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You may have heard of the beauty company Rodan + Fields and wondered, “What are Rodan and Fields?”.. Then there’s the question of Rodan and Fields. Finally, is the Rodan + Fields beauty brand a viable business?

The quality of products is critical to the success of multi-level marketing businesses like Rodan + Fields. New ideas, Newmarket expansion ( currently available in only four countries ), new consultant recruiting

What do you think of Rodan Fields Products & Brand for 2022?

I will also reveal how to become a Rodan Fields Independent Consultant.


Who are Rodan and Fields?

How did Rodan and Fields begin?

As Rodan Fields Independent Consultant, How much money can you earn?

Are Rodan and Fields a legitimate Skincare business Organisation?

Premium skincare company Rodan and Fields (R+F) is a multi-level marketing company that manufactures and sells high-end anti-ageing skincare products. As part of their marketing strategy, Rodan Fields dermatologist creators produced dermatologist-inspired skincare options for everyone without visiting a dermatologist.

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Rodan and Fields Reviews

Table of Contents -What Is Rodan and Fields

What is Rodan and Fields History?

Rodan Fields (R and F)is a premium skincare company that developspatentsmanufactures and sells in the Skincare Segment “Premium Tier “anti-ageing skincare products.

Moreover, Rodan and Fields’s brand strategy was to create Dermatologist inspired skincare products for the average person without visiting the Dermatologist’s office.

Subsequently, the founders of this Premium skincare Brand are practising Dermatologists in San Francisco, Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields.


Did The Dr’s Rodan + Dr Fields Create The Proactive Acne Treatment?



Rodan and Fields had an intense interest in healthy skincare as dermatology students (and later as full-fledged dermatology doctors). So the two decided to partner together several years after meeting to create a clinical-grade home treatment for severe acne in the teen acne market. That product was Proactiv®, becoming one of the most successful acne care products.

Guthy-Renker and Nestle purchased Proactiv® Brand. Rodan and Fields, on the other hand, created more mass-market skincare products that were derived from clinical research. In 2002, “Rodan and Fields” was formally established.

It was sold in high-end department stores and cosmetic counters when it first came out.

Customers were able to purchase Rodan Fields Regimen and products at high-end department stores and drugstores at first.
Estée Lauder purchased the corporate Brand of Rodan Fields Skincare Firm.

When was Rodan and Fields Founded

How Did The Doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields Meet?

As medical students, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields became friends. At the time, both were finishing dermatology residency programmes at Stanford University.

In one of Rodan Fields’s brand stories, Estée Lauder, the Multinational Corporation, purchased the Brand from the founding Drs. Estee Lauder’s business strategy and growth plan were to sell the products in high-end department stores.

Rodan Fields Dermatologist Skincare programs required customer interaction with a skincare beauty consultation in those department store chains. However, the Drs learned that consumers who bought Rodan + Fields often did not because they’d discovered the products from high recommendations of friends.

The Brand Marketing Ecosystem consists of the first “Skincare Beauty Influencers” friends. As part of their new business and growth plan, the doctors acknowledged to skip the high-end retail stores and pay the supporters for the recommendations? This started word of mouth direct to consumer business.

In 2007, Rodan and Fields took the unprecedented step of acquiring their Company from Estee Lauder. And to also shift to their current business model, making precisely the right move at the correct time.


Rodan & Fields LLC is an American multi-level marketing and direct selling company that sells premium skincare dermatologists-inspired products. Katie Rodan and Kathy A. Fields started Rodan + Fields company in 2002 and sold it a year later.



Did Estee Lauder Buy Rodan and Fields?

Estée Lauder purchased the corporate Brand of Rodan Fields Skincare Firm.

The Drs Success Stories was acquired back by Katie Fields and Kathy Rodan in 2007 from Estee Lauder and re-launched in multi-level marketing. Rodan Fields Independent consultants can earn a commission for their sales and the sales of persons they recruit.

As a result, R+F shifted their business strategy to direct sales and multi-level marketing.

R+F items are no longer available for purchase in retail establishments. As a result, this is the only skincare line that independent sales consultants can sell.

“How to Become a Rodan and Fields Skincare Consultant” has more details.

