Facebook For Ads Australia: My Easy Steps and Why Every Business Should Know How To Use it

Facebook For Ads Australia: My Easy Steps

Facebook For Ads Near me
Facebook for Ads Near Me

Facebook For Ads Australia: My Easy Steps and Why Every Business Should Know How To Use it

It’s hard to stay up with the fast-changing world of digital marketing. However, Facebook Ads are a mainstay.

To succeed in the digital world, you will need to grasp how to harness this crucial technology, which has about 3 billion monthly users.

Facebook Ads should give your Brand or Organisation a competitive advantage in the market, whether you want to increase website traffic or convert through remarketing Brands.

Any Brand wanting the best results must first grasp the numerous Facebook ad types and targeting options.

This post will teach you all you need to know about Facebook ads, from generating your first one to designing intricate campaign strategies.

Facebook For Ads Near me

Table of Contents - Facebook For Ads

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook has a pay-per-click (PPC) model, meaning your business or brand in Australia pays the Social Media platform each time a user clicks on your ads.

Facebook advertising helps Digital marketing Agencies increase our client’s ad visibility, building clients brand awareness and measure specific KPIs and campaign goals to build better, more optimised campaigns in the future for our Brands and Businesses.

Facebook’s expanding user base and extensive audience targeting options have made it the leader in social media marketing (SMM). As a result, Facebook is the most effective social media marketing platform, according to an eMarketer assessment.

When done effectively, Facebook advertising/marketing may help B2B and B2C businesses generate new leads and converting them into paying customers.

Facebook for Ads Near me

Facebook For Ads Australia - Types

Image advertisements: These simple ads are a great way to start advertising on Facebook. To create one, boost an existing post with a picture from your Facebook Page. Simple image advertising doesn’t have to be boring.

Video ads can appear in the News Feed, Stories, and in-stream videos on Facebook. Videos can showcase your team or product.

Poll advertising: A two-option poll is included in this mobile-only Facebook ad format. Each poll option can have its own link.

You and those who vote will be able to see the total response to each poll choice.

Carousel ads: A carousel ad displays up to ten images or videos.

This style can highlight features of a single product, multiple products, or even all pictures integrated into one huge panorama image.

Slideshow ads An effortless way to create short video commercials from still images, text, or video clips.

Slideshow ads, like videos, are eye-catching yet consume fewer data. As a result, even slow internet connections load swiftly. In addition, they are a low-cost way to draw attention.

Create your ad in Ads Manager and add text and music. With your Brands, images, or video’s containing their own link.

Collection ads: These Facebook sponsored ads allow you to display five photographs or videos that visitors can click to buy a product or service.

Instant Experiences (described below) allow users to buy things without leaving Facebook. Thus, online shopping is convenient for people on the go.

Not only may the main image or video showcase a certain product.

Canvas ads were once known as Instant Experience commercials. Ads that load 15 times faster than non-Facebook mobile pages.

Lead ads are only available on mobile. They are designed to let people give you their contact information without having to enter it in.

They’re great for collecting newsletter subscriptions, product trial registrations, and information requests.

Dynamic ads allow you to target clients who are most likely to be interested in your offerings.

Assume a customer saw a product page or put it to their shopping cart on your website but never made a purchase. You may target their Facebook feed with dynamic ads.

This can be a very successful Facebook marketing approach for reminding potential buyers to complete the sale.

Messenger ads – Reach the 1.3 billion monthly Messenger users with Facebook Messenger ads. Ads designed for Messenger should be placed there by default. Select also Facebook feed.

You can now advertise “click-to-Messenger” on Facebook. These ads contain a button that starts a Messenger conversation with your Facebook Page. For example, it can be used to have a private conversation with a salesperson or customer service professional.

Story ad campaigns

Handling a phone vertically is designed. For example, with Stories advertisements, you can maximise screen real estate on mobile devices without forcing users to rotate their devices.

Augmented reality advertising allows users to interact with your Business through filters and animation.

Users can see how a certain lipstick colour looks on their lips or how a pair of glasses fits their face.

Using augmented reality ads can help widen your reach. In the ads, users may take pictures with the filter and post them to social media.

Essence employed mask filters in augmented reality advertising to engage their audience. The mask designs were inspired by prior commercials that polled fans on their favourite traits.

Reasons why should your business use Facebook For Ads Australia?

Why should your company utilise Facebook Ads? Where can I buy cheap Facebook ads? My list of benefits will astound you. You’ll be glad you found us.

  • Global Exposure

Facebook is definitely the social media king, and it will remain so for the foreseeable future.

  • Affordability

With Brands and Organisation finding the high cost of developing, hosting, and maintaining a website. Facebook Ads can easily set up a free Facebook page for their company and publish whatever they want.

