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Local Search Engine Optimisation


It is possible that you would like your products or services to stand out from the competition. Get started with a local SEO ( local search engine optimisation) campaign to take advantage of customers in your area. Your digital marketing and social media marketing strategy should focus on local SEO because mobile devices have made it easier for individuals to look for local businesses.

  • Almost half of all queries are location-based.
  • Nearly 97% of online searchers are looking for local companies.
  • 40% of small firms outsource some or all of their local SEO efforts to third-party providers.
  • 15% of the local SEO pack rank is attributed to reviews.
  • Many people use voice search at least once a week for local companies.
  • Nearly two-thirds of local searches lead to purchases.
  • 78% – local mobile searches will lead to a sale.

“Approximately 46% of all Google searches have to do with location.
Location searches comprise almost half of all searches on Google. For reference, there are 3.5 billion queries on the search engine each day, and 1.6 billion of those include local elements. This is a big impetus for small and medium-sized businesses to adapt their marketing approach to include basic SEO strategies adopted for the local level.” (Safari Digital)

So Local SEO should be a starting point and part of your search engine marketing tactics. It’s excellent news for tiny local businesses that don’t have a lot of money or resources to invest in their online presence, as it gives them the ability to gain organic traffic and business information from having strong local search visibility just because they’re located near the search location.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Table of Contents - Local SEO Content Optimisation - Local Search Ranking Factors

When it comes to LOCAL SEO, Google can help you win.

Local search engine optimisation demands that you make the most of Google’s features and resources. A Local Search Marketers can significantly assist you.

Creating a Google Business Information Profile page is essential for local SEO services. By increasing the visibility of your business, Google Business Profile uses Search, Maps, and Google+. In addition, it’s completely free, and your business will be listed in local search results as a result. 

All your local SEO effort should begin with Google Business Profile. Ensuring that your Google Business profile is appropriately set up and that it has been optimised to the fullest extent possible should be your first step. Audrey Anderson World, an SEO Company, will assist your long-term Local SEO results.

Your business’s exact location will be visible to potential clients on Google Maps if you use Google Business Profile. However, please note that your business will only appear once you have been validated by Google, so be sure to do that first!

“It’s crucial to remember that Google Business Profile is not a replacement for your website; instead, it’s a complimentary marketing profile that can help you get more traffic to your site.”

Local Search Engine Optimisation
Local Search Engine Optimisation

Why does Local SEO matter?

Effective Local search engine optimisation helps your web pages rise to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) for essential terms to your business. For example, as a result of local SEO, your firm might score highly for relevant keywords clusters in your region of service.

Local SEO increases your website’s conversion rate by bringing in more customers willing to do business with a local business. In addition, half of all Google searches are based on local information, which indicates that people are actively searching for content relevant to their geographic location.

How Common is Local Search Intent?

Local SEO –

  • Roughly 97% of people who use online search look for local businesses.

“Search engines are the first source users turn to when looking for services and/or products locally. Local search stats indicate that having a solid Local search engine optimisation strategy in place can get you ahead of the competition. Investing more into local Google searches will make you more visible to potential customers.” (Web FX)

The improved sales that come with local SEO ranking are not to be sneezed at, no matter what industry you’re in. Considerations of working with a local SEO Company that understands your industry, target audience, and what they are searching for.


Local Search Engine Optimisation
Local SEO

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About Google Local Search Engine Optimsation

The Google Business Profile Optimisation Guide


If you’re an existing business, you’re probably already listed in the Google Business Profile directory; all you have to do is claim Google Business Profile. You should include a lengthy description of your firm and double-check that your address and phone numbers are proper when it comes to Google. As many images as possible should be uploaded, and customers should be encouraged to leave favourable evaluations.

Search engine giant Google uses a different set of ranking factors for local search results, making Local SEO a one-of-a-kind strategy.

Ranking indications that are unique to local SEO include:

  • NAP citations reveal the place that the person is looking for.
  • The presence of Google. My Business Profile online
  • Google search terms My business Profile online review sentiment
  • SEO-friendly words and phrases used in online review content
  • At that location, how many people have checked in.
  • Involvement in online forums
  • That business has a five-star rating on Google Maps


NAP citations and citations

 NAP — name, address, and phone number – is the key to local SEO. Your NAP information must be consistent, and you must pay attention to both the quantity and quality of your information. As a result, local SEO ranking factors emphasise directory submissions, Google My Business pages, and social media profiles.

All references to your NAP information that appear on other websites, including Yelp, online directories and blogs, are citations. To put it another way: Reviews play a critical role in customer service and helping Google determine how trustworthy a local business is. Therefore, all of your business’s NAP information must be correct.

According to Moz, a citation signal is one of the most essential variables in local SEO ranking factors. 

Consistent NAP data throughout the web serves to verify the data Google has on file (GBP) for a particular firm. Therefore this is probably why. 

Having inconsistent NAP information simply helps confuse, mislead, and misdirect Google and potential customers. On the other hand. To Google’s dismay, this results in an unsatisfactory user experience.