The ultimate goal of Rodan and Fields research firm was to provide dermatologist-inspired skincare products of the best quality accessible on the market. Medical and clinical-grade chemicals were developed by Berkley, California’s research and development team.

Health benefits have been shown for the products and ingredients. In June 2020, a new line for Japanese consumers was launched following five years of development and clinical trials. The skin is treated with the proper combination of active substances and administered correctly for the best results. As part of the Company’s expansion plan, skincare consultants will be stationed in 169 countries.

As a result, the Company’s Estee Lauder business strategy and growth plan were selling skincare in high-end department stores. In addition, unlike the Drs previous brand, Proactiv Acne Treatments were promoted via infomercials.

“There are great opportunities to build the Rodan and Fields business,” said Dan Brestle of Estee Lauder 2003. “Consumers today have enormous respect for knowledge and expertise. Dr Rodan and Dr Fields, as practising dermatologists who treat patients daily, are accomplished skincare authorities.”



Where Was Rodan + Fields First Sold?

The founders of the Company purposefully shifted the Company’s business strategy from one based on retail to one based on direct sales. It was for both personal and business considerations. Harvard Business Review published a positive review of this business selling model because of the creators’ efforts.

Entrepreneurial and business-savvy Rodan Fields Consultants would contribute to the Company’s overall success by selling these dermatologically inspired luxury skincare products through a direct sales technique. Furthermore, it would enable people to take control of their own financial and commercial destiny in a way that best suited their preferences. 


So, why are direct sales becoming increasingly crucial in the commercial arena? Claire Hopewood cites three primary causes for this paradigm change.

With the rise of mobile and social/cloud technologies, consumers want a better experience. Because of this, client expectations are only rising. Increasingly, clients are looking for a more streamlined experience than before.

Direct sales companies are sometimes referred to as pyramid schemes by customers. However, a customer’s emotional state shift is always the driving force behind purchasing decisions.

As a result of the Internet’s outstanding eCommerce features, firms may bypass the intermediaries and sell directly to their target audience. Thus, organisations that use this plan will see an increase in income and costs.

So, is Rodan Fields Skincare a Legitimate Business Model?

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Rodan and Fields Launched Direct TO Consumer Distribution 2007


In 2007 Apple announced the launch of the Apple Smartphone 4 G.B. model on January 9, 2007. As a result, SNS Social media was entering the market.

However, the doctors couldn’t possibly have known how Social Media and Online selling would profoundly change the commerce landscape, including their skincare business. This changed the way people do business around the world now. 

It followed in 2008, with smartphones— the start of Mobile Social Media and their selfie-ready cameras—were still comparatively new, as were Twitter and Facebook in 2006, and Instagram didn’t exist. 

That is to say, Rodan + Fields, the Company, grew alongside all of these new technologies.

How Do Rodan Fields Sell Their Products?

The distribution channel is Direct to the Consumer or Direct Sales. Customers can only purchase Skincare Products through Independent Consultants.

Therefore this change in sales allowed would-be consultants to sell not just to several customers in their neighbourhoods. 

But to hundreds, even thousands, of virtual friends and acquaintancesConsultants who specialise in using SNS and social media, phone and in-person presentations to sell products can do well.


Where Is Rodan + Fields Head Quarters?

Rodan Fields has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

What Does Rodan Fields Sell?


Online Google Trends Skincare

Rodan + Fields Dermatologist inspired products include their developed skincare cleansers, toners, moisturisers, creams, exfoliators, sunscreens, and at-home facial tools derma cosmetics. R+F operates on a direct to consumer business model. (More on this topic a bit further down).

Ultimately, Rodan + Fields aspired to offer skincare products of the highest quality available on the market. As a result, products containing medical and clinical-grade ingredients are developed by the research and development team at Berkley, California laboratories.

The products and ingredients are proven to be beneficial and healthy. After five years of development and clinical trials, a new formulation of their original range was developed for the Japanese Consumer in June 2020. The Growth Strategy for this Skincare Business is to reach all 169 countries that Proactive is sold in. 

See “(Learn more about how to become a Rodan + Fields consultant later in this report.). “

Direct to Consumer (D2C) or D2C Brands: What Is It?