Increasing web traffic

Direct connections on your Facebook profile can take users to your website. These users are more receptive because they decided to visit your website via the link provided.

  • Effective Communication Channel

If your firm values personal contact with customers, marketing on Facebook is probably the best option. You can answer their questions, handle company issues, or announce a new product introduction.

focusing your target market

You can also target your audience on Facebook. Facebook advertising allows you to establish your company’s brand more effectively.

  • Good targeting

With Facebook advertising, you may reach new followers that suit your target demographic.

Rising conversion rates

Conversions improve as your company’s internet presence grows. With just one article, you may bring hundreds of new visitors to your website and Business.

  • Loyalty to the brand

Almost every company wants to build a loyal consumer base. Facebook advertising isn’t just for new product launches. Customer Engagement is immediate using Facebook.

Facebook advertising can increase offline traffic and sales. Working with us has increased physical traffic for many of our businesses with a strong Facebook presence.

  • Improves SEO ranks

Search engines utilise social signals in ranking web pages. Facebook advertising can help you build social signals, which can help your SEO rankings.

Still, have questions about Facebook ads? Would you please speak with one of our digital marketing experts, who will guide you through the process?

How much does it cost to create a Facebook For Ads Australia Campaign Cost?

The price of Facebook advertising varies by Business because your company’s budget may be different from another’s.

Your campaign’s goal may also vary. For example, Facebook ads average $0.97 per click and $7.19 per 1000 impressions. Therefore, an average of $1.07 and $5.47 per like and download are expected from ad campaigns.

So, where to start?

Start with the basics. Consider advertising costs and testing which strategies perform best for your company.

No service fees. First and foremost, running Facebook ads costs nothing. That makes it a low-cost tool for small firms.

Facebook Ads Manager is free to use, but you will need a budget to run ads. In addition, the ad budget you set depends on your company working with your Digital Marketing Agency.

With a standard Facebook account, you automatically receive an ad account!


Steps to the Perfect Facebook For Ads Australia - Campaign

Creating a Facebook Pixel is where Startups and brands track their progress. The same goes for Facebook campaigns.

To track and measure accurately, you need Facebook pixels on your website, landing page, and thank you page. However, there is a tool that can verify this. The FB Pixel Helper.

It’s a Chrome extension. Get Google Chrome here if you don’t already have it. After installing Google Chrome, you can obtain Facebook Pixel help.

This pixel checks for successfully loaded tracking and custom audience pixels. As you can see, I have two pixels loaded. A conversion tracking pixel and a configurable audience pixel.

Remember that each Facebook Ad account can only have one Custom Audience pixel. This custom audience pixel can be used by as many tracking pixels as you want.

Look for the drop-down arrow in the toolbar’s upper right.

Select Manage Ads to access your Advertising Manager account (or Create Ads if your Brand or Organisation has never run any Facebook ads before).

Minimum Advertising Budgets - Facebook for Ads Australia

No membership or service fees are required. But, first, let’s examine the advertising budget (which we really mean when we talk about Facebook advertising costs).

Your ad budget is dedicated to sustaining and distributing your ads to your target audience networks.

Facebook advertising cost minimums vary depending on the type of ads you wish to run.

When we discuss different commercials, we don’t just mean the creative and copy.

We’re talking about Facebook ad efforts. A Facebook Pixel appropriately installed is crucial if you want to track your ads and should be checked before spending money on Facebook marketing. If not implemented properly, metrics like “Conversions” can go haywire.

What factors determine the cost of Facebook advertising?

Several things influence your company’s Facebook advertising budget.

Audience: Audiences impact your Facebook ad rates in several ways. Their characteristics can increase or decrease your prices. Make the most of your advertising budget by targeting a specific group.

Your monthly ad spends your Facebook ad spend. Ads can be more flexible with a huge budget, but your organisation can fulfil its advertising goals with lesser monthly expenditure.

Ad bid: An ad bid may increase your Facebook advertising costs. Using automated bidding and maintaining a high ad quality score will lower your ad bid prices.

Ad goal: Your ad campaign’s aims, from awareness to consideration to conversion, affect your Facebook ad rates. Consequence-related goals are usually more expensive.

Ad placement: Where your ads appear on Facebook properties like Instagram, Facebook, and the Audience Network can affect your advertising costs. Your Business can automate ad placement or choose where ads appear.

Ad relevance: Your ad’s relevance score affects your Facebook ad spend. You must design ads that engage and satisfy users. This will greatly minimise your ad expenditures.

Season: During peak shopping seasons like Christmas, expect higher Facebook advertising expenses due to increased competition in the ad auction. However, your team can reduce the impact by modifying your ad budget and bid.

