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How Brands Can Deliver the Ideal Customer Experience:

How Brands Can Deliver the Ideal Customer Experience: 

A 360-Degree View

I am hearing a lot about the Ideal Customer Experience CX, but what does it mean, and why is it so important? 

There is a need for all organisations to take a 360-degree view before we get into the “perfect relationship” and “customer journey”, It begins with understanding your company culture and internal ethos. There is no point for your organisation to consider engaging in any manner of Digital Marketing to increase sales. If currently, your organisation has not thoroughly respected and implemented policies to ensure that any customer’s journey and interaction with you is considered bliss.

Table of Contents - How Brands Can Deliver the Ideal Customer Experience:

Why Is Your Customer Experience So Important?

In essence, customer engagement is the number of interactions a consumer has with your brand or organisation, from the Interactions on your website or via your social media account. When your client or customer decides to purchase and all crucial interactions with your customer support team during check-out, through to any communication, i.e., by email, a mobile app, or on your social networking pages are all examples of customer experience.

Why Is Your Customer Experience So Important? 

The foundation of any business, from home business, freelancing, ecommerce, agencies, MLM, large corporate entities, is your customer. Without them, you have no business.

Let’s break this down are you attuned to your customers wants and needs. Engagement is the ability of your potential customers to experience your brand’s brand personality. From the outset, is your brand approachable, and do you openly and authentically share an affinity with them, and vice versa. 

Customer Experience CX is the quality of a customer’s experience with your brand. How customers feel about a brand and are likely to pay more to continue their relationship with your brand customer experience is the ability of your brand to engage with its customers and determine how your customer prefers to be contacted and what experience they prefer. 

Customer Experience is much more than just the moment a customer opens your website. They expect to be well informed about your product and what it takes to obtain that product, and yes, CX is measurable.



What Is The Distinction Between Customer Experience and Customer Service

What Is The Distinction Between Customer Experience and Customer Service

In short, great customer support is just one beneficial component of the overall customer experience.

Consumer experience, as previously said, is a customer’s overall view of your business is formulated by your Organisations comprehensive, candid, empathetic approach to their experiences with you.

On the other hand, customer support refers to various touchpoints within the experience where a customer seeks and accepts assistance or help, such as calling an operator to request a refund or communicating by email with a service provider. Customer service is a cog in the overall machine called CX.

Is your customer engagement is more important than your customer service? 

It is important to note that any interaction a customer has with your company, from the first time they hear about you in a blog post found on Google to resolution TTR, is important. The better you are at the small things, the more impressive your organisation becomes. 

TTR is your average time taken by your customer service teams to address a problem or ticket that a customer has opened. It is determined by adding all times to resolution and dividing the result by the number of cases solved. Measured in days or business hour, you should be aiming for exemplary TTR times.

What Is Your Brand or Organisations Relationship With Your Customer? 

A recent insightful PWC study eloquently emphasises the significance of your CX. See my Customer Experience Infographic:

1. PWC determined that 73 per cent of all consumers rely on customer service when making purchase decisions. Despite this, only 49% of consumers in the United States believe companies today provide good customer service.

2. 43% of all consumers are willing to pay more for greater convenience, while 42% will pay higher for a friendly, welcoming experience.

3. In the United States, 65 per cent of consumers articulated that a good brand experience is more influential than great ads.

4. Nearly 80% of American consumers consider speed, comfort, competent assistance, and friendly service to be the most critical aspects of a good CX.

5. According to PWC’s report, more than 40% of respondents would pay a higher cost for optimised shipping or same-day delivery.

6. Consumers for a positive experience will pay more for a product or service. Although every sector experienced the benefits of a possible price rise in return for good customer service, consumers profit the most from luxury and indulgence purchases, with coffee up to 16 per cent.

Customer Experience Infographic

What Exactly Is Customer Experience?

What Exactly Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience, or CX, is the customers’ overall understanding and connection with your company or brand. It is the overall perception of their interaction with your business.

It starts from the curious first experience with your website to contacting customer support to obtaining the product/service they purchased from you. 

Everything your organisation does can have an extremely beneficial flow-on effect on your customers’ perceptions and their decision to return or not, so providing a great customer experience is critical to your success.

Why Is CX A Profitable Investment For Any Organisation?

When organisations optimise customer-oriented decisions leading to excellent customer experience, be prepared for a game-changing effect on your companies future growth. 

