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How to Utilise Pinterest Ads to Drive Traffic to Your Website.

Pinterest Ads

As Companies are looking for ways to drive traffic to your Website, Pinterest Ads Social Media may be the perfect solution ( Digital Marketing ). With over 500 million active monthly users, Pinterest Search Engine is one of the most popular social media sites on the internet today. 

Reach 500 million individuals who use the Pinterest Search Engine every month to discover and buy your products.


  • 89 per cent of US pinners use Pinterest for inspiration on their journey to purchase
  • On Pinterest, 98% of users report trying new things, compared to 71% on other social networking sites.
  • 52 per cent of US Millennials use Pinterest Search Engine
  • 83 per cent of weekly US Pinners have made a purchase based on Pins from brands
Pinterest Ads

Table of Contents - How to Utilise Pinterest Ads to Drive Traffic to Your Website.

Solutions for you Brand Goal

  • Brand Awareness

Expand your audience and raise knowledge about your brand or product. In addition to increasing brand awareness, Pinterest advertising delivers results thanks to its precise targeting. More than half of Pinterest’s users have purchased after seeing business content on the site.


  • Brand Consideration

Boost traffic to your content, whether it is on or off Pinterest Search Engine.


  • Customer Conversions

Encourage online transactions, subscriptions, and signups. And Pinners spend 29 per cent more than non-Pinners, delivering an average of $2 in profit for every advertiser dollar.


  • Offline sales

Increase in-store purchases via Pinterest Search Engine

That means plenty of potential customers for your business or personal brand. Pinterest Ads Social Media and a fantastic marketing plan can help you promote your products or services, build an email list, and gain followers all at once. 

But before you get started with this new marketing strategy, it is essential to know everything there is to know about how they work and what they do. That is why we have created this article to give you everything you need to know about Pinterest advertising, Pinterest Promoted Pins and how it can benefit your business.


Pinterest Ads

What are Pinterest Ads?

Pinterest Ads Social Media are just that: advertising. Clicking on the advertising takes the user to your website or blog post, where they may take advantage of a special promotion or deal. The material you develop for your marketing campaigns, such as text links, photographs, videos, and other images media, can be used to accomplish this goal.


There are a few different types of Pinterest Ads Social Media:


• Text-only ads Social Media: These are the most popular sort of advertisement you will see on Pinterest because they are the least expensive and most accessible to put up.


You simply type in your URL and link text in one line and then place that text on top of a colourful background. These ads Social media usually have an image surrounding the text, but this is not always necessary—it depends on what you are advertising.


• Visual-only ads: These are more expensive than text-only ads because they use images and video instead of words to advertise your product or service. However, these ads typically have higher conversion rates because they have more visual appeal than text-only ads on social Media.


• Video ads: Video is another form of advertising used on Pinterest, although it’s more expensive than text-only and visual-only adverts. When someone clicks on a video advert, they are directed to an embedded YouTube

The Benefits of Pinterest Ads Social Media

Pinterest Ads are powerful advertising tools that can help you promote your products, services, or brand. With a Pinterest Ads campaign, you can:


– Reach your target audience with relevant ads Social Media and content

– Build an email list of interested consumers

– Gain new followers by increasing engagement on your website

– Increase sales through increased traffic to your website


Visual-first formats

Standard – Showcase your items and content in a simple vertical or square image format.

Video – Capture attention and communicate an intense story with Pinterest visually captivating video format

Shopping – Boost distribution by instantly transforming all your product Buyable Pins Pinterest into advertising.

Carousel – Bring another degree of complexity by letting users scroll across many images in a single ad.

Collections – Display your products in action with a hybrid format that merges lifestyle images and video.

How Do Pinterest Ads Work?

Pinterest Ads are a brilliant opportunity to reach numerous customers with a single marketing effort. Like other social media platforms, Pinterest employs user-generated material to make the site more personal.

There is a likelihood that whoever your target audience is, they’re likely on the Pinterest Social Media platform.

Pinterest Ads work by posting images that users can “pin” to their boards. When someone “Pins” buyable pins a Pinterest image or Pinterest promoted pins from your board, it will show up on their feed and notify them about your products or services.

Having the option to start a discussion with them and create rapport with them before they select to buy anything from you using the “buy” button at the top of your ads’ page.

