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How to Become a Consultant For Rodan and Fields + Compensation Plan.

Rodan and Fields Find a Consultant (3)
Rodan and Fields Find a Consultant (3)


Hello, there! Are you interested in learning everything there is to know about being a Rodan and Fields consultant?

I’m delighted you came across this. But, of course, I already love you if you’re mildly fascinated with a fair dose of scepticism. That’s how I felt about a year ago when I weighed the benefits and drawbacks of joining this company.

Is this an actual situation? Is it feasible for me and my circumstances? What would I be able to earn in a reasonable amount of time? We’ll go over everything, and then some!

Is it feasible for me and my circumstances? What would I be able to earn in a reasonable amount of time? We’ll go over everything, and then some! I want you to know that you’re reading this from someone who works for R+F right now.

My guide and detailed information about what it takes to succeed in the Direct Sales industry. Let’s get started, and Rodan and Fields Find a Consultant!

Rodan and Fields Find a Consultant (3)

Table of Contents - How to become a Consultant for Rodan and Fields

The RODAN + FIELDS Premium Skincare Company

Founders of Rodan and Fields – I’m presuming you’re familiar with Rodan + Fields products because you’ve come this far. Perhaps you can explain why this skincare brand has risen to the top of the North American market in recent years.

There’s a reason it’s surpassed well-known beauty brands that have been around for decades.

It has been clinically confirmed to function, and it is effective. This company was founded by two Stanford-trained physicians who have now gone on to become some of the world’s most well-known dermatologists.

With their popular before and after selfies, the product’s effectiveness is all over social media and the internet. As a result, these products have a rabid fan base, from the immensely popular lash enhancing serum Lash Boost to the precise skin type Regimens!


Perhaps you’re interested in learning more about consultant benefits, pricing, or earning potential.

Or are you attempting to determine if you possess the necessary skills and experience?

Starting a business is a big step, and the fact that you’re already advanced enough to do some preliminary research shows you’re on the right track.

It is a long fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content when looking at its layout.  Read on for  “Rodan and Fields Find a Consultant

Rodan and Fields Find a Consultant (5)

Who are Rodan and Fields?

Rodan + Fields (or R+F) is a skincare and wellness company. RF was founded in 1998. The company’s mission is to change people’s lives through transformative products. Rodan + Fields is more transparent in their objectives and Skincare Innovation, differing from the other companies you might work for. For example, the signature products (that make up the Rodan + Fields line) are based on scientific studies and clinical research, making them scientifically sound.

What are the steps associated with applying the Rodan + Fields line of products? The most popular product is Redefine Regimen, a four-step topical formula, but R+F offers a growing range of innovative and patented skincare products.

You might also wonder how to find a Rodan and Fields Consultant – read on.

Consultant For Rodan and Fields vs a Start-up?

In short, you can become a Rodan + Fields consultant from a $95 AUD joining fee or a membership fee. See the next paragraph.

For most Start-up Businesses, it would cost at least $25,000 to get my finances and start-up ready for the company. I started up my construction company 33 years ago with a bit more. However, as a Consultant for Rodan and Fields, I started up with $1200 worth of products and my existing social media and website.

How long would it take me to build a business? I would say 2 to 5 years for a business plan. What types of jobs could I do with the money? I don’t think it is necessarily going to be just my business. 

With my passion for what I do, I would love to continue making appearances at different events. I would also love to get my product line, which I have been working on currently. I also would love to continue to work with Rodan + Fields.


To get started as a Rodan and Fields consultant, you must first register as a Rodan and Fields Consultant.

How much do Rodan and Fields membership fees cost? What Does It Cost To Work As A Rodan Fields Consultant?

The price is in the Country Currency they are currently selling in.

  • CAN $95
  • USD $75 
  • AUD $95
  • JAPAN 6,700 YEN 

Any non-Japanese consultant who has completed Japan compliance training must submit a GAIYO SHOMEN. This Gaiyo Shomen must be given to the individual with whom you are discussing the transaction.

ARE THERE ENROLLMENT KITS FOR JAPAN? Yes. There are four Enrollment Kits in Japan, none of which include the Business Portfolio. The business portfolio is sold separately from the Enrollment Kit and must become a Consultant in Japan.