Word of Mouth for skincare sales consultants is used for advertising its products instead. In addition, Rodan Fields Independent Consultants market lotions and sell these products with Corporate tools directly to customers.

There has been a considerable increase in the number of skincare and beauty industry businesses adjusting their marketing and growth strategies since 2007. In addition, a significant shift in business-to-consumer relationships occurred after COVID-19, when many retail companies went out of business worldwide. 

As a result, many businesses are altering their business strategy away from brick-and-mortar storefronts or agents and towards an online platform to market their goods or services.

Everything from cosmetics and hair care items to food and vitamins may now be purchased from the comfort of one’s own home, eliminating the need to go to the store. This buy/sell relationship is something that today’s consumers desire to possess.

See “How to become a Rodan and Fields consultant section” below.

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Why Rodan and Fields Sell Direct TO the Consumer?

3 Reasons Why Selling Direct To Consumer Is A Great Idea

Rodan + Fields’ activity method is based on R + F Independent Consultants’ use to support and educate the customer. As a result, is direct-to-consumer business strategy becoming increasingly relevant in the business world? 

This development, in theory, can be credited to three major factors. First, with the rise of mobile and social media/cloud technology, consumers demand a better experience. In other words, customer expectations are growing. Consumers are expecting a more seamless online experience now more than ever.

  • Why Direct to the consumer is a good idea

New retail formats like Salesforce.com (CRM) and Alibaba (a) are changing retail. The technology, sourcing and shopping experience that Salesforce.com has introduced to the retail world allows businesses to become scalable by integrating different business processes and creating a consistent customer experience. 

CRM vendors have innovated such that CRM solutions are becoming central to how business is done today. According to Google Analytics, 62 per cent of all shopping carts contain information about a company’s CRM service. The more consumers know about your services, the more likely they want to do business with you.

  • The consumer demands a better experience.

R + F supports three different levels of service for their Independent Consultants to service their clients: 

  • Level One – Customer Focused 
  • Level Two – Technology Focused 
  • Level Three – Strategic Consulting 

Just like an exceptional customer service advisor, the independent consultant makes sure to take the time to understand the client’s needs and give them a 360-degree service that only their consultant can provide. These are the same type of consultants that Rodan + Fields uses. This is the power of the Brand, and the Brand is what makes a brand take off. 

Calls for Brands to establish their brands Online are now a large part of the consumer ecosystem. Millennials and Gen Z. Consumers are forming preferences on social commerce ( Buying on or through Social Media).

  • The rise of mobile and social media

As we all know, consumers have their noses on their phones. According to Nielsen, nearly half of all Internet users now surf the Internet on their mobile devices, meaning that consumers are much more likely to click on a brand’s link on a Facebook ad. 

This type of technology is now embedded in how brands conduct business. It’s important to understand that consumers and marketers are shifting to mobile and social media. Consumers need a seamless experience Brands that understand this shift in consumer behaviour will now provide consumers with a unique blend of online and offline solutions.

  • Three reasons why the direct to consumer business strategy is becoming critical


They connect with customers in ways that weren’t possible before, as they interact with brands on different online and offline platforms. For example, not relying on inventory and directly controlling your margins by selling direct to consumers. 

But consumers also want a platform to interact with brands in ways that they can relate to. As a result, as in Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), consumers want to be able to rent, buy, borrow or stream from a brand’s product. The public doesn’t want to depend on “Exclusive Offerings” – getting products and services first with free shipping. Consumers today are more demanding, and Brands need to meet them where they are.

The takeaway is that a traditional Bricks and Mortar style “Selling” business model no longer works. Rodan and Field’s success with these prestige skincare products has been because it defied the traditional sales approach and understood that a new business model was required. 

The R + F Independent Consultants model is highly effective because the service users are truly experts, and clients can call on them in times of need. Our knowledge is second to none, and therefore, the consumer can rely on them to help them out when they need them most. 

* For more information about Rodan + Fields and their Independent Consultants, email me at audrey@audreyandersonworld.com

Are Rodan and Fields A Legitimate Prestige Skincare Company?

Rodan + Fields’ work relies on using R + F Independent Consultants to promote and advise consumers.

  • As a result, is direct to consumer business strategy critical in the business world? There are three main reasons for this shift in thinking.
  • The consumer demands a better experience – with the rise of mobile and social media / Cloud technologies.
  • In other words, Consumers’ expectations continue to increase. More than ever, consumers are demanding a more seamless online experience.

Rodan and Fields: The Truth Behind the Hype

I have earned money to pay our montly bills using my Rodan + Fields Income, and I became an Independent consultant in 2017.

My Children, as teens, used Proactive, which got them off medications. The dermatologists Dr Rodan and Dr Fields have created Proactive.
Rodan and Fields Skincare have a 60-day money-back guarantee on all products.

I get a large percentage of the profits from every sale. This percentage is better than Drop Shipping, Selling on Amazon, or having a Brick and Mortar Store with all the costs. I am just a normal person with a conventional family.

Please send me an email or read the Rodan and Fields Reviews below if you have any questions.

Organization Pyramid


Anyone who wishes to participate in the “opportunity” of a Pyramid Scheme must pay a fee or “invest” money.

Individuals in the Pyramid Scheme do not receive tangible goods or services for their money or investments.

In addition, all pyramid schemes eventually fail. One member’s failure to attract new members or his inability to pay his half of the investment is all that is needed for the group to fail.

The individual at the top of the pyramid is usually the only one to benefit from a pyramid scheme (the person who originated the process). Those on the lower rungs of the ladder don’t seem to be making any money.

A business entity called RODAN FIELDS skincare products is sold legally.

To answer your question, “is Rodan Fields a pyramid scheme?” you’ve come to the right place. I CAN GUARANTEE YOU IT’S NOT.

To conduct business in nations such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan, R+F is a Legal Business Entity. Therefore, Rodan Fields Skincare Brand had to meet these regulations to conduct business in each country. In addition, each country’s regulatory compliance agencies must ensure that all Rodan Fields skincare products do not contain animal testing.

Rodan and Fields Reviews

Are MLM Rodan and Fields a Pyramid Scheme?

From A Business Management Perspective. I have owned and run a successful Construction Business for 32 years. 

Look at the Products their produce and sell and the Markets they are currently in. It is all about their consumer package goods – CPG.

North America Cosmeceutical Products Market is forecasted to reach USD 18 billion by 2025 growing at a CAGR of 8.24% during the forecast period. Skincare sales are increasing at a tremendous rate. The global skincare market is doing the same thing. 

What do they mean in the context of Rodan + Fields? This first suggests an increased interest in skincare products, which is a good business opportunity. Ex. There were 15 years back when people were unwilling to spend even five dollars for a cup of premium coffee. 

Nowadays, it is common practice to pay for the experience of a good cup of coffee. The same thing is happening now in the high-end cosmetics industry. 

R+F has only been around for only twelve years, but it is a billion-dollar brand due to the experience of its founders, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. “Hello, recognition.” 

R+F continues to grow and has put off competition. In 2017, 2018, and 2019, R+F became the #1 Anti-aging Skincare brand in North America. The #1 Fastest-Growing Skincare brand in the U.S. in 2017, R+F reached $1.5 billion in revenue in 2017. The Company earned $2 billion in 2018. 

We, as an essential premium Skincare Brand. With Projected Growth in Eyelash Extension Agents, Rodan Fields Lash Boost, and Anti-ageing Markets.

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

Therefore by simple definition, a pyramid scheme requires any person who wants to get involved in the so-called “opportunity” must pay a fee or “INVEST” MONEY in the Company. 

As a consequence, all pyramid schemes ultimately collapse. All it takes is for one member not to recruit new affiliates or for any member not to pay their share of the Company’s investment.

People must also recruit others into the pyramid. This is how the person makes money off of his “fee” or “investment.” (You can read more in-depth about pyramid schemes here ). 

In conclusion, Pyramid schemes generally only benefit the person at the top of the pyramid (the person who originated the process). Those below see little, if any, profit.

Are Rodan + Fields a legitimate Premium Skincare Brand?

If you’ve heard of ProActiv, you’ve probably heard of Rodan + Fields. They have built a large-scale brand, and you can sell products now through their platform. 

As with any MLM, it takes commitment and an advanced skill set. However, what you get in return for partnering with them is access to exceptionally high-quality skincare products, which are cutting edge in their domain. 

They offer a great program that gives advantages to members. If you enjoy their skincare products and are passionate about them, you may consider this opportunity. 

That is to say, Rodan + Fields is a legal business entity that had to register its business in the countries it sells in.

The USA, Canada, Australia and a very controlled Japanese regulated market.

MLM Rodan and Fields


    Rodan Fields Consultants work like larger companies, employing various strategies to sell to consumers. For example, consultants’ sales strategy may be to talk up the products to family and friends or their SNS Community online. In addition, these consultants may hold “product presentations” in homes or commercial POP UP spaces to demonstrate the effects to a small group of people.

    These days, Internet SNS marketing has become an essential tool for any Business Development to ensure successful growth strategies. The consultant marketing tactics will frequently use their SNS social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Website, Blogs, Instagram) to reach potential buyers. Like every beauty brand like Sheishdo, SK-II, La Mer, and Estee Lauder promote SNS platforms.

    See “(Learn more about how to become a Rodan and Fields skincare consultant later in this report.).” 

Rodan Fields Social Selling

About Direct TO Consumer Rodan and Fields Product Line

Product Line of Rodan and Fields Let us now discuss the Rodan and Fields product line.

They have an extensive product range. F f you are considering selling Rodan and Fields, you’ll have more products to offer your customers.

Skincare Products by Rodan and Fields – the following products.

  • Redefine – Anti-Aging Skincare Set
  • Unblemish – Adult Acne Skincare Range
  • Dark Spot and Dull Skincare Range
  • Dark Spot Corrector – Released 2021 March
  • 5 Skin type Masks – Rejuvenation Masks for the Face
  • Recharge – Skincare for Young Adults
  • Spotless – Acne Treatment for Teens
  • Intensive Renewing Serum with Multi-Function Eye Cream
  • Lip Renewing Serum AMP It Up Special Pore Minimizing Toner
  • Pro Skincare At Home Tools – AMP MD System and Pore Cleansing MD System.

Prices for these items vary from $22 to $400. This means they are reasonably priced for Derm Inspired skincare. I s-it-worth-it-to-buy-Rodan-and-Fields

When I review products from other multi-level marketing companies, I pay close attention to this important fact. Do these companies back their skincare products up with Clinical Studies and Trials.

Rodan and Fields Strategies



Word of Mouth Marketing or multi-level marketing part of this business model is where many consumers sometimes confuse it with a “pyramid plan.” However, it is not a “system,” even though the model can be visualised to resemble something like a pyramid shape. (Is Rodan Fields a pyramid scheme? Read on) 


So, to create a better mental image, picture a pyramid.


The Founders and Board sit at the top point of the pyramid (i.e. Rodan Fields Skincare Firm).


The top-tier consultants would be found (i.e. sales or regional directors). Below that are the consultants who are “managers.”


Finally, all regular (non-management, non-directing) consultants are at the bottom of the pyramid.

Keep in mind that this is a highly simplistic diagram. It does, however, offer you a general notion.


The company sells its items at a wholesale level to the level below.  


Companies’On the other hand, companies’ earnings are derived through sales commissions. As a result, the company will pay a commission on all sales produced by managers and consultants. 


However, like the directors, they make most of their money through commissions on sales by consultants on their sales team. 


However, they do not commission other consultants’ sales because no one is beneath them.

So, is Rodan Fields a legal corporation? YES, it does.

So are Rodan and Fields a Legitimate Corporation? YES, it is. 


R + F consultants (including managers and directors) DO NOT invest money in a certain amount of products OR invest in the company.

HOWEVER, as a Business Owner, you will require some materials. After all, you have to spend money to make money, no matter what business you choose to start.


Skincare Consultants receive an actual, physical skincare product for their investment. Rodan Fields Brand Marketing Eco-system is not reliant on every Independent Consultant recruiting others into the pyramid. Instead, the company can rely on selling products online to anyone.

Individual consultants can still make money by merely selling products. 

I encourage anyone interested in this business to ensure they realise that all companies take 3-5 years to grow. There is no quick and easy way. It takes commitment and consistency. They are enlisting others to join you without considerations, such as being committed to running a business. A Sponsor enrolling people without supporting them with the individual training and assistance for their first year in business is not honourable. I prefer to do the decent thing.


A legitimate business is precisely what it claims to be. Governments establish business norms. And companies are compelled to abide by such standards. But unfortunately, those governments and the law do not specify what constitutes a “legal business.”

Although consumers occasionally refer to direct sales organisations as “pyramid systems,” they do not meet the legal definition, including Rodan and Fields. Rodan Fields Company follows a legal and frequently highly effective business plan.

You may be asking if Rodan Fields Skincare is a reputable Business Brand if it isn’t a pyramid structure.

(Would you like to learn how to become a Rodan Fields Independent consultant? Continue reading)


Aside from “is Rodan and Fields a Legitimate Company?” shoppers may also enquire, “Does Rodan and Fields have a competent business corporate team?” Unlike the term “pyramid structure,” “strong business” has a legal definition. If this is correct, can we answer the question, “Are Rodan and Fields a healthy company?”

1. The Ownership – Rodan Fields Dermatologist and VC TPG

I took a serious look at what this company wanted to accomplish – to this date, the Rodan Fields Dermatologists have not taken a paycheck, and they made their fortune, and this time, with Rodan Fields, they are in it to change as many lives as possible. 

2. Management –

Most B2C company founders run the Company themselves with Rodan Fields. The business has a strong management team from some of the biggest companies in Corporate America. This Corporate team continues trying to improve the CompanyCompany and is also committed to product innovation. 

The Founders and Board of Directors have picked Dimitri Haloulos as the Company’sCompany’s future CEO+President in conjunction with the Founders and Board of Directors. Former Rodan Fields Chief Growth Officer, Haloulos, has succeeded Diane Dietz as CEO + President.  

3. The Products –

It is a Consumable product designed by our R&D team in Berkeley, California, with many ingredients patented exclusively to Rodan Fields. This is a critical point these products service an industry that will grow. – The Women Premium skincare industry is predicted to reach $135 Billion Globally in 2021. So having these products that treat common skincare concerns was a massive reason for joining. 

4. NO Territorial Boundaries – Rodan Fields Independent Consultants

Most people misunderstand this concept -. Timing before the Company goes Global is crucial – we are barely in 3 countries at the moment, North America, Canada, Australia and now Japan – in B2C, no territory is everything. It is like a location in Real estate.

What is Rodan Fields?
What is Rodan Fields?

Rodan Fields Independent Consultants Compensation

Anyone who joins today has the opportunity to become a high-earning member of the company. Our CompanyCompany’s top earners have not joined us for the most part. If you work hard and develop a successful business, R+F ensures that you will out-earn your sponsor and their sponsor. You can read the Income Disclosure Statement.

As a result of the Rodan Fields Consultants compensation scheme, 25 per cent of all retail sales, 16-31 per cent of prefered customer sales (Club Members incentivise customers with a 10% discount), 15 per cent of your personally sponsored sales team members, and 5 per cent on 5th generation growth are all possible. Once you’ve reached the pinnacle, it takes precedence over the 2.5 per cent rule for all subsequent generations.

  • Training for Rodan Fields Consultants –

It’s all done online with our Virtual Training platform, so you don’t need a classroom. 

  • Support from the company and other Rodan Fields Consultants

E-commerce allows us to provide customers with online solutions, colour-matching capabilities for a tinted moisturiser, and back-office resources. The business supply chain is here to help us. There is no intermediary involved in the delivery process.

An opportunity that fails to deliver what it promises to participants is defined as a business opportunity or proposition. Thus, although it is not a pyramid scheme, it is not the case.


Demonstration product in exchange for financial investment and other promotional materials (catalogues, sales flyers, order forms, a Web page, etcetera)

Rodan Fields Consultants gets paid a percentage of each item that they sell.

As much as 25% of retail sales, 16-31% of prefered customer sales (regular incentive customers receive a 10% discount), 15% of your personally sponsored sales representatives, and 5% of 5th generation growth can be achieved with this reward scheme. Furthermore, once you’ve reached the pinnacle, it takes precedence over the 2.5 per cent rule for all subsequent generations.