Pinterest Tools that are easy to use and versatile

  • Create on mobile

Turn organic Pins into buyable Pins Advertisements in only a few steps, all from your phone. With so many Social Media Management Tools, my favourites are Buffer and Canva.

  • Ads Manager – Audrey Anderson World Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

Create and amend your campaigns or use custom targeting to narrow your search results. This guide offers the basics, plus helpful tips.

  • Pinterest Partners

Work with our certified partners to scale your ads and measure results.

Pinterest Search Engine

Pricing and Budgeting Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

Pricing is based on the cost-per-click (CPC) and the number of impressions. For example, a CPC of $0.20 and an impressive count of 1,000 would result in a total of $200 for a single ad. To determine your budget, take into account how much you are willing to spend as well as how much time you’re ready to devote to Pinterest marketing.  

Use Pinterest to make the most of your marketing strategy.

You ultimately will determine how much to spend and how long your advertisement will run. Then, depending on your campaign category, you can choose to set your own bids or allow our automatic bidding tools to do it for you.

Targeting specific demographics or new demographics to your business, your budget will be higher than enables you to broaden your target market.

Once you’ve set a budget, it’s essential to understand the difference between targeting and bidding strategies before starting your Marketing Campaign. Targeting means that you have determined what age range, audience interests, gender, location, and more your ad will focus on. 

Bidding means that you are simply placing an offer at what price per click (CPC) you want advertisers competing with yours to show up in front of potential customers.


  • Quick access to Ad Analytics

The last thirty days’ performance on Pinterest Data is shown in this analytics dashboard.

Track performance as you go to optimise your adverts. When your Marketing Campaign concludes, delve deep with measurement reports and sophisticated analytics.

Promoting your Products or Services

The first step in advertising your business on the Pinterest search engine is identifying what you want to promote. This can be anything from a product, service, or event.

Once you have identified your product or service, it’s time to figure out how and when to promote it. There are two broad types of promotions: 

Pinterest Promoted Pins can run for at least seven days, and promotions run for three months. 

If you’re promoting something short-term, running a promotion every few days can help your business reach a wider audience. However, you should also consider running promotions longer than three months to help you build an email list and get more people visiting your website.

After deciding which type of promotion works best for your campaign, the next step is to determine how many buyable pins Pinterest and/or likes you need per day to achieve success with this type of promotion. For example, if you are doing a one-month promotion, it would be helpful for you to set a goal of 20 pins per day and 10 likes per day.

When planning these numbers, keep in mind that the higher the number of likes or pins per day is below your daily goal, the less likely it is that your promotion will be successful–and

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Pinterest Search Engine has sophisticated targeting capabilities to deliver your adverts in front of the individuals you care about most.

  • Targeting by automation

The ability to determine your audience depending on details from your Pin.

  • Demographics

Narrow to the correct audience using age, gender, geography, and language variables.

  • Interests

Reach people based on their favourite boards and pins, such as food or home decor. People’s homes will display your adverts as they browse through them.

  • Keywords

Your Companies ability to target particular search terms to find people ready to take action. Your advertising will appear in search results and relevant Pins.

  • Customer lists

Upload your client list to reach people who have already engaged with your website, store or Pinterest content. 

  • Actalikes

Actalike audiences are a great way to find new consumers who share your present clients’ preferences and habits.

Here are some Pinterest SEO Tips. 

  • Timely publication of Pins

Like any other social network, timing is everything on Pinterest. You will get more clicks if you publish when more people are online and eager to interact with your pins. So, utilise a Pinterest scheduler to set up time windows to pin optimum times. This software will evaluate your previous Pins and identify your best times. Then, you may use it if you wish.

Don’t worry if you haven’t pinned much in the past. With the scheduler, you can identify the optimal moment to pin content after gathering data.


  • USE Unique images on Buyable Pins Pinterest

Images are your key on Pinterest. Aesthetically superior images will naturally attract more clicks. So, create some unique photos. Pinterest suggests a 2:3 image ratio. So, 1000 x 1500 pixels is great.

I appreciate the tall, appealing image. Placing a call to action to encourage more visitors to the website to sign up.