The more determined your organisation is committed to the customer experience, the more repeat business and beneficial feedback you’ll get in return. Reducing the friction of customer dissatisfaction and product returns.

The advantages of providing excellent Customer Experience (CX):

  • enhancing your Brands consumer loyalty
  • heightened customer loyalty
  • beneficial powerful word-of-mouth marketing, 
  • higher quality feedback and suggestions
  • lower cost to acquire new customers

Positive Customer Experience

“Every day were saying, ‘How can we keep this customer happy?’ How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this, because if we don’t, somebody else will.” – Bill Gates

What Is A Positive Customer Experience?

What Is A Positive Customer Experience?

Enhancing-CX – There is no single standardised checklist to follow to ensure a positive customer experience: your organisation is unique, as are your customers. 

  • Making your customers’ needs a top priority in your organisation. Starting from the Top – Down. Suppose the head CEO, Founder of the company, has little regard for the customers. Don’t expect the employees to care more than the Founder.
  • Utilising customer reviews and gain a beneficial understanding of your clients.
  • Implementing a system to assist you in gathering input, interpret it, and act on it regularly.
  • Reduce friction by addressing the customers’ real issues and challenges.
  • It’s Not Brain Surgery: a successful customer experience is a product of asking your customers questions, listening to their answers, and acting on their feedback.

How Do You Get CX Feeback?

Conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

You can set up customer experience surveys once you’ve recognised the key checkpoints you want to explore. CX surveys that are comprehensive and thorough

  • Net Promoter Score® (NPS): NPS is an outstanding indicator of potential success because it tests the probability that customers will recommend you to friends or colleagues.
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): CSAT customer-oriented questions used to assess if a customer is happy with a particular aspect of their experience (e.g., the support they received).
  • Customer Effort Score (CES): The CES measures the effort required by a customer to achieve their target (e.g., fix a problem, place an order).

Leading Companies see the benefits of sending out milestone surveys at main touchpoints in the consumer lifecycle (e.g., two weeks after the initial purchase or immediately following the completion of onboarding).



How To Improve Customer Experience?

How To Improve Customer Experience?

Wanting to avoid a bad customer experience, organisations will consider streamlining the processes to alleviate the following.

  • Reducing waiting times.
  • Employees training to show them how to understand the needs of their customers.
  • Quicker resolutions to problems/questions
  • An ongoing effort to balance automation and human contact
  • Accessible Personalised services.
  • Increasing Job Satisfaction with Employees, so they are better able to articulate company ethos.

If you need more further ideas, I always reflect on the last time I was extremely disappointed as a customer— and it will usually fall into one of the above categories.

However, what constitutes negative customer interactions in your company would be unique—and your organisation will only understand this by encouraging customer input and then carefully working to mitigate the triggers of an unsatisfactory experience for your customers.

Why Customer Experience Matters?

11. According to Acquia analysis, brands are experimenting with new ways to contact consumers online, which is driving CX creativity. Forty-eight per cent of brands created new content for consumers, and 45 per cent increased their digital platforms in which they can interact with customers.

12. According to a Gartner CMO survey, 68 per cent of CMOs plan to increase martech investment, and digital initiatives projected to account for 80 per cent of multi-channel budgets.

13. A portion of this budget would be dedicated to optimising consumer interactions with a company. According to Acquia’s report, brands expect to spend money in the following areas:

  • Platforms for marketing automation (63%): Allowing brands to automate customised communications through digital assets and platforms. Capturing vital customer buying behaviour on their websites – “Data is Gold”. With these tools capturing customer data, Brands can create visitor profiles, producing outcomes such as customised website content.
  • Platforms for consumer data (54%): To have customised experiences, a CDP collects, cleanses, dedupes, stitches, and enriches data into a holistic customer record.
  • Optimising AI and machine learning (44%): Enable marketers to gain more insights from their results.
  • Personalisation (43%): Several brands like Nike, Glossier, Rodan and Fields are now choosing to go direct to the customer. Understanding how customers want high-quality products specific to their needs will be important.


14. There are a skill gap and talent shortage in CX, and some organisations that are committed to effective CX plans are finding it challenging to implement. Forty-three per cent of businesses report a shortage of data analysts and data scientists, and 40 per cent report a shortage of machine learning engineers. (Acquia) Formalised adverbial adverb

15.Thirty-three per cent of companies say that staff reductions in response to COVID-19 have accentuated workloads and made it challenging in developing more beneficial digital marketing strategies. (Acquia)


CX vs Customer Service

What is Customer Service?