The price of the Business Portfolio and the three Enrollment Kit prices are:

  • Business Portfolio – ¥6,700, 0 QV
  • 60-Day Trial Kit – 3 different versions 
  • Define ¥34,200, 217 QVo
  • Brightone ¥30,300, 193 QVo
  • Soothe ¥24,800, 156 QV
  • Personal Results Kit – ¥49,900, 300 QV
  • Core Kit – ¥93,900, 600 QV
  • Ultimate Kit – ¥137,900, 900 QV.



One of my motivating factors in joining was discounted skincare for me, no doubt. Once you have joined, you can immediately access the Rodan and Fields Consultants. The first thing you should know is that all Rodan and Fields products are discounted by 25% for Rodan and Fields Consultants!

The popular anti-ageing regimen REDEFINE, for example, Retail, costs AUD $299. After the discount, consultants get this skincare programme for AUD $224. A $75 profit. If the customer buys it as a Preferred customer at a 10% discount price of AUD $269.10, your profit is $37.90

This is a considerable saving for customers who already use the items daily! Similarly, the Lash Boost Lash lengthening Serum (available only in the USA) retails for USD $155 but is available for a discounted consultant price of $116, a profit of USD $39.

Many Rodan and Fields Consultants can receive their items for no money out of pocket because of the discounted price and sales commissions. Read on “Rodan and Fields Find a Consultant”.

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Digital Marketing


R+F may be the chance for you if you want the best-looking skin of your life, connections with amazing people, personal development, a flexible schedule, and your own business in the billion-dollar skincare market.

As an Independent Consultant, you can be a part of R+F’s future growth as we develop additional technologies and expand abroad. As you begin your R+F journey, learn more about our programmes and incentives.

How do I become a Consultant for Rodan and Fields on my own?

You can enrol on another consultant’s website ( here is my link) or on our website’s Enrolment page. The Rodan + Fields Business Starter Pack is all you need to become an R+F Independent Consultant! This Business

Starter Pack provides you with firm-building tools and samples of our best-selling items to help you introduce the R+F brand to potential customers and team members, as well as set your business up for success.


  • Join a network of like-minded businesses and a devoted leader.
  • Get help with your business, personal development, and long-term success.
  • Offer items with a 60-day money-back guarantee for effective outcomes.
  • With our special digital tools, you can run your business from anywhere at any time.

Read on to “Rodan and Fields Find a Consultant”

Find a Rodan and Fields Consultant

Find a Rodan and Fields Consultant

Why should I join another Consultant For Rodan and Fields?

You’ll also receive an app to assist you with your online training, making calls to various customers, and receiving your income. In addition, you’ll have access to a warehouse where you can prepare products and place orders. Rodan and Fields Find a Consultant read below

The Advantages of Joining Audrey Anderson World’s Team

Here are the many benefits that come with joining our Team.

  • New-member-package
  • Recruiting New Consultants
  • In your first week as a member of the Rodan + Fields® family, you’ll get everything you need to start working smarter.
  • Training Guides that can be downloaded
  • Guide to Getting Started
  • Getting Preferred Customers and Product Training
  • Searching for Potential Business Partners
  • Videos for a Business Launch Guide
  • Your Plan Products and a Warm Welcome Getting Preferred Customers and Training
  • Identifying Potential Business Partners
  • Using an Event to Promote Your Business live-training-p
  • Training in real-time

For consultants and visitors, find out about future calls and zoom call dates. In addition, you’ll learn digital marketing strategies, methods and techniques straight from the pros!

Audrey Anderson will be available for live training and phone calls.

Video Tutorials

In the video collection, you’ll find dozens of training webinars created by Sarah Robbins to help you expand your Rodan + Fields® empire. Topics to Consider:

Parts 1 and 2 of Goal Setting: Launching Your Business Prospecting and Presenting

We can discuss the actual training later, but for now, I’d like to provide you with some additional information on how to prepare. You’ll need a working understanding of basic computer abilities and phone expertise. I’m looking for someone willing to learn how to market themselves and promote Premium Skincare products.

To work as a consultant, you must be at least 18 years old.

To work as a paid R+F Consultant, you must meet the following criteria: You must be at least 18 years old.


It’s time to get down to business! I won’t lie. This gets a little complicated. Firstly, look at this income disclosure statement for consultants.

Rodan and Fields consultants’ average pay in 2018 is depicted in this graph. The very best. The top 6% of earners made more than $100,000, while the bottom 61 per cent made less than $1,000. If you look at the ** underneath the chart, you’ll notice that the top 100 earners made well over seven figures.

