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Latest Update: 9 Google Adwords Updates You’ll Need to Be Aware Of

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Adwords is one of the most popular advertising platforms for marketers. It’s used by businesses everywhere to generate customers. They’re also a great way to get in front of your target audience with ads specific to their interests.

But what happens when Google updates Adwords? This could mean changes in how your ads are positioned or even how much you can spend per day. So, you need to know what’s going on with these six updates to avoid missing out on any opportunity to market yourself effectively! 

What is Google AdWords?


It is an internet advertising platform that is currently known as Google Ads for search. You can pay Google a fee to display your advertising on websites, Google Search Results, YouTube, and some apps using keywords. Google AdWords operates on a PPC (Pay Per Click) model, which means you only pay when a user clicks on your advertising. As the name implies, the majority of AdWords ad kinds are textual, with a headline and some descriptors and a link to the advertiser’s website.

Google Adwords

Table of Contents - 9 Google Adword Updates

Why use Google AdWords

  • High Return on Investment- Google AdWords has a Return on Investment (ROI). This implies that you must pay Google every click, indicating that your investment is repaid in the form of guaranteed business. Google AdWords boosts click-through rates and traffic.
  • Concentrating on Promotions Locally – Google AdWords provides area targeting for show marketing. You can specify unequivocal show promotions for specific locations, allowing the advertising to appear just in that area.
  • Watchwords with a High Volume Recommendation – Google AdWords displays adverts and suggests high-volume watchwords for a promotion war that will result in purchases and a profitable business. High-volume watchwords are those that are most frequently searched, hence including them prominently in adverts,


The Adwords API enables apps to interface directly with the Google Ads infrastructure, significantly improving the efficiency of Digital Marketing Agencies managing large or complex Google Ads accounts and campaigns.

CPC for Google Adwords costs range from $1 to $2 for the Google Search Network and less than $1 for the Google Display Network. A typical Google Ads budget for small-to-medium-sized businesses is from $3000 to $10,000 per month, which does not include other charges, such as the cost of additional software.

Some everyday use cases include: Using the AdWords API, you can create software that manages accounts from the customer level all the way down to the term level. Is the Google AdWords API appropriate for you? Book a free 30 min call with us to find out from our google ads specialist. If you find we fit your brief, you will be assigned a Google Ads manager.

To answer your question, “How much does Google Adwords cost?” there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To put it another way, because Google Ads is so adjustable for your online advertising cost.

In brief, this is how Google Adwords works. Although this data is fascinating, a prospective advertiser who is still undecided about Google AdWords costs is unlikely to benefit from it.

Google Adword
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Google Adwords

New Features for Adwords

This Google Post is about the nine most recent updates to how Google Adwords works that are important for businesses and those in Digital Marketing. The article will cover what’s new in each update, how it affects your business, and what you can do to prepare for them. 

The exact Keyword match has been relaxed.

For medium to small businesses to bid on specific searches in Google Digital Ads search campaigns, advertisers must select keywords and specify the sort of match they want. An exact match is one of the kinds available ( ensuring you minimise your google Adwords costs ).

Google Adwords works because an exact match meant that a user’s search term matched the related keyword perfectly. So, for example, if you added “startup marketing agency” as an exact match to your account, then if a user searched for “startup marketing agency,” your bid would be included in the auction.

When someone searches for “startup marketing agency websites,” your offer for “startup marketing agency” on exact match is not qualified for the auction (google Adwords costs).

It’s no longer so easy to get a perfect match. In recent years, Google has loosened up its criteria, so exact matches now match searches that Google believes are in line with the searcher’s intent.

Close variations” are the term used to describe these matches. If you used to be confident that the search terms associated with your exact match keywords and their related search terms were identical, you could trust them, but that is no longer the case. 

If you or your Digital Team haven’t already done so, you must review your search terms reports and add negative keywords for irrelevant searches.

What will this mean for your company? Google Adwords Costs

If you’re testing broad match smart bidding campaigns, keep a close check on your efforts. When making changes or improvements to your existing campaigns, you must be careful not to overstretch your Google Adwords costs ( Budget ).

Keyword clusters

Incorporating relevant Keyword (Keyword Matching)

At the end of last month, Google stated that the term matching technology it employs in Google Ads would be extended to grasp the context and intent of search searches.

A keyword’s relevance to the query and Ad Rank play a role in Google’s judgement whether to favour broad or phrase match keywords when the latter isn’t an exact match.

That’s a lot going on. Despite Google’s efforts to paint this as a win-win for advertisers, not all of them are on board with this strategy. An excellent opportunity to go through your keywords and ad group structure is right now if you haven’t already. With Google’s latest Search Terms report upgrade, we’ve gained access to even more helpful information.


  • Ads Targeting: This update expands the types of people advertisers can target with their ads. The new categories include age, gender, interests, similar devices, user locations, and more. 

These updates also make it easier for advertisers to pinpoint their ads by choosing from popular domains or ads they like (like competitors).


  • Display Network Ads: This update brings the Display Network into the fold. With this change, your ad will now appear alongside other relevant content on news websites and YouTube channels. This update also lets you get paid when someone clicks on your ad but doesn’t buy anything, which is always good news!


  • Product Listing Ads: If you sell products online or have a website where visitors can buy your products, this update is perfect for you! This feature added now to how Google Adwords works allows you to create product listings within your campaign so that visitors who see your ad know precisely where they’re going to find out about the products you offer. You’ll


Discovery – Update

The Discovery Update is Google’s way of making it easier for you to find the right person. This update streamlines how your ads appear in the search results and moves them closer to the page’s top (or bottom).

Additionally, this update enables you to monitor how many people clicked on your ad and what keywords they used to do so. A clearer understanding of which keywords are most significant and how your ads are performing can be gained from these data points.

Outsourcing SEO can be a good idea if done well. However, it can also be a great choice with proper research – contact Audrey Anderson World for more information. 

If your company wants to learn more about how Google AdWords works, you’ll need to check out some of the other formats and bidding that aren’t mentioned here. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads are a type of text ad that aims to make it easier for people to find your products and services. They’re great for advertisers with targeted audiences who want to get in front of their audience but don’t have the budget to use a more expensive search-related ad ( Google Adwords costs ).

Easy to use, you can produce an ad in less than five minutes. However, you should conduct your homework before spending time and money on this type of campaign because there might be more effective forms of advertising.


Ad Extensions

Almost every marketer knows that a good ad is a good ad, but the truth is that a great ad can mean a lot more to your business. When done right, you can take an ordinary advertisement and make it extraordinary by adding extensions. Extensions are small bits of information that make your ads more effective and engaging for the viewer.

Including your phone number in your AdWords campaign could be all it takes. Alternatively, you might make it more complicated by including details about your company or the location of your office.

Making these subtle changes to your marketing could encourage customers will stay on your page longer.

Just think: what if we told our audience that we’re hiring? Our viewers would probably want to know more about us and come back later to see if we’re hiring, as we said!


Sitelink Extensions

Adwords is updating its site link extensions to include more information so that you can take advantage of this. They’ll also be adding the ability to manage these site links in bulk.

These updates won’t happen until October, but once they’re live, it will be easier than ever for you to control your ads.


Automated Rules for Display Settings

Upping your budget and getting in front of the right audience has never been easier. With automated rules, you can target the perfect demographic with the ads that are right for them.

These rules make it easy to reach your target audience through multiple ad campaigns without headaches or time-consuming tasks. In addition, you are making it easy for you to push ads where they’ll get seen, such as on social media platforms like Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

This would be for great your business! You could spend less time on marketing activities and more time doing what makes your company successful: growing your business.


Price Extensions 

 The price extensions are one of the most significant enhancements to Adwords. Setting a maximum bid price for your advertising is possible with the use of price extensions. This means that your ad will be hidden if a user searches for a term that costs more than the maximum amount you’ve bid.

After someone clicks on your ad, you now have more control over what occurs next. For example, ads can be shown again to those who have clicked on your ad but haven’t converted (but have signed up for a free trial), or they can be shown no ads at all.

You can also show them more advertising in their last session or not show them any ads in future sessions.

It’s now easier for you to control when and how often your ads are shown to those who click on your advertising but don’t convert!


Enhanced Sitelinks

You will view your advertising more clearly on the search results page due to these changes. In addition, sitelinks have also been modified so that you can see more of your target audience.

As a result, you’ll be able to show more of your ads and generate more revenue!

Increase your consumer base and make sure they get the correct information about your company with the help of enhanced Sitelinks.


In-Market Audiences 

In-market audiences allow advertisers to target ads to users who are already in the market for their products. This feature is available to advertisers with advertisements that use location targeting and people’s Google+ circles. Another option is to use what you know about your audience and create a custom audience based on these connections.

Location targeting allows you to display your ads in the places where your target customers live, work, or worship. With this feature, you can also choose the distance radius you want your ads to show up. Of course, the more specific you get, the better your ad will be positioned relative to other advertisers!

People’s Google+ Circles allows advertisers to identify their existing connections by selecting a circle of contacts from their Google+ profile. 

Before this update, if someone wanted to advertise on Adwords, they needed an email address for each person they wanted to be included in their campaign. Now, they need a single email address!


Enhanced Search Terms Reporting

For the first time, search terms data was restricted in September. However, in response to advertiser complaints, Google restored some of this data to its reports in September.

Advertisers can now view search phrases for which they have received impressions, regardless of whether a user clicks on them or not. In contrast to the previous version, which only showed advertisers the terms with high enough volume to ensure user anonymity and had one or more clicks, this new update shows all times with at least one click. But it’s better than nothing, and it’s better than nothing at all.


About Pages Related To Advertisement

People who click “Why am I seeing this ad?” will now be taken to an About This Ad page, where they may watch additional commercials from a brand and learn more about the advertiser in question. This feature is currently being implemented for display, video, and commerce advertisements.

Google Adwords

Key Takeaway’s - Is google Adwords Effective.

  • For my clients, Adwords are measurable: Google AdWords is measurable, and you can instantly see your ranks. Using the data and monitoring the analytics on the website delivers measurements that allow you to identify what material is working and what is not.
  • It is adaptable: Google AdWords is highly adjustable, allowing you to tailor various campaigns and adverts to your specific requirements.


There’s no doubt that a robust online presence is critical to the success of your organisation. As a matter of fact, 89 per cent of marketers feel that strategies like SEO are thriving. In addition, the use of pay-per-click ( PPC campaign ) advertising can boost brand recognition by as much as 80%.


Before commencing a PPC campaign, knowing that some keywords are substantially more valuable to bid on than others is crucial. This is dependant on the market’s competitiveness and your industry. The Google Ads certification proves that you’re an expert in online advertising. Google Analytics Individual Qualification Course number 63539963


So, what’s the big deal about online marketing? First, we can help your business expand by investing in digital. Some Medium to Small companies outsources their PPC management to a professional agency like Audrey Anderson World.

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