Embed this image on your website. Sharing this image on Pinterest can produce some traffic, but sharing photographs after visiting your website will drive even more traffic.

Create Pinterest images and pin them to see which gets the most traffic. Then, choose a winner and post it on your website.

You’re not a designer? Then, you may alter, choose, and schedule hundreds of personalised Pin designs from Tailwind Create using the URL of your article.


  • Pinterest SEO TIPS – Buyable Pins Pinterest descriptions

Like I said, Pinterest is a search engine and a social network. Your images are network ranked. Your photographs will rank higher and get more visitors if Pinterest SEO effectively. Use keyword research tools to choose the correct keywords to add to your pin description. Then Pinterest will propose more Keywords for you to choose from.

Add a few relevant keywords to your pin description.

But don’t just slap these keywords in randomly. So that the text is conversational, weave them in. Pinterest is a social network, so people will want to read. Using intriguing text increases saves and comments.

Use these keywords to rank your Companies Boards. This will help your board gain followers and traffic.


  • Group boards

Group boards are a popular way to promote visitors. Group boards allow you to invite others to contribute. Large followings often encourage others to join their boards and Pin. Board members will notice your pins when you pin them, increasing traffic.

PinGroupie makes it simple to find group boards.

After finding group boards, contact the board owners and express your want to contribute. Many people try to DM them, but group owners of popular forums get inundated. Email helps you stand out. Be clear about the value you will deliver.


  • Advertise

Ads can help you blend organic and fast results. Ads will instantly get your photographs in front of the relevant people. To obtain the maximum ROI from your ads, pair them with a monetisation strategy. For example, selling a product or consulting. You can only keep running advertisements if you have a positive ROAS.

So track everything to achieve a good ROI.


  • Build Your Brand’s Fan Base

The quantity of organic traffic you get from Pinterest is related to your number of followers. Your buyable pins Pinterest will get more views and clicks if you have more followers. You can rely on Pinterest SEO alone for visitors, but you should also use the social aspects. Encourage more frequent pins, promote your account, and use other methods to increase your following.

Building an Email List, Growing Your Followers, and Promoting Your Business

If you just want to start with Pinterest Ads, you need to know that they work by targeting an audience. You can do this by choosing a target audience, such as a specific niche or region. There are also more advanced options like selecting a particular interest or targeting a specific demographic. Promote your Pinterest profile: When utilising Pinterest Business Account, make sure you’re not using a personal account.

Once you have your audience in mind, launching your campaign is easy. You can choose to run one of two types of campaigns: Sponsored Pins, Promoted Pins, Buyable Pins Pinterest. 

The primary distinction between these ads is that you will pay for them upfront before they go live on the site with sponsored pins. With promoted pins, however, the cost of your campaign will be charged when it runs successfully (once the budget has been reached).

My Pro Tip – keep in mind about sponsored pin campaigns is that if your ad does not reach its goal within 24 hours (or until it arrives at 10,000 impressions), it will stop running. 

If your ad is not successful enough to meet its goal within the allotted time frame, it will not run at all, and you will not be charged for it anyway.


Key Take Away’s How to Use Pinterest Ads to Drive Traffic To Your Website

Pinterest ads are a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website do it. The traffic is there. Using a Digital Marketing Agency like Audrey Anderson World to help you find a suitable way to advertise your brand, your Pinterest Marketing Strategy is important.

Gain Pinterest Social media traffic now!

Pinterest Promoted Pins should be part of your strategy to increase organic traffic, leads, and revenue in 2022. So give it plenty of time.

  • Pinterest advertising is 2.3 times more cost-effective per conversion than other social media platforms, proving more effective. 1 
  • Retail Companies saw a 2 x increase in return on ad expenditure when using social media instead of traditional forms of advertising1.

When you are thinking about advertising on Pinterest, make sure you are thinking about the benefits of Pinterest Social media. There are many different ways to do this, and what works for one business might not work for another. 

It is all about trial and error. That is why it is essential to budget for a test run on your Pinterest Ads.

Pinterest Ads are a powerful marketing tool and should be part of your marketing plan, but it will require some serious work and planning. Put in the time and effort so that your ads make the most of their time and turn the audience into paying customers.

One caveat: Pinterest advertising and Pinterest Business Account is currently only available in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

Pinterest Ads

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