated into basic IGTVs or even IG Lives. ‘

Make an effort to show up more often! Showing more of your face in your grid and on Instagram Stories is one way to achieve this. This is the quickest way to establish your audience’s sense of familiarity, liking, and trust. There’s a lot of noise out there, so you’ll need to be persistent and constant in your efforts. If you want them to pay attention to what you have to say, you need to get in their face as much as possible.

Share your knowledge and experience with others. There is no limit to the amount of free content you can give away. Continuing to show up and serve your audience as long as you’re educating them on “why” rather than “how” (since “how” is what they pay you to find out). If you provide high-quality free educational material, your audience will be eager to learn more about your paid-for product.

Instagram Sales Funnel

Targeting the right audience through language

Choosing the ideal customers to sell to is a great approach to boost your bottom line. Use terminology particular to them rather than general words to accomplish this.

The word “women” in your profile bio should be changed if you want to target Hispanic ladies aged 25 and 35 who wish to learn more about digital marketing for their small businesses. Captions and post content can also be in Spanish.

Because Instagram has a global user base, brands must adapt their messaging and visual identity to appeal to a worldwide audience. With more people seeing your content, they will be more likely to become consumers as a result.

Use incentives to get your Instagram followers to buy

 Make it as uncomplicated as possible for your followers to acquire your product or service by creating an attractive offer and reducing friction. As a result, your customers may want to buy your product without ever leaving Instagram.

Although Instagram Stories can be a terrific method to show off a product or service, they can also result in a transaction.

People who follow you on Instagram can order directly from their phones when they notice an offer in your Story. For your followers on Instagram and watch your Story, you’ll give them 10% off their purchase!

If your clients return to the checkout after watching your Story, they will see the incentive. Because this is their final opportunity to take advantage of the discount before they’re obliged to provide payment information, they’ll appreciate it.

How to improve your Instagram sales funnel’s Conversion phase

Make it clear to others WHY and HOW they can collaborate with you. You don’t want to hide your application form or landing page in the depths of Your bio should include an actionable CTA (download the freebie/get your discount/book a sales call/check out the latest offer) with a relevant URL, rather than just linking to your website or social media accounts.

You should tell individuals how they may get in touch with you regularly. Promotional pieces should be shared alongside your shareable, personal and instructional content. 

One common mistake I see business owners make is avoiding talking about their offer out of fear of being “too salesy.” It’s not overbearing. It’s an intelligent business decision.

For those new to Instagram, nano influencers are the ones to keep an eye on because of their small yet tightly knit following. Compared to an Instagrammer with tens of thousands of followers, the nano influencer’s fans are more likely to trust this person’s suggestions because they are friends and family members.

Thank them for their purchase 

Congratulations on a successful sale for your company! Follow up with your consumer. Now is the time to do so. If you’re using email marketing, this will be second nature to you.

My recommendation is that connecting with your clients on a human level is vital for using Instagram growth hack as an online sales platform. For example, many users on Instagram post a thank you for purchasing message on their page when they make a sale. This is a terrific method to show customers how much you value their input and how much you care about what they have to say.

You can either publish a new photo thanking them for their purchase or leave a comment on their photo congratulating them. It’s a terrific way to show your customers how much you appreciate their business and keep them coming back.

According to a recent survey performed by SurveyMonkey, word-of-mouth marketing is the prefered method of communication for 58% of small business owners. Due to a shortage of time and a desire for high-quality items. Customer advocacy is the pinnacle of the social media marketing funnel.


Create Instagram stories that encourage people to engage with your content.

Since Instagram authorised the usage of clickable links within Stories frames, the platform’s Stories feature has grown in popularity as a marketing tool.

It’s possible to create direct traffic from Instagram using “swipe-up” links. If you do your job correctly, traffic will be highly targeted and converted.

On the other hand, swipe Uplinks on Instagram Stories aren’t available to everyone. your company’s brand profile must meet the following requirements to be considered for this option:

  • At least 10,000 followers are required.
  • You must have a verified account to use this feature.

Key Takeaways - Instagram Sales Funnel

Sell more by following up after purchase.

Once a follower has made a purchase with your company, it’s essential to stay in contact with them. You can ask how their purchase went and what they think of the product. Ask for feedback and build a relationship with them so that they’ll come back for more.

This article won’t be the only time you contact this customer- follow up after your initial contact. Provide incentives for those customers who want to come back and buy from you again.

If you don’t want to send too many emails, send one every couple of months or once a year as part of your Christmas greetings. The more often you communicate with someone, the more likely they will buy from you again.

Keeping an eye on your follower count is the first step in the sales-marketing funnel.

In the middle of your marketing funnel, the number of comments and likes you get on each post, or the number of people that click on your bio link.

Conversions at the bottom of the marketing funnel — the number of sales generated by your Instagram landing page

I hope this has delivered you a more practical idea of what yours could look like today. Creating an Instagram sales funnel takes time, so give yourself plenty of time to learn about your target demographic and experiment with various types of content.

As you go along, make adjustments and tweaks to your Instagram marketing funnel, and before you know it, clients will be moving smoothly through each stage. Cha-ching!

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