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Rodan + Fields has just released TWO revolutionary acne-fighting regimens with innovative scientific technologies.

Acne is not curable, but it is treatable and preventable. Find out how you can win the fight against acne, whether you’ve just seen your first pimple or the fight for clear skin has been a life-long battle.

Break the Acne Cycle

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Break the Acne Cycle | Rodan and Fields

SPOTLESS Skincare (for teens and young adults aged 12-24) and UNBLEMISH Skincare (for adults) | Image courtesy of Rodan +Fields

| Image courtesy of Rodan +Fields

SPOTLESS and UNBLEMISH skincare were both formulated by the Drs Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. These two skincare programs use a full-face approach to combat the entire acne cycle. Why? Because by the time acne shows up on the surface of your skin, it has been developing for days, even weeks! Spot treating acne is not the answer. A regular acne program that addresses the entire face and fights acne before it has a chance to form is what is needed. The Doctors’ Multi-Step Science Therapy approach combines the proper ingredients in the proper formulations to go deep into the pore and create an environment that is unfriendly to acne-forming conditions.

Why TWO separate acne regimens?

Teen skin is very different from adult skin. (Image courtesy of Rodan + Fields)

Teen skin is very different from adult skin. (Image courtesy of Rodan + Fields)

Acne itself is a complicated issue, and teen skin is so very different from adult skin, as the chart above shows. So, what’s so revolutionary about the new SPOTLESS regimen for teens and young adults? Proprietory BPO2 technology.

The Doctors and their team of scientists have figured out a way to get the maximum amount of liquified Benzoyl Peroxide and Oxygen to the deepest part of the pore on


Rodan and Fields | Audrey Anderson World

Break the Acne Cycle

DAY 1. It is extremely effective and fast-acting, yet gentle enough for skin showing its first blemish at age 10 or 12.

exfoliates, oxygenates, cleans and clears pores for results after the first use and long-lasting results with continued use.

SPOTLESS Skincare Program is just what teens need. Why? Because it is simple, fast-acting and gentle. It has been shown that teens will not use more than 2 steps of any skincare regimen. They won’t use it at all if it takes too long to see results or irritates their skin. Thanks to the Doctors and their team of scientists, no need to have any of these concerns with SPOTLESS! 87% saw results after ONE USE and 100% after using SPOTLESS for ONE WEEK. 100% saw improvement. That is virtually unheard of in clinical trials.

What does SPOTLESS do?

Eliminates acne bacteria

  • Deep cleans and clears pores, reducing their visible size
  • Helps clear blackheads, whiteheads and pimples
  • Prevents new blemishes from forming
  • Controls and reduces the appearance of oiliness and shine


The new and improved UNBLEMISH Skincare Program gives acne + signs of ageing a one-two punch.

Rodan and Fields Unblemished | Audrey Anderson World

Break the Acne Cycle

Why did UNBLEMISH – adults’ acne-fighting regimen -need an upgrade? Many adults who fight acne fight it for 20 years or more. Instead of having to use separate acne and anti-ageing regimens – or choosing between the two – the new and improved Rodan and Fields UNBLEMISH Skincare program for adult acne, fights BOTH simultaneously! By adding a physical exfoliator, age-fighting ingredients like hyaluronic, salicylic and alpha-hydroxy acids, and a shine control daily moisturizer, the new

UNBLEMISH keeps skin younger looking AND blemish-free. It treats and prevents acne, unclogs pores and minimizes visible signs of ageing.

What can I expect from UNBLEMISH?

  • Significant reduction in acne
  • Less oily
  • Smoother texture
  • More radiant (less dull)
  • More even skin tone (less hyperpigmentation)
  • All of this within less than a month – and improving even more with continued use.


Click the link to learn even more about SPOTLESS and UNBLEMISH before they are available on 2/21. See an explanation of the science, before and after photos and clinical trial findings. Find out which free gift are available with each regimen while supplies last when they first launch.

Take the online solutions tool to see whether one of the new regimens is recommended for you.

Let me help you address your skin concerