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Updated: Sep 11

9 Reasons Are You Should Be Utilizing Instagram for Social Selling?


Updated 29 August 2020


Every month, 130 million fingers tap on an Instagram shopping post to learn more about products.


For brands and businesses, using Instagram shopping posts is a great way to showcase your products and use your Instagram feed to drive more purchases — especially now thanks to Instagram’s new checkout feature, which lets you buy products *directly* on Instagram without ever leaving the app!

1. More people are using Instagram.

2. Any size of business can thrive.

3. Businesses can make money directly from Instagram.

4. Stories make your business relatable.

5. Hashtags can increase your visibility.

6. You can effectively engage with customers.

7. Mobility is king.

8. You can keep an eye on competitors.

9. It offers many ways to get creative


Creating Awareness – using Social Media Platforms


Not only can you easily introduce and educate your followers about your products with shopping posts, but you can guide your followers to make a purchase with just a few taps!


Buyers are using social media to actively search and evaluate products and vendors online.


You want to make sure you’re using Instagram shopping posts as effectively as possible — we’re talking beautiful imagery, great captions, and sales pitches timed to perfection. Images sell products.

Grow your engagement on Instagram – with Images.

Growing your brand and presence on Instagram relies on how well you engage on this platform. It isn’t just all images and hashtags. It is where the salesperson engages early in the buying process, building a relationship as a trusted adviser on this platform.


Social selling using SNS


Is another chapter in the story of how social media has spread from the marketing department to touch every part of an organization—from branding and communications to human resources, sales, and customer service.


Social selling is The use of social media to identify and engage prospects and customers at the right time, in order to build and nurture relationships. A more sales-focused definition in the context of a users/salesperson role is: Social selling leverages a user/salesperson’s professional brand to fill their pipeline with the right people, insights, and relationships. Social is where your customers learn, seek, discover, and decide.

According to Forrester Research, 57% of the buyer’s journey is done before a salesperson is involved.² Social selling’s huge potential to transform an organization’s operations and drive revenue comes from its capacity to influence potential customers at any stage of the buying journey.


The earlier a salesperson engages in that journey, the more time and opportunity they have to build sufficient rapport and trust to make a sale.


The sweet spot for social selling to begin in earnest is after the initial awareness stage, i.e., from the launch of a lead generation or other social media campaign to when a salesperson decides the time is right making a pitch or request a meeting or call. This is when the benefits of marketing and sales teams working closely together to implement a strategic social selling program really kick in. The Buyers contact with the salesperson to request a proposal or product advice.


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