Doesn’t it appear to be a touch lopsided? However, it is essential to note that not everyone who joins Rodan and Fields as a consultant aims to develop a successful business.

Some consultants sell to a small group of people intending only to get paid for their utilise. These consultants could run their Beauty Spa, Lash and Brow Bar, or Hair Salon. Many of my consultants also joined because they want the consultant discount and have no plans to start a business.

And, as I’m sure you’ve witnessed in the world of direct sales or multi-level marketing (MLM), some consultants start with all guns blazing to abandon it after a few weeks.

When you see broad statistics about the unprofitability of direct sales organisations like Rodan + Fields, it’s vital to remember that these figures can be deceiving.

The potential remains plentiful for a motivated new consultant looking to create a business from the ground up. As a general rule, new consultants make a 10% profit on their first sales. However, as they begin to establish and grow their business and hire more partners, this number grows tremendously.

You may learn more about the ins and outs of compensation schemes by clicking here.

This compensation plan covers corporate levels, pay structures, and assists you in putting numbers on future goals. One of the best aspects of this industry is that you get exactly what you put in. Those who are prepared to put in the time and effort will be richly rewarded for their actions.

If you’re someone who is driven to reach their objectives and is prepared to put in the effort to get there, R+F could be the right fit for you.

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Multiple Ways to Earn Money as a Consultant for Rodan and Fields

Commissions of consultants: Consultant Commissions are available to you as an Active Consultant. Each Commission Period, you must obtain a minimum of 100 Sales Volume (SV) for your Consultant Account.

You can earn as an Active Consultant in two ways:

  • Consultant Commissions: 10% L1 Commissions on all Commissionable Volume (CV) on your L1, including volume from Customers and Consultants.
  • Retail Profit: This comes from your Retail and Preferred Customers. RETAIL CUSTOMER (RC): A Customer purchases the R+F Products from or through a Consultant at the suggested Retail Price. 
  • PREFERRED CUSTOMER (PC): A Customer who agrees to receive regular shipments by enrolling in PC Perks, the Rodan + Fields Customer Loyalty Program (see PC Perks Terms & Conditions located in the Pulse Business Development Library for more details). 

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Find a Rodan and Fields Consultant who will explain the compensation plan


If you choose to sponsor additional consultants, you will receive PERSONAL TEAM COMMISSIONS.


As an Active Consultant, your next goal is to achieve 600 Personally Sponsored Qualifying Volume (PSQV) in a Commission Period to qualify as an Executive Consultant (EC). PSQV is the qualifying volume generated by Preferred Customers you enrol in the PC Perks Program and Consultants you sponsor, including Retail Customer Qualifying Volume (QV).

As an EC, you can earn money in three ways:

• Personal Team Commissions: 5% commission on all CVs generated by your Personal Team’s Consultants and Customers.

• Commissions for consultants: 10% of all Level 1 Commissionable Volume (CV).

• Retail Profit: From both Retail and Preferred Customers

  • CONSULTANT (C): A Consultant is an Independent Contractor who has signed a Consultant Application that has been accepted by Rodan + Fields and is operating in compliance with Rodan + Fields Policies and Procedures. 
  • EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT (EC): The first title advancement an Active Consultant 2 may achieve. An EC is a consultant who has reached a monthly minimum of 100 in Sales Volume (SV) and a minimum of 600 in Personally Sponsored Qualifying Volume (PSQV). 
  • LEVEL I EC (LI EC) – RFX EC: Leadership Titles within the Compensation Plan.


When you keep your EC status and help one of your Personal Team Consultants achieve EC status through product sales, that Consultant’s Team Volume shifts from your Team to your Generation I team.

You will be promoted to Level I Executive Consultant after completing this process (LI EC).

There are four methods to earn as a Level I EC:

• Generation Commissions: 5% on Generation I Volume Commissions.

• Personal Team Commissions: 5% commission on all CVs generated by your Personal Team’s Consultants and Customers.

• Commissions for consultants: 10% commission on all Level 1 volumes.

• Retail Profit: Profit from your Retail and prefered customers

The Personal Team of any Consultant consists of 

(i) Consultants whom that Consultant directly or indirectly sponsors up to and including the first EC in each respective Downline Leg in the Performance Lineage; and 

(ii) PCs who are directly sponsored by the Consultant or have compressed to the Consultant, as well as any PCs of Consultants who have not advanced to Executive Consultant.

