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SEO Perth Services
SEO Perth Services

Audrey Anderson World, a top PPC and SEO service provider in Australia, works with your business to boost your website’s search engine ranks, generate more traffic and customers, and increase your sales and earnings.

Search engine optimisation is a small expense that can give years of revenue growth and a distinct competitive advantage for your business.
AAW Digital Marketing Perth agency can help your business reach new heights and dominate your industry and competitors, whether you are a tiny business with a brand new site or a significant enterprise trying to boost your online exposure in search engines.

We can help you achieve your digital marketing goals by implementing an SEO strategy or Pay Per Click (PPC) on your company’s website. The friendly staff at AAW Search Engine Optimisation Agency Perth has the knowledge and experience to provide high rankings for your website, leading to increased consumer traffic, conversions, and revenue for your company.

We noticed that far too many businesses relied on cookie-cutter search engine optimisation strategies, quick-fix tactics, and plans that were little more than smoke and mirrors promoted by other Perth SEO companies.

Up to 44% of Google’s search engine results page (SERPs) hits can be attributed to a company’s Google My Business optimised listing.

SEO Perth Services

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Benefits of SEO

Perth is one of Australia’s most competitive marketplaces; rank near the top of search engine results pages and identify what your business needs to do to outperform the competition.



Long-form blog posts generate nine times the number of leads as short-form blog posts. Therefore, when launching a new website or redesigning an existing one, Google recommends hiring search engine optimisation professionals to guarantee that the site is constructed with your SEO strategy in mind.


Perth search engine optimisation services must be appropriately tailored and linked to our clients fundamental business objectives.




The length of the content of your website and the number of people who connected to it have a direct correlation.


As you may be aware, the more links a website has, the higher it will typically rank in search engines optimisation SEO.




There are 68.1 per cent more tweets and 22.6 per cent more Facebook likes.

When you consider that search engines include social signals when ranking sites, it becomes clear why web pages with a Longer Form Content score higher. 

Introducing Audrey Anderson World Marketing Perth

  • What we stand for

AAW SEO Agency Perth has years of experience working with International companies in Perth, our PPC/SEO firm has a proven track record of success. We conduct extensive keyword and competitor analysis before the commencement of each search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign to manage expectations.


  • The AAW’s belief system

When it comes to our clients, we place a high value on long-term relationships and fresh ideas.


  • How AAW works for you.

Throughout the month, with our SEO process, we keep you informed of what’s going on and what’s to come.

About SEO Marketing Perth

Using the term “search engine optimisation” is commonly known as SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is a phrase used to describe the process of enhancing your website so that it appears higher in search engine results pages when people search for items or services that are relevant to your business.

The more prominent your sites appear in search results within local searches in Perth or Australia, the greater chance you will attract new and returning clients.

What is SEO Marketing Perth?

How SEOMarketing Perth / Australia works.

Bots are used by Google and Bing to crawl the web, collecting and indexing data. Consider the crawlers to a web librarian who can pull up a book (or a web page) helping potential clients or customers locate what they are looking for.

Then algorithms evaluate the index pages to determine their ranking in the search results for a given query. This algorithm librarian has read every book in the library and knows which one holds the answers to your potential customer’s questions.

AAW SEO Agency Perth SEO success factors can be viewed as user experience proxy measures. It’s how search bots assess a website’s ability to provide relevant results to a user.

Each of the criteria in our AAW Table of SEO Factors is ranked according to its importance to SEO. For example, Crawlability and your website speed are mobile-friendly – these are all essential aspects of site construction and your content quality.

There’s also a new list of Toxic elements that undermine your SEO Marketing Perth best practices. These are old-school shortcuts or hacks that may have worked when search engines were simpler. That is until you get caught.

The new Niches section delves into three main niches: Local SEO Content Optimisation, News/Publishing, and Ecommerce SEO. While our overall SEO Periodic Table can help you with best practices, knowing the subtleties and best practices of SEO for each of these Niches, we can help your small business, recipe blog, or online store succeed in search results.

