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You might have wondered why certain individuals have been so successful; they have risen from nowhere to national prominence. They have knowingly or unwittingly been applying “Personal Branding Strategy”.

When the media circles in on an expert promoting them, these experts then get a spotlight at top conferences, and customers find them more attractive. Is it only the men and women who have more brains than the rest of us? Or, perhaps, the “social media” addicts aren’t engaging in some personal brand strategy that they know, and we don’t?

Today, with confidence, I will share with you some valuable information. These Visible Experts aren’t that different from us; in fact, they are often acting in many of the same ways. It is common for these people to acknowledge that they are not the most knowledgeable or intelligent people in their field.

When inspecting their skillset might show that they are not the best writers in their industry. That they also might not be the most articulate or naturally gifted speakers either. I have abundantly clear that these individuals do not naturally own the innate talent to be “charismatic, but what they do possess is that people trust them and a strong personal brand strategy.

Instead of designing your brand using a logo design, these individuals have experimented using and trying out their distinctive personal brand identities. Each individual has taken their unique path, trying out various techniques along the way.

My curation of this Blog Category is to provide my clients with a powerful advantage over your fellow experts in your industries. My research and easy to follow personalized branding book has done the job of identifying what works and what is a waste of your time and money.

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