How to Take care of your skin + Can you overdo your skincare

How to Take care of your skin

How to Take care of your skin
How to Take care of your skin

Your skin type is essential in understanding how to take care of your skin. For example, you may suspect that you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, but do you honestly know? Knowing your genuine skin type will help you the next time you go shopping for cosmetics. 

Using the wrong products — or even famous Internet tricks — for your skin type might aggravate acne, dryness, and other skin issues.

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  • How to create your skincare regimen
  • Which DIY skin hacks are not healthy, even if they appear to work, 
  • Can you overdo your skincare?
How to take care of your skin

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How To Take Care of Your Skin Con'td

Creating a Skin Care Routine

Regardless of skin type, a daily skincare routine can help you maintain overall skin health and alleviate particular concerns such as acne, scars, and dark spots. A skincare habit consists of four fundamental procedures that you can perform once in the morning and before going to bed.

1. Cleansing: Choosing a cleanser that does not leave your skin dry after washing and ensuring that you do not clean your face more than twice a day if you have dry skin and don’t apply makeup. 

Cleansing your skin for the sake of having a squeaky-clean feeling is terrible since it eliminates your skin’s natural oils. However, Rodan and Fields Soothe Cleanser is a popular cleanser that is suitable for all skin types.

2. Serums: Using a serum before sunscreen is powerful and beneficial. Choosing a serum containing vitamin C, growth factors, or peptides would be preferable. Retinol or prescription retinoids function best at night. Active Hydration Serum by Rodan and Fields or Redefine Intensive Renewing Serum with Retinal-MDTM Technology and Peptides

3. Moisturiser: Even oily skin requires moisturiser; however, choose one that is lightweight, gel-based, and does not clog your pores, i.e. non-comedogenic, such as Rodan and Fields Unblemish lotion. More cream-based moisturisers, such as Rodan and Fields Soothe Lotion, may improve dry skin. On their packaging, most brands will designate their products as gel or cream.

4. Sunscreen: Applying sunscreen with at least 30 SPF 15 minutes before going outside, as sunscreen takes time to activate. Darker skin tones require extra sun protection since hyperpigmentation is more challenging to treat. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends EltaMD’s sunscreen, which provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

You are choosing exceptional skincare products appropriate for your skin type and sensitivity, reading the skincare products labels. Retinol Products, or prescription retinoids, should be used exclusively at night.

  • DIY mistakes to avoid (even if everyone does it)


DIY solutions such as lemon juice and toothpaste have been claimed to work wonderfully for common dark spots and acne pimples.  

However, because they can destroy your skin’s barrier, these methods may cause more long-term harm than benefit.

  • Avoid these do-it-yourself Instagram or TikTok hacks.
  • Lemon juice: Contains citric acid. And is too acidic and can cause dark spots to emerge after sun exposure. It can also irritate and dry up your skin.
  • Baking soda: With a pH of 8, baking soda will stress your skin, dramatically reduce the water content of your skin, and produce dry skin.
  • Garlic: When consumed raw, garlic can cause skin allergies, dermatitis, inflammation, and watery blisters.
  • Toothpaste: While toothpaste contains chemicals that kill bacteria and absorb oil, it can also dry out or irritate your skin.
  • Sugar: Sugar is too harsh as an exfoliator for the skin on your face.
  • Vitamin E: Topical vitamin E treatment can irritate your skin and has not improved scar appearance.

Some of these substances may be natural and inexpensive, but they are not designed for your skin. Even if you don’t notice any noticeable adverse effects, these substances can cause long-term or delayed damage. Therefore, it is preferable to utilise products designed specifically for your face. Before attempting DIY skincare applications, consult with your doctor or dermatologist.


Can You Overdo Your Skincare?

Here is a question for you: Can you overdo your skincare? Too much of a good thing can be counterproductive to your Skin.

How to take care of your skin – when you use too many skincare items too often and enthusiastically, your Skin becomes overworked, looking and feeling worse rather than better.