The company provides an opportunity for employees to move up the ranks (from Level 1 to Level 5 and beyond). If you can sell more than your Sponsor / Coach, you can earn more money in this business model than they do.

  1. More money to be made as a manager or director.
  2. Support from the parent company’s resources
  3. Another simplified explanation will suffice for now.  

“Is Rodan & Fields a Legal Business?” can be answered with a loud “YES”. It’s not a dishonest business strategy, but I won’t call it that. Former consultants, however, have posted reviews on blogs calling it a scam ( buying into something which promised something else)

Hundreds of thousands of certified Skincare experts are living in the US alone. In many cases, people are highly successful at what they are doing. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about whether or not Rodan and Fields is a frauds. 

Businesses like Rodan Fields are just like any other. Some Consultants will succeed, while others will fail. It’s time to bring it up again. If you treat the company like any other business, you have a good chance of succeeding.

Inquiring about joining the ranks of Rodan Fields consultants? Check out the next section.)


In the past, I’ve discussed the process of joining the Rodan Fields Consultants Skincare team. Signing up is all it takes to become a Skincare Consultant. They have two options for accomplishing this:

Join the R+F community online or through an established R+F advisor.

Learn how to become a Rodan and Fields consultant on my website by signing up for a 30-minute chat.

“Book an appointment to learn more” is available on my website, www.audreyandersonworld.com. Clicking the link. Those interested in becoming a Rodan Fields Independent consultant can receive all the information they need right here from me. 

I think you should view the person you are working with and their business history before you commit to their services. Your business coach and mentor will be in charge of your success. 

Do you know how much it costs to open a skincare account with RODAN AND FIELDS?

When you become a Rodan and Fields consultant, the only payment you’ll have to pay upfront is for the “business kit.” The price is in the United States $45. Yen 6,900, $65 AUD.

However, maintaining a regular business will include certain ongoing expenses. WHAT THEY WILL BE USED FOR INVOLVES IS


  • Catalogues of Corporate Skincare Products. i.e. Rodan Fields Radiant Defense, Teen acne Products, Rodan Fields Reverse
  • Sales flyers/brochures for Rodan Fields Regimen
  • You may want to purchase some of these new Skincare products for demonstration purposes.
  • Attending meetings and events at your company’s headquarters might add to high costs for your business.
  • Fuel and flights are examples of operating expenses.

You’ll probably want to use some of the Rodan Fields Regimen you recommend as a Skincare Beauty expert. But on the other hand, Skincare Consultants are not compelled to use the products they sell.

If you’re buying things for your use, you’ll save money or pay wholesale.


Each product you offer as a skincare beauty consultant brings in money. However, consultants profit from the difference since the retail price is higher than the wholesale price. In other words, if a product costs $130 to produce but sells for $190 to consumers, you’ll make $60.

Consultants can earn even more money by moving up the consultant ladder. Regular sales of Rodan Fields Regimen can help you advance in the business, and there is no limit on how many consumers you can get. Your own sales organisation in Japan, Australia, Canada and the United States can also help.

There are eight more levels of advancement for consultants:

  • Active Consultant
  • Executive Consultant 
  • Active Consultant
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • The Level 4 Executive Consultant 
  • The Level 4 Executive Consultant  
  • Premier executive coach


With each breakthrough, there is an increase in ways to make money. In addition, the amount of commission you can earn rises with each promotion.

A breakdown of how much you make at each stage can be found here, or you can email me at audrey@audreyandersonworld.com if you’d like a complete analysis.

There are a few further advantages to becoming a RODAN FIELDS INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT:

  • Bonuses for excellent performance
  • Travel Incentives 
  • The winners get a prize (including products, tools for building your business and many others)
  • Possibilities for improving leadership performance. Typically, workshops, conferences, and online training sessions at the headquarters.


Like all business ventures, I would state that there is no definitive answer to this question. Technically, you can do anything you put your mind to. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort and your talents are up to snuff, you’ll get there.

Rodan Fields independent consultants can choose to work part-time and earn a few hundred dollars a month due to their business. People will work their way up the ranks, particularly those promoted and earn six-figure salaries. The choice is entirely yours.


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