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Supporting E-Commerce, corporate sales, B2B, SaaS, startups, affiliate marketing, and MLM businesses in digital marketing, focusing on women entrepreneurs.

Digital Marketing Services by our experts who can provide other women entrepreneurs with outstanding Digital Marketing Services. Since we were founded in 2008, the mission has been to show our clients’ what digital marketing benefits can do for their sales. Using our marketing experts, whether small business consultancy or helping large corporations or multinational companies.

Digital Marketing Consultant Australia




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Digital Marketing Australia

Innovative approach

We add an imaginative and creative lateral approach to all our services. With our Digital Marketing Experts to companies founded by Women Entrepreneurs

We Pride Our Service

Our client care team works 7 days to address our clients’ requirements and business tasks.

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Experience for 12+ years

We will refund you your investment within the first 30 days if you are not satisfied with our services.

Emphasis is based on trust for our client

In resolving market problems, we put the needs of our customers first and fulfil their needs.

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Building your recognition and reputation

Our premise is focused on satisfying our customers’ needs.

Direct and Measurable Results

We provide our clients with confidence and reassurance as we follow their ventures.

Digital Marketing Consultant Australia

Digital Marketing Consultant Australia

Helping you re-evaluate + reimagine your business as a Woman Entrepreneur.

Review of Marketing Analysis

This service allows you to discover the consumer appeal of your products.

Digital Marketing Services

Marketing consultancy allows you to meet the needs of your customers.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is meant to help you reach and sell to where your clients are.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning will enable you to recognize and accomplish your vision and purpose.

Social Selling + Beauty Branding

This service provides the review and execution of B2B and B2C revenues to ensure that companies meet their targets.

Digital Marketing Consultant Australia

You will benefit from Audrey Anderson World Expert from which you will benefit.

Startups, FMCG, CPG, Design Industries

Digital Marketing Expert
Data & Analytics Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Personal Branding Strategy
Operations Management
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Digital Marketing Consultant Australia

Digital Marketing Expert
Data & Analytics Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Personal Branding Strategy
Operations Management
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Beauty Industry Expert

SEO, SEM, SMS Marketing Private Skincare Consultation
Premium Skincare Regimens

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Meet The CEO

Ceo and Founder

Digital Market Expert

Ceo and Founder

As a Women Entrepreneur for over 34 years, Audrey is a Personal Branding Strategist with experience in SNS, Digital Marketing Consultant Australia, and Branding & Positioning  Consultant. In addition, she is the founder of a community of creative, ambitious, and accomplished women entrepreneurs and Digital Marketing experts.

That is to say, people who work in industries such as E-Commerce, Corporate Sales, B2B, Saas, Startups, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing and MLM Businesses, and focus on Women Entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, she also works as a Digital Marketing Expert, Growth Consultant for a Brand Strategy company based in Hong Kong. Audrey works from her base in Perth. Consequently, Mersol & Luo similarly offers intelligence, strategy, and consulting solutions to business wanting growth in some of the world’s fastest rising economies. Covering markets from Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia. Subsequently, Audrey has worked with individuals and makes a sincere desire to enhance what they are doing. For example, working with key decision-makers and action takers of the planet as they push the boundaries of what’s possible for their business.

To clarify their life goals and switch their fantasy goals into a replacement daily reality. And in doing so are changing their lives, their families lives, and therefore the lives of everyone they are available in touch with.

Digital Marketing Agency For Women Entrepreneurs

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