Its search algorithms are meant to efficiently surface relevant, authoritative pages. Using these elements to optimise your site and content can help you rank higher in searches.

What is a great SEO marketing strategy for Perth / Australia?

What is an SEO strategy? An SEO strategy is an act of categorising a website’s material by topic to optimise the likelihood of showing in search results. Essentially, it is the procedure you follow to maximise the possibility of acquiring organic traffic from search engines.


What is SEO For Perth, and examples?

SEO works by optimising your site for the search engine you want to rank for, whether Google, Bing, Amazon or YouTube. Google has roughly about 200 ranking factors in their algorithm. In most cases, when people think “search engine optimisation”, they believe firstly of “Google SEO”.

AAW is a leading pack in Perth SEO companies. However, we realise that SEO Long-Form Content is not appropriate for every website. Other Internet marketing strategies can be more beneficial, such as PPC Campaigns, i.e. paid to advertise, depending on your business aims.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is developing, operating and optimising search engine ad campaigns. Its distinction from other Perth SEO Companies is simply the difference between paid and unpaid priority ranking in search results.

SEM focuses on prominence more than relevancy; website developers should regard SEM with the utmost priority with care to visibility as most navigate to the first listings of their search.

A successful Internet marketing strategy may also depend upon producing high-quality web pages to engage and persuade internet visitors, setting up analytics packages to enable site owners to measure results, and enhancing a site’s conversion rate.

A 160 Page version of Search Quality Rating Guidelines were released in November 2015 to the public, highlighting a shift towards “usefulness” and local mobile search.

In recent years the mobile market has been surging, overtaking the use of desktops, as reported in the StatCounter in October 2016 when they studied 2.5 million websites and found that 51.3 per cent of the pages were loaded by a mobile device.

Google has taken advantage of the growth of mobile usage by pushing websites to use its Google Search Console and the Mobile-Friendly Test, which allows businesses to compare their websites to search engine results and assess how user-friendly their websites are. The closer the keywords are to one another, the higher their rating will be based on key phrases.

SEO may offer a satisfactory return on Marketing budget and investment. However, search engines are not paid for every search, and writing long-form content can boost your organic search traffic. However, their algorithms vary, and there are no promises of continuous referrals. Hence why you need to look at Long-Form Content for your website.

Additionally, accessibility in terms of web crawlers (discussed above), user web accessibility has become increasingly crucial for SEO.


Why do you need SEO Long-Form Content - Marketing Perth?

Longer Content Produces Higher Search Rankings.

Simply said, research demonstrates that longer content dominates page one of search rankings.

SerpIQ did a study analysing the top 10 results in search searches by content length.

Here’s the Graph:


The top result contains typically 2,416 words, and the 10th result has 2,032 words. This illustrates that Google favours content-rich sites.

The fact that nary one of the results on an average page falls below 2,000 words is quite striking on its own.

But here’s the opportunity for your Marketing Perth Strategy:

Google doesn’t decide a page’s rating by just looking at its word count.

While content length is definitely connected with improved search rankings, the criteria that help Google rank pages are just made possible by long-form content.

This is because there are many moving components involved in the SEO performance of content.

Let’s analyse some of these factors:

Longer Content Earns More Backlinks

Research reveals that long-form content is more likely to generate quality backlinks, significantly boosting search rankings.

Here’s a graph from Hubspot that demonstrates the correlation between content length and backlinks:

So why does long-form material receive more backlinks?

For one, good long-form material tends to be more valuable and thorough than short content, and the more valuable and comprehensive it is, the more value it delivers.

Google recognises that visitors do not want to search for bits and pieces of information, gleaning nuggets of knowledge from several pages.

Visitors want everything they need in one spot.

Long-form material, which tends to be more thorough on a given topic, is more likely to supply the answers users are searching for without forcing them to complete a mini-research project. Unfortunately, this is where you will find short content will fall short.

 Similarly, longer content is more remarkable and likely to stand out.

Moral of our SEO and Digital Marketing Agency Perth story:

With little experience, anyone can write a piece of bite-sized content in a short amount of time.

But, when presented with a detailed, step-by-step list of “16 actionable SEO recommendations you can follow now to prevent the most common SEO blunders,” why would anyone click on or link to a list of 5 ideas on the same topic that lacks step-by-step instructions?

They wouldn’t. No matter how Gnat their attention span—because they want the best stuff accessible.

Lengthier material tends to be more helpful, impressive, and thorough than short content, causing more backlinks.

As one of the best SEO Companies + digital marketing agencies, we focus on statistics to acquire top results for your website and business.

We systematically approach our work by thoroughly examining your website’s technical difficulties and online visibility to identify flaws.

We evaluate your website to the top competitors outranking you, then reverse-engineer them to see how we can outrank your competition strategically.

We then apply a customised SEO approach that includes both on-page and off-page aspects to enhance your website’s ranks and organic traffic.


Marketing Perth - Long-Form Content for Search Engine Optimisation

Google has shown that it favours Long-Form Content. Apart from backlinks and social shares, there are many reasons why Google favours long-form content for search ranking.

We can tell that long-form material has the edge over shorter content based on Google’s RankBrain system, which uses machine learning to filter search results and comprehend search queries.

The third most significant ranking element on Google, RankBrain, affects several areas of search.

While RankBrain’s primary purpose is to assist Google to comprehend what people mean when they write in a search query, it also measures something significant: user intent. 

  • User delight.

In other words, when consumers click on a SERP (search engine results page), Google decides whether or not the page’s content satisfies them.

Google analyses this using a variety of indicators, many of which connect with content length. 

  • Dwell Time Dwell time is how long users stay on your site.

It notifies Google that your website (or a particular page on it) is worth visiting and supplying users with what they seek.

A short stay time indicates Google your page is either irrelevant or terrible.

It then modifies future search ranks accordingly. Longer dwell times…

 It’s true! More text.

  • CTR

Organic CTR is a key ranking indication in RankBrain.

CTR measures how many clicks a page gets compared to how many impressions (how many times it is seen in a search on a SERP).

Google uses CTR data to assess a page’s user appeal.

As in: If a page on your website obtains 3,000 impressions but only ten clicks, you have a problem.

Because your page does not sufficiently answer a user’s search query, Google will most likely lower your page’s ranking.

CTR is determined by elements including good meta-titles and meta-descriptions and relevance to users’ searches.

That is: Quality title and description tags generally outperform unoptimised content in terms of CTR.

That’s OK, but how does content form content fit in here?

 As previously said, people want stunning, original material that is useful and prevents them from seeking out a comparable resource.

The title and description tags on SERPs are supposed to convey the content on the page while attracting users to click on the search result.


With the title and description tags stressing its utility, comprehensiveness, and worth, Longer content leads to higher CTR, better search ranks, and more eyes on your material.

Greater exposure equals more shares, backlinks, and dwell time.

See? It’s all linked!

The Importance Long-Form Content Marketing Perth – The opportunity

Your potential clients or customers (and Google) like long-form content, but the Content Marketing field seems to be trailing behind.

Only 18% of company blogs are 750 words or longer. Not even close to the typical first-page material length.

So what do you say?

Maybe it’s because 60% of content marketers think creating compelling content is their top marketing difficulty.

That sounds like a fantastic opportunity for content marketers who use what they’ve learnt here (hint hint):

Google rewards extended form content based on user value.

Your Long-Form Content Must Be Good

Content length is part of the solution, but not the whole.

Content length enables several elements that help people and search engines define quality content: AAW SEO companies are not about keyword stuffing; making your website look (and function) like an early-2000s Frankensite and targeting meaningless keywords. 