“Can you overdo your skincare routine?” This skin care expert says yes.

It will seem that the more, the better when it comes to skincare. However, nothing could be further from the facts. If you overdo it, you may be doing your skin more harm than good.

What matters most is that you concentrate on the type of products you are using rather than the number of products you use.

A skincare cleanser, one or two serums explicitly designed towards your concerns, a moisturiser, and sunscreen are the perfect skincare routine for someone looking to start taking care of their skin. The importance of sunscreen in a skincare routine cannot be overstated.

It is a long fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content when looking at its layout. 

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Taking Care of Your Skin Con'td

Home Testing For Your Skin Type

A quick at-home test can measures sebum. Sebum is a waxy, oily liquid secreted by the skin. It can tell you if you have oily skin or not.

  • Dry to Normal
  • Normal
  • Normal – Oily
  • Combination

On a clean face, accurately testing sebum production determines your skin type. Steps to follow:

  • Rinse and dry your face. 30 mins.
  • Gently wipe your face with oil blotting paper. Try it on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.
  • See how translucent the blotting paper is by holding it up to the light.
  • Dry skin – no transparency, but flakes or tight skin
  • Combination Skin – Different amounts of absorption on different parts of the face on the blotting paper 
  • Oily Skin – Soaked Blotting paper
  • Normal skin – blotting paper is not overly oily and does not have flaky skin.

In addition to the skin types listed above, you can have sensitive skin that does not adhere to the sebum criterion. Sensitive skin is reliant on:

  • how quickly your skin responds to product application
  • how well your skin protects itself 
  • the ease with which your skin goes red 
  • the likelihood of skin allergy

Can you overdo your skincare

How Does Overworked Skin Appear and Feel?

I often see online images of over-worked, over-burned, and over-lasered Skin. How to take care of your skin – people soon realise that quick solutions have many adverse side effects than the long-term, tangible impact of consistency. Consistency is more important to me than one fast application that leaves scar tissue.

I can tell when someone is overdoing it based on my experience. For example, my customers’ or clients’ faces are flushed, irritated, puffy, shiny, and inflamed all over or in symmetrical areas such as the cheeks. You could be overworking your Skin if you notice this or experience a stinging or burning sensation.

  • Overworked Skin can be caused in a variety of ways.

When using various active ingredients simultaneously, layering competing products such as Retinal, Alpha-hydroxy Acids, scrubs, and peels on top of each other.

  • It is essential to consider the product guidelines.
  • Without first putting a new product on your skin, you have no way of knowing whether you can cope with it.
  • Excessive use of the Derma-Roller or exfoliating machine
  • Overuse of pore or pimple scrubs can lead to ingrown hairs or cause fissures.

What are the most common symptoms of overworked Skin?

Hyperpigmentation is a term used to describe a condition in which a person’s Skin has a sparkle, but it is not a good gleam. There is still a lot of pink patchiness and dehydration, which may result from various factors. Since that Skin is the foundation for your makeup application, starting with a fantastic foundation is the best way.

Does the use of more botox, fillers, and other treatments significantly affect the Skin?

Fillers, botox, and other cosmetic procedures are already potentially carcinogenic. Anyone at 23 should not consider getting preventive botox since paralysing the muscles to keep them from being paralysed makes no sense. 

How to take care of your skin – Can you Overdo your skincare

What you can do is start getting deep tissue facial massages, which will increase blood flow, allowing haemoglobin to carry more oxygen into the tissue and allowing you to look younger for longer. 

I firmly believe in LED therapy, which I have been doing alongside my Skin. Part of what I am currently using is also Microneedling in a Spa once every six weeks to stimulate collagen development. I feel that they are a better way to get collagen to your Skin without being overworked.

Can you overdo Skincare

Why Does My Overworked Skin Looks Older?