Is it possible to have a free Google business profile?

Whether or not a Google Business Profile is free is debatable. But, yes, you can set up a free Google business profile. Creating a profile and managing your business from Google Search and Maps is free, and you can begin attracting new clients right away.


The importance of local content for traffic

If you’re considering a local content marketing plan, you’ll want to consider that it will accomplish four main objectives for your business

  • Boost your website’s traffic with qualified visitors.
  • Promote your website by building backlinks
  • Obtain social media shares ( Social Media Profiles )
  • Enhance your brand’s visibility


One in three people uses their smartphone to search for products before looking for a physical store.

People often search for local businesses using their mobile devices, further underscoring the importance of local SEO. To improve the results of smartphone searches in favour of your business, investing in Google local searches is a good idea.” (Web FX) 

It’s possible to achieve all four of these goals in a single campaign, but if you know what you want to achieve, you’ll know where to begin. Content that can become viral, for example, should be created if you’re going to gain more followers on social media ( social media profiles ). In addition, a local resource or guide can be a better way to get backlinks for your site’s SEO purposes. 

Working with a Specialist local SEO Company, you can start to build a strong foundation for local growth.

We’ve provided examples of the most significant sorts of content for each content marketing aim.

What are the best practices to create Local SEO-optimised content?

A fantastic way for your business to get qualified traffic to your website is to provide local content of interest to individuals in the area where you operate.

Building backlinks to your website is as simple as providing other website owners with something they can use. The most acceptable content includes 

  • resources, data and studies, 
  • “ultimate” guides, 
  • Helpful lists (tools, techniques, ideas) and infographics. 


You want to be acknowledged as a resource by other blogs and articles.

To get the most out of social media, your material must have the capacity to be shared easily. Shorter content pieces, such as “best of” lists, “you won’t believe this” lists, pop culture references, videos, and interviews will be the norm.

Local content is excellent for spreading your Company’s awareness, but remember to keep it front and centre in all of your content.


What are the best practices for my content for Local search engine optimisation?


On-Page SEO for Local Businesses ( Local SEO Ranking Factors )

For example, several of the following so-called standard on-page SEO tactics are in play here:

  • H1 is the keyword.
  • As a subject heading, include the keyword
  • URL with a keyword
  • URLs that are easy to remember
  • A meta description that entices


Organise Your Website’s Navigation for Better Ranking on Local Search Results. To rank well across several cities and regions, you’ll need to create local landing pages for each one.

Here’s what AAW an SEO Company suggests as a framework: 

  • yourlocalbusiness.com/area‑1/ 
  • yourlocalbusiness.com/area‑2/
  • yourlocalbusiness.com/area‑3/


Looking for a company that does something really well? Consider buying a shirt from H&M. Regarding location-based search keywords, such as “H&M Tee [australia],” they rank highly.

The landing pages for each website are tailored to a particular geographic area.

If you want to be on the first page of search results in numerous cities, this is the way to go.

Avoid creating many landing pages for the same area but with slightly different keywords. There’s no benefit in doing this.


Keyword research for Local SEO content – AAW SEO Company

Knowing what people are looking for in search engines when they’re looking for a solution to a question is essential, and keyword research is the process of doing so. Local search landscape popularity has spawned a new breed of search engines, giving birth to a search algorithm system that has undergone radical revisions in the last several years.

For websites – Local search engine optimisation, we need to know what keywords and phrases people use to find what they want. 

For your business to appear high on search engine results pages (SERPs), you will need to incorporate these keywords into your website.

Many factors decide which keywords to focus on: how frequently this term is searched on Google, its content, and what competitors are utilising on their websites. If you are a Real Estate Business, Architectural Company, Landscaping Designer, Alcohol Distillery or Winery.

Local keyword research is a more precise variation of this, as your content must resonate with specific places and is a part of Local SEO Ranking Factors.

Why is it Local Keyword Search is Vital?

Keyword research is essential for two reasons.

Because many users who conduct local searches do it on purpose. That is, they want to act or buy right now.

29 per cent of smartphone searchers call or visit a local business within 24 hours.

Local businesses should focus on local SEO, including selecting the most effective keywords.

The second reason is that when users make a Google search, one of the critical parameters used to select the results is their location.

If you search for “coffee shop” on Google, you won’t get the world’s top results.

Performing a Search for Relevant Local SEO Keywords

Let’s imagine you own Pixel Cafe, a coffee shop in your neighbourhood.

Searches like these are ones you definitely want to show up for ( Local Search Engine Optimisation )


  • What time does Pixel close? 
  • How long does it take to walk to Pixel Cafe? 
  • What’s the phone number for Pixel Cafe? 
  • What time is Pixel Cafe open?
  • “Pixel”
  • “coffee shop near me”


However, these aren’t standard queries, as Google displays this information in card-like results in the SERPs.


  • Find industry-relevant keywords.

To begin, compile a list of industry-specific keywords.

This involves imagining what terms and phrases your customers might use to find your business online.

Asking yourself on behalf of your Company these simple questions will help you gain clarity.