Your industry can also affect Facebook ad rates. Financial, insurance, and consumer services spend the most on advertising. If you work in a competitive field, focus on creating quality advertising and bidding competitively.

Choose a Goal for Your Facebook For Ads Campaign

A Guide to Making Facebook Ads – While the process of creating ads is universal, knowing basic campaign optimisation methods might give you an edge.

When creating a Facebook ad or campaign, remember these three tips:

  • Test Facebook Ads Mockup

Try creating Facebook ads and watching the previews to enhance your skills. This is a wonderful place to practise Facebook ad design.

Also, see our Facebook ad sizes cheat sheet for an overview of the available ad sizes.

  • Find Audiences Like You

One of the best features of Facebook Ads Manager is the lookalike audience tool. This means you may use your existing audience and ask Facebook to show your ads to a similar audience.

The list of existing customers can come through your email lists, loyalty programme, or other sources. For example, you may improve your Facebook ad targeting by compiling a list of existing clients and categorising them.

You can create a lookalike audience and ad set for each audience group. This is how to make your Facebook marketing initiatives more effective.

Get to know Facebook For Ads Australia - Budget Optimization.

Facebook offers several budget-friendly options. But, initially, it may be scary to a newcomer.

In this case, it’s best to understand more about these options and how they can help you. Facebook has a detailed budgeting guide. Examine it and familiarise yourself with the options.

It’s much easier to create and optimise Facebook ad campaigns once you grasp the many options.

You can also read up on Facebook’s other resources that describe the Facebook Ads Manager’s features. Consider strategies to improve delivery and scheduling options.

It is a long fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content when looking at its layout. 

Best Facebook For Ad Australia - Copy Practices

Write persuasive ad copy.

A great video doesn’t imply you can slouch on the copy. Weak words generate no action.

  • Align your content with your graphic — 
  • Add urgency — 
  • Use only one call to action — Focus on one action type. For example, you can only tell your audience to buy or learn more about your goods.

Use an experienced Digital Marketing Agency to generate amazing Ad copy Images.

Best Facebook For Ads Image Practices

Facebook Ad Image Guidelines

Unmissable Images

Visuals captivate us as we swipe and scroll through our News Feed. To reach people on Facebook, you need to be visual and quick. Facebook promotes visual content over written content because users like images. Pictures are also easier to remember and share.

Bright, complementary colours and a purposefully eye-catching product layout attract you.

Relevance cannot be emphasised.

Your Brand or Organisation ads and images need to apply to the audience you are targeting. If your ads don’t resonate with your target demographic, they’re unlikely to be looked at again, let alone engaged. Irrelevant ads waste time and money.

Include a clear value proposition

An explanation for your target audience’s click. What will your potential customer get out of it, and how is it better than the competition? Your Brand or Organisations value proposition is the “why” behind your Brand offer.


Make sure each ad has a clear and relevant CTA (call to action). People won’t act if you don’t ask them to. Use terms like “buy now” or “shop today and save 25%” to generate a sense of urgency.

According to Sprout Social, “using a CTA (in your Facebook Ads) increases overall click-through rate 2.85x (285%)”.

Don’t skip the CTA options next time you build Facebook ads!

How do I create a great Facebook Fors Ads call-to-action (CTA)? 

A Call To Action

Your advertisement must entice them to click on it. Imagine your ad as an inspiring speaker. Encourage your audience to get up and do something positive:

Another method to utilise action words is to focus on how people can do something more efficiently. It can be something professional like making sales calls or developing landing pages, or something personal like cooking or exercising. Here are a few examples:

Boost your sales, Google rankings, and get rid of dark stains faster.

Keep your CTA short and sweet.

You have only a few milliseconds to catch people’s attention, understand, and click on your ad. So don’t be weird and cryptic. Instead, make it so simple that everybody can understand it.

Here are some proven CTA examples:

  • NOW!
  • Register
  • Promote a Benefit Rather Than a Product
  • Online marketers transitioning from Google Adwords to Facebook Ads must mentally shift:
  • Absence of intention

Google Adwords work so well because you can target people who are actively looking to buy your products. Facebook Ads don’t have the same purpose of earning. The truth is, you don’t know what people think when they are on Facebook. So it would be best if you piqued their interest. Something that benefits your viewers.

  • Ask a Question

Questions are a great way to get people’s attention in an advertisement. They work for two reasons:

  • Having a welcoming tone.

When faced with a hurdle, people tend to question themselves. “I need more help with writing my essay’s this term,” they think, “but how will I achieve writing these essay’s?”