 So, what causes us to do this on our priceless Skin? A lot of us are living the philosophy, “more is better.” We’ll see dramatic before-and-after photos and believe that we can get better results faster by doing more.

The truth is, the Skin has a delicate lipid barrier that keeps moisture inside and keeps irritants away. Microscopic cracks may form and predispose the Skin to moisture loss, infection, and irritation if this barrier is damaged. As a result, the Skin may be less tolerant of skincare products and may look red, dry and blotchy with increased lines.

In the book, Write Your Skin A Prescription for Change, Doctors explain that it is essential that your lipid barrier is not compromised by “excessive cosmetic overuse or friction or friction”.

What treatments would you recommend to help me reverse my overworked Skin?

Laser damage is challenging to repair; if the cells in the melanin glands of the Skin may be destroyed, it is impossible to resurface the problem. I can help, but you need to initiate the healing process. 

A routine would include a lot of hydration, tons of hyaluronic acid, and even cryotherapy to treat inflammation. 

There are tonnes of red or green LEDs known to be more soothing and stimulating on the Skin and warm, tightening, and brightening. 

During the three weeks of ultrasound and light therapy, your cells produce extra energy that allows you to increase the volume of your muscle cells and reduce the appearance of your wrinkles.


Caring for your Overworked Skin

Can you overdo your skincare + How to take care of your skin

First of all, stop any behaviour, such as picking, squeezing or over-exfoliating. Next, avoiding the sun and implement a break from any of the products that may have irritated. Finally, you can soothe your Skin with crushed ice in a plastic bag wrapped in a soft cloth, applied every 20 minutes for three to five minutes.

If your Skin has not quieted down after 24 hours, you may want to see your dermatologist for an evaluation. Would you please bring a list of the products you have used? (Showing your doctor the ingredients in your Rodan + Fields products; find each product on my website and select the ‘Ingredients’ tab.)

Products to Help Overworked Skin

Can you overdo your skincare – if you have compromised your skins moisture barrier? You can start by strengthening it again with gentle products. 

Using a Gentle Cream Wash: 

This wash is suitable for your overworked and Sensitive Skin. Our award-winning cleanser gently removes dirt, impurities, and makeup while leaving behind ceramides that help support the skin barrier.

KEY BENEFITS: cleanses impurities and strengthens Skin’s resilience to protect the moisture barrier.

CONCERNS SKIN: Visible redness, uneven tone of Skin, Dry, irritated Skin

What is this cream wash?

A non-foaming cream cleanser that gently cleanses the makeup and impurities without drying the skin. (125 mL/4.2 U.S. Fl. Oz)

Why does your Skin need this?

This cream wash is designed for your dry skin prone to redness and irritation. In addition, this cream cleanser soothes the skin and helps protect its natural moisture barrier.

Using Skincare Serums: 

  • Rodan and Fields Active Hydration Serum contains Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid to deliver the most optimum hydration for all skin types. After cleansing, this is precisely what to apply when your skin feels tight, overworked, dehydrated, dry, and rough.

Serums are the “heavy lifting devices” of your skincare routine. Depending on your Skin’s biggest concern, you should use a serum to target your Skin. 

Serums are water-based and consist of a low molecular weight to reach the deepest layers of your skin, rather than just moisturising dead, redundant skin cells on the surface. Serums are used after cleansing, before moisturising in AM and PM.

These guys can be the most expensive part of your skincare routine, but they are an essential step if you want to make a fundamental change in your Skin. So here are some of my favourite serums that I’m recommending to everyone, and I’m going to talk to you about how they work and what they’re used to.

Can you overdo your skincare – Yes. What can I use to help 


  • What is Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment?  

It is a skin treatment that neutralises visible redness while protecting and moisturising dry, chapped skin. (50 ml/1.7 U.S. Fl. Oz)

  • Why do you need this sensitive skin treatment for your overworked Skin?

This soothing formula soothes Skin. Clinical trials have shown to help neutralise irritation-causing environmental attackers on the surface of your skin.