  • Comprehensiveness
  • Dwell time
  • Descriptive titling
  • Content marketers can increase social shares, backlinks, and overall search rankings by incorporating these excellent content aspects into long-form pieces of content related to your industry.


The ordinary content consumer will eventually have the attention span of a gnat if they are constantly exposed to short, limited content.

Which Perth Business would not what this traffic?

Your business may benefit from increased user engagement, higher search results, and brand visibility if your digital marketing agency in Perth provides them with something unique.

Emerging Markets + Start ups

Need Help With SEO PERTH

Free Consultation – SEO , Local Google My Business Digital Marketing

SEO Perth

How long does it take for SEO Marketing Perth to produce results?

Unlike paid traffic sources such as Google Adwords (Google Ads) or social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram), Your commitment to an SEO strategy should be a long-term digital marketing approach that focuses on organic traffic and signifying an amount of time and patience.

We often notice average ranking increases to your website’s online visibility in search engines during months 1-2, with the highest rankings occurring between months 4-6.

To keep ahead of search engine algorithms, our SEO team constantly evolves its approach and strategies.

Then followed by an increase in organic search for your website’s keywords, and search queries lead to more web traffic and, ultimately, more online inquiries and phone calls.

What is the cost of these SEO PERTH Marketing Services?

Like one of the leading SEO companies Perth or in Australia, we don’t simply assign you a generic pricing package (as other agencies do); instead, our pricing structure is totally tailored to the individual needs of your business and the industry you are in.

Because no two businesses or websites are identical, we will be able to give you a competitive Search Engine Optimisation quote when one of our SEO consultants gets to know your business and requirements better.

At Audrey Anderson World SEO companies Perth, we have a minimum monthly SEO spend of $595 for your monthly Long-Form Content (Plus GST). However, this price can be reduced when paired with a Google Ads (Adwords) management campaign.

We want you to be as happy with us as we are with you. Therefore, we never tie any of our clients into a contract, including our Perth search engine optimisation clients.

AAW Agency offers Perth SEO Services with the best search engine optimisation packages in Perth.

Is it true that AAW Search Engine Optimisation guarantees first-page rankings?

While we offer customised SEO solutions tailored to your website, business, and sector, we (and no other firm) cannot guarantee first-page search engine results.

Any organisation that guarantees high search engine rankings typically does so for low search volume, easy-to-rank keywords.

On the other hand, our SEO and internet marketing professionals have years of experience optimising and ranking website pages on the first page of Google in competitive areas. Simply request a list of our clients who hold high-ranking positions.

What is it like to work with our SEO and Digital Marketing Agency Perth?

You become a business partner when you become a client of SEO Advantage. And, like any good collaboration, we aim to deliver on our promise of a high return on investment (ROI) on your SEO marketing efforts.

We have turned away clients because our business model does not fit our Perth Search Engine Optimisation services.

We work with you throughout the campaign process, analysing data and adjusting strategies as needed to obtain the best possible outcomes, which leads to an increase in keyword rankings, traffic, sales, and revenue.

Key Take-Aways –

Perth SEO Services – Long-Form Content for SEO

We’re a Perth-based SEO company with experience helping local businesses raise in the Google rankings. What speaks loudly is our client retention rate is consistently above 90 per cent.

The Bottom Line, many of the criteria that help to identify quality content in the perspective of users and search engines, are enabled by content length: 

AAW Digital marketing Agency Perth creates results-driven search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies that outperform the competition through excellent content strategy, flawless technical SEO, and impactful backlinks that move the needle.

Google search ranking algorithm is constantly evolving and improving, much like our approach to search engine optimisation and our SEO Perth strategies.

An excellent search engine optimisation campaign will increase the size of your business and generate a positive return on investment.

  • Utility and worth
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Long dwell time
  • Attractive title and description tags


Our breadth of marketing expertise across a broad range of sectors and business types truly shines.

With so few Perth Business are using these Long-Form Material Marketers to produce high-quality long-form content, now is the moment to take the chance and break free from the goldfish cliche!


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