Customer service is an Organisation’s motivation and ability in assisting consumers in the discovery, use, optimisation, and troubleshooting of a product or service known as customer service. It is also the processes that support your various teams to provide effective customer service, from product design, website, ecommerce shopping experience, customer support, etcetera.

Most C-suite executives think of customer service as something that occurs when a consumer approaches a company with a problem. However, that is just half of the story.

Customer service is more than simply answering the phone or sending a text. It happens when: Potential Customers are searching online for a solution and come across your E-commerce store or website. 

Everything your brand is offering at that first touch is considered the start of the Customer Experience journey. We, as customers, spend our time searching for solutions online or answers to our questions. 

Why Is Customer Service Also Important For Your Brand?

Great customer service services should emphasise treating customers with dignity, answering questions, and exceeding expectations. This strategy assists companies in engaging consumers and developing good partnerships.

  • Customer Retention

Keeping existing clients is less costly than acquiring new ones. According to the study, attracting new customers costs almost five times as much as keeping current customers. When a company is trustworthy and offers excellent customer service, satisfied consumers become devoted buyers. According to research, there is a 60% to 70% chance that happy consumers will return to make new purchases.

  • Obtains endorsements

Customers loyal to a company have positive endorsements and strong online feedback, helping companies improve their brand loyal customer is worth ten times more than their first purchase.

According to advanced research, customers will frequently base their buying decisions on family and friends’ feedback rather than advertising messages. So before you throw your hard-earned coin into digital marketing, you can, through great customer experience, convert non-customers with CX. 

Let your existing customers be your Billboards, and you are building an Eco-system that will flourish with the right environment.

Approximately 96 per cent of American businesses collapse within ten years. What is the reason you ask – is bad customer service is one of the contributing factors. Organisations that resolve minor issues quickly and expeditiously are often rewarded with word of mouth advertising. 

Organisational foundations are born out of a great idea to solve a problem. The next step is ensuring these problems are continually solved. The main focus on the customer’s experience flows from the Top-down to the Bottom.

  • The Bonus Is – Employee Turnover Is Reduced.

Employees love working for businesses that appreciate and reward their employees’ contributions, promote new ideas, and treat customers fairly.

People are more interested in their careers when working for an organisation that provides exceptional customer service. 

Employees become your organisation brand ambassadors. Furthermore, they are more likely to stay with the company amid market problems and economic shifts.

PWC Statistics About What Customer Experience Does For Your Brand?

 7. Sixty-three per cent of respondents said they would be more likely to share their data with a service they said they genuinely appreciated. However, 88 per cent of US customers claim that how much they trust an organisation determines how much personal information they are willing to share.

Although positive experiences can lead to positive outcomes, negative experiences can be costly:

8. In the United States, 59 per cent will leave after many bad experiences, while 17 per cent will leave after only one bad experience. One-third of customers (32%) claim they would abandon a favourite brand after only one negative experience.

9. The personal aspect continues to play an important role in how customers view interactions. Sixty-four per cent of customers believe businesses have lost contact with the human element of the customer experience. Seventy-one per cent of Americans prefer to communicate with a person rather than a chatbot or other automated operation.

10. 46% of all customers will desert a brand if the workers are uninformed. Just 38% of Americans believe the workers with whom they communicate understand their needs.

The pandemic has changed the way customers and brands communicate with one another. Putting a greater emphasis on customer experiences, especially digital experiences.

Source: PWC, understandably, consumers are losing patience with poor customer service and see that your company’s success is founded on being respectful, supportive, and helpful to its customers.



Conclusion – How Brands Can Deliver The Ideal Customer Experience.

Spending more time interacting with customers online and understanding their pain points will help your organisation put your customer first. If you are not providing a friendly, warm, and friendly brand experience, your customer retention rate will decline, and your customer acquisition rate will subsequently increase. 

If you understand this principle, then moving to the next step, your Digital Marketing strategy will be easy. It’s not as cut and dry jumping on social media if your organisation’s core in customer experience sucks. 

These engagement statistics are quite sobering and should compel you to improve customer service across the board. Chances are, if you have only grown your customer base at a modest, small rate, it might very well be your Customer Experience that is lacking. 

Making a deliberate choice to improve your overall CX or Customer experience will see a higher return on your investment; add that along with a great Digital marketing Strategy, and you are on the way to seeing increased ROI.

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