Finding a skincare treatment that works for your Skin will always be the best solution; whether you need deep hydration, oil control or a bit of both, you might find this product with the Rodan Fields Soothe Skincare range.

I started in 2017 by using this sensitive skin moisturiser to lock in my serums. I began to notice that my skin had a nice glow, and these products instantly plumped it up. As with the Soothe cleansers, Treatments, Moisturisers, all worked on my Skin’s top layers. 


Give your skin a lot of moisture. The rich, dewy formula soothes and nourishes dry, irritated Skin, while RF Cold Fission Technology replenishes natural moisturising factors. Rodan and Fields Moisture Rescue Cream

BENEFITS: Relieves Skin without tough emulsifiers to replenish the Skin’s natural moisture barrier.

SKIN CONCERNS: dryness and irritation; Visible redness, uneven shade

  • What’s the Moisturiser Used For?

Moisturising face cream for dry skin that soothes and nourishes without harsh emulsifiers replaces the Skin’s natural moisture barrier. (50 ml/1.7 U.S. Fl. Oz)

  • Why do I need the moisturiser?

Designed specifically for dry, sensitive skin, it helps relieve dry, irritated skin and provides hydration, nourishment and comfort.

So while it is great to have excellent active ingredients, be aware of a moisturiser’s molecular weight. Think of your Moisturiser as a top coat when you lock in the serum barrier.


SOOTHE CALMING LOTION SPF 15 Protect and nourish sensitive skin. This gentle lotion keeps the Skin comfortable while protecting against skin-irritating UV rays.

KEY BENEFITS: protects against UV rays and calms, soothes and minimises the appearance of visible redness.

CONCERNS SKIN: Redness visible, Tone of uneven Skin, Dry, irritated Skin

This lightweight formula is designed for sensitive skin and absorbs quickly as it soothes, soothes and minimises the appearance of visible redness. It contains only mineral-based sunscreen ingredients that help protect against skin-irritating UV rays. (50 ml/1.7 U.S. Fl. Oz.

Why do I have to shake the SOOTHE Calming Lotion SPF 15?

SOOTHE Calming Lotion SPF 15 may thicken as it rests in the bottle. However, when shaken, its fluidity is restored to ease of dispensing and application.

  • Rodan and the Field The SOOTHE regime is all about it. First, use SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash and then test a small amount of SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment in the area. If your skin tolerates it, apply a full face twice a day. It is essential to protect your skin from the sun with SOOTHE Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30.

Rodan and Fields SOOTHE Rescue Mask is a great way to calm your Skin, no matter which Rodan + Fields regimen you use. This pleasant calamine face mask will reveal softer, Smoother Skin in just 10 minutes and soothe visible redness and dry, irritated Skin over time.

How you can overdo skincare + What Are The Biggest Skincare Mistakes People Can Make?

These days, the biggest mistake is to do what your girlfriend does because there are as many skin conditions as humans. My skin condition today is very different from what it will be tomorrow.

Most of all, be kind to your skin (and yourself), have patience, don’t overdo it, and you’ll see the results you are hoping for. 

How to take care of your skin – please reach out to me if you need more information on Rodan Fields Business or Rodan Fields skincare?  


When should you consult a doctor or a dermatologist?

How to take care of your skin – If over-the-counter products do not solve your skin concerns, you should consult a dermatologist. Severe acne, scarring, or other issues may necessitate prescription medication, such as oral antibiotics, birth control, or topical prescription retinoids. For your deeper cysts or acne patches that are deep beneath your skin, your dermatologist may conduct an extraction.

Your skin type can significantly influence how products operate. Even if the product is natural, misusing it might trigger breakouts, aggravate acne, or create irritation.

Therefore as I mentioned above, it is advisable to determine your skin type and base your skincare routine on that. Important to note product ingredients to check if any of them produce adverse skin reactions and not to overdo your skincare

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