What would you type into Google if you were a customer seeking your service?

In B2B marketing, this could include anything from product names to industry-specific terminology. Of course, you might also draw inspiration from your competitors.

Use keyword modifiers to enhance your search results.

Next, use keyword modifiers that may be relevant to search queries. These words describe the service, quality, type of product, or occasion for which they are appropriate.

The following are a few examples of keyword modifiers:


  • Best / bests
  • Top 
  • Buy 
  • Cheap 
  • Where
  • How

“cheap,” “quick,” and “best” are some of the most commonly used modifiers when individuals search. The addition of these terms alters the meaning of the keyword and increases the likelihood of a user clicking through.

You can also provide industry-specific modifiers. For example, when it comes to keywords for a florist, the words “wedding,” “birthday,” and “delivery” are all relevant.

Including keywords that are relevant to the local area where you live.

The local aspect is the final step in finding keywords for your local SEO campaign ( Local SEO Ranking Factors ).

If your firm is located in an area where your target market lives and works, you’ll want to take advantage of that position when it comes to marketing.

Your meta tags and content should include nations, cities, and districts, as well as location-specific landing pages so that local searchers can find what they’re looking for.

Use these locational keywords in your blog posts and social media to establish yourself as a local business.

Optimise your title tags for Local SEO

Title tags are critical for local SEO ranking factors. An optimised SEO title tag helps local search engine optimisation and visitors comprehend the unique value your page provides, which is why they are so essential for ranking well on Google’s SERPs. Therefore, to enhance the likelihood of a searcher clicking through to your website, you must master the art of title tag SEO.

Right-clicking and selecting “inspect” on any web page lets you examine its title tag, which appears between the title> and /title> tags in the head> section.

Optimisation of the title tag is a four-step process.

Your title tags are the first thing your audience sees when they enter a search query, so if you want readers to click on your content, you need to focus on developing compelling titles.

Additionally, you want to incorporate keywords wisely in your titles to improve your local search engine optimisation (SEO). Including your Local Search optimised keywords in your title to improve your search engine rankings.

When it comes to optimising keywords and making your title long enough to fit on the SERP, it’s easy to become sidetracked. So we’ve put up a list of SEO-title best practices to make your job a little bit easier.


  • Make Your Titles 50–60 Characters Long ( Local SEO Ranking Factors )
  • Your Title Tags should be unique to your website and the search engine results page.
  • 3. Use proper grammar and spelling, and be truthful in your writing.
  • The title tag should contain local SEO keywords (Where Appropriate)

How long should my Local SEO content be? ( Local Search Ranking Factors )

According to a study conducted in 2016, the average word count for results on the first page of search results is roughly 1,900. Does this mean your landing page templates need to be this long?

  • Yoast – The ideal word count for SEO is around 1,000 words.
  • Backlinko -More than one billion Google searches revealed that pages with an average word length of 1,450 performed better in search engine results.
  • Search Engine Journal recommends a post length of 1,900 words or less for blog entries.

One million web pages were studied statistically by Brian Dean and Eric Van Buskirk to find the most essential elements for rating an article.

Compared to the typical 200- or 500-word blog postings, this is a lot longer.

There may not be an abundance of blog-style content on the first page of Google search results, but there is a good chance the information regarded valuable by both users and Google will include well-constructed, meaningful blogging content.

Your website’s blog and other on-site content should be your primary focus when brainstorming content ideas and article format. My protip is keeping in mind that quality is more important than quantity.

Interlink your pages to increase Local SEO visibility 

Definition of an Internal Link

Within a domain, internal links lead from one page to another. Navigators frequently use these as primary navigation.

There are three advantages to using this form of link:


  • They make it easier for visitors to get around your site.
  • They aid in the establishment of a website’s informational hierarchy.
  • They aid in distributing link equity (the ranking power of links) amongst different websites.


If you have an internal link, it means the link goes to a specific page on your site as where you found it (the “target” domain) (source). As the name implies, an internal link directs the user to another page on the same website as the one being linked to.

Key Takeaways - Local SEO Achieving Results

A successful local SEO Company ( Audrey Anderson World, we are a search engine optimisation agency) with a strategy to help your Company get to the top of the local search landscape for relevant items and services.

Getting into the top three local outcomes is the ultimate goal in this game. Top of the local 3-pack of Google search results is a listing for a local business. The top three results are shown on the map, along with their firm name, contact information, and reviews.

A Local SEO Company can help; book a 30min call with Audrey Anderson World.

Your engagement rate will rise if you feature in the Local 3-Pack for various relevant keywords. In addition, the number of visitors to your site will increase as a result.

Nearly a third of all search engine results pages currently use the Local 3-Pack; however, that percentage is steadily rising. It’s already one of the most common SERP features, and that’s just going to increase as more people conduct local searches.

What if you want to boost your website’s traffic and increase sales? Take advantage of our SEO Company to build a successful marketing plan for your business! As a final step, you must take care of your leads. Following up with customers via text message or online chat should be part of your strategy.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

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