  • RETAIL PROFIT from product sales to Retail and Preferred Customers.
  • PERSONAL TEAM COMMISSIONS are earned on sales made by your Team and the Consultants you sponsor.
  • PERFORMANCE BONUSES for exceptional performance.



You will move to a Level II Executive Consultant if you retain your Executive Consultant status and support promoting a second Consultant in your Team to an Executive Consultant through product sales, making two distinct EC Legs (LII EC).

You can earn money as a Level II EC in four different ways.

Commissions on Generation I – Generation II Volume: 5% commissions on Generation I – Generation II Volume.

• Personal Team Commissions: 5% commission on all CVs generated by your Personal Team’s Consultants and Customers.

• Commissions for consultants: 10% commission on all Level 1 volume.

• Retail Profit: This comes from your Retail and Preferred Customers.

Obtaining this position is a significant step in Rodan + Fields’ leadership development. It’s the result of sponsoring at least two Consultants, each of whom you aid advance to Executive Consultant status through product sales, resulting in two distinct EC legs. As additional ECs join your Team and form new Executive Teams, you will continue to climb in the title. For an overview of title promotion, see Compensation Plan at a Glance.


You will progress to Level V Executive Consultant if your organisation has developed and you have supported the development of eight Consultants in your Team to Executive Consultants (LV EC)

There are four methods to gain as a Level V EC:

Generation Commissions: 5% commissions on volumes from Generation I to Generation V.

• Personal Team Commissions: 5% commission on all CVs generated by your Personal Team’s Consultants and Customers.

• Commissions for consultants: 10% commission on all Level 1 volume.

• Retail Profit: Profit from your Retail and prefered customers


WHAT EXACTLY IS A Consultant for Rodan and Fields VIP BOX?

The R+F Very Important Product (VIP) Box is a customisable product order for new Consultants only, ensuring you as a new Consultant get the most satisfactory goods for them and their skin at a discount of over 45 per cent off. Retail! This optional offer is available for a period of 60 days following enrolling.

Business Tools – Pulse Basic or Pulse Pro


PULSE is a business management solution for the back office. It enables you to conduct business at any time, from any location, and on any device. PULSE Basic is available to all Consultants for free. PULSE Pro, which contains tools to assist you in accelerating the growth of your business and boosting engagement with prospective Consultants, Customers, and current team members, is available for $29.95 per month, inclusive of GST. 

Consultants receive Free delivery on purchases of 100 Sales Volume (SV) or more, a Personal Website (PWS) to operate as your online store, the Solution Tool skincare quiz, complete access to R+F Virtual for training and video content, and comprehensive reporting are all included with PULSE Pro.

Once enrolled as a Consultant, all new Consultants will receive a one-month complimentary trial of PULSE Pro. PULSE Pro can be purchased at any moment during or after the free trial period. You will still receive the free trial* if you do not subscribe to PULSE Pro during enrolling. Still, you will need to subscribe to PULSE Pro before your trial period expires to keep your access, activity history, and information.

Check out the PULSE Terms & Conditions or this comparison table for additional information on PULSE Pro and PULSE Basic.

*PULSE Pro free trials will cease on the 17th of the following month for enrolments between the 17th and the last day of the month.


Consultant Replenishment Program (CRP) is an acronym for Consultant Replenishment Program. When you become a Consultant, you can sign up for CRP, a monthly subscription that streamlines the ordering procedure for your favourite R+F items. CRP enrollment entails receiving monthly shipments of your chosen products at your doorstep, with your credit card being debited each time automatically. You can cancel or change your CRP order at any time.

Finding a Consultant for Rodan and Fields


Why did I join? The product is always about my love for premium skincare, innovation, patented technology and the Dermatologist Dr K Rodan and Dr K Fields vision for skincare.

The examples in these posts are for illustration purposes only and are not in any way intended to provide business advice. Rodan & Fields Australia Pty Ltd (USA, Canada, Japan) does not guarantee that Consultants participating in the business opportunities described in this brochure will generate any income.

As with any business, each Consultant’s business results may vary and be based on, among other factors, such as the Consultant’s capacity, business experience, expertise, and motivation.

Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on the examples in this post and are urged to perform their due diligence before making any decision to participate.

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