Here are some questions for your Facebook Ads:

  1. A Valentine’s Day gift is required?
  2. Do you crave her attention?
  3. Do you need help with your college essays?
  • Keep it short and clear (News Feed Ads)

You may now customise the text in News Feed Ads. But don’t go overboard. In my opinion, the exact opposite is best. Shorter CTAs are easier to read (and the more likely it is that they will).

  • The term “free” is your partner.

The most straightforward way to get people to click on your Facebook Ad is to give them something valuable for free. It’s like saying, “Look at what I have to offer. It’s free!” That’s because they’re interested in what you’re offering (at best). As a result, they are unlikely to pay for it.

Facebook Bid Strategies & Tools to Help You Bid

  • Cost and bid controls

If you want to target iOS 14 users with a cost cap or a minimum ROAS bid strategy, your ad set should run for three days. Learn how iOS 14 may affect your advertising and reporting.

Facebook offers a cost cap, a minimum ROAS, and a bid cap. In addition, they educate us on how to bid in the ad auction and help you set targets for your CPA, ROI, or bid quantities.

Attempt to maintain costs within a reasonable range for the desired results. For example, you can set your cost cap to maintain your Business profitable if you’re a store optimising for purchases.

Aim for a minimum return on ad spends for each bid. Set your ROAS control to 1.100 to ensure your USD 100 budget generates at least USD 110 in purchases (or a 110 per cent return).

A maximum bid across auctions is better than letting Facebook bid based on your cost or value goals. But, again, this is for people who can estimate conversion rates and bid accordingly.

Note that the cost cap and minimum ROAS are ad auction inputs that will help you optimise your campaign. However, while we endeavour to meet your cost cap or minimal ROAS requirements, adherence is not guaranteed.

  • Decide on a command.

If you’re using CBO, choose cost cap, minimum ROAS, or bid cap as your campaign’s bid strategy. This is where you specify the control amount for each ad set.

If you’re using ad set budgets, include cost control in optimising the ad delivery phase. When you enter a cost control amount, we choose the cost cap bid strategy for you. To use a bid cap, select Show more bid methods. If you don’t specify a limit, we’ll use the lowest-cost bid.

Remember that you can only control the minimum ROAS when you optimise your ad set for value. Therefore, you must meet the value optimisation criteria to use a minimal ROAS control.

What is the best day and time to post on Facebook For Ads Australia? 

  • When should I publish A Facebook Ad?

Professionals’ opinions Claudia Lombana, an eBay and Paypal expert, revealed that mobile shopping was busiest on a Mon between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Recent Shopify data confirms this.

Monday was the greatest day to buy “Absolute Facebook Ads” by Claire Pelletreau. Using Google Analytics, she learned that 2 p.m. had the most sign-ups.

That’s the kind of research you’ll need to do. For example, if you’re advertising your blog, find out when it’s most likely to be read. If you’re running a sales ad, find out which day is the most profitable.

Here’s how Claire decided the best time to advertise for her company.

Here’s an example of using Facebook data to determine the best time to run your ads. A report on some advertising I did for a client to increase Facebook fans:

To find out what yours is, go to the ads manager and run some reports.

Be as precise as you can. For example, divide your data by age, gender, placement, date range, and action to determine when to run your ads.

What’s the difference between Facebook Ad conversion ads and traffic ads?

Who can use Facebook Ad conversion ads? Facebook doesn’t care if your traffic ads work. So still track traffic ad conversions.

Used for retargeting and warming up a new Facebook Ads pixel. Or for a new product introduction that targets a different demographic.

FB Conversion Advertisements: Conversion ads aim to increase pixel conversions (get leads, make sales, or any other conversion you care about). Conversion ads take extra time to produce and set up.

However, conversion prices tend to be higher than click (traffic) costs.

So, which?

Conversion Ads are ideal for advertising a product directly. You only care about sales and want Facebook to decide.

Traffic Ads assist new Ads in accounting learn about our best audience and what you want to advertise in future ads. A wider “interest” base. They choose a freebie, news item, or video.

Once you have an audience in mind, you can start targeting them using Conversion Ads.

In most cases, traffic ads outperform conversion ads for remarketing.

Key Takeaway’s Facebook For Ads Australia

You’ll find the products that have been tested the most over the last 12 years on this list. These tips put you ahead of most Facebook ads.

Don’t waste time on ineffective Facebook for Ads. Instead, apply what you’ve learnt today to your future advertising campaigns or if you need help reach out to me.

And remember, while my list is based on expert analysis by actual Facebook advertising pros, no one size fits all. So take what you’ve learned here and test it out on YOUR audience.

We’ve just accelerated your testing and learning processes to help you attain actual achievement much faster.

Here’s to your best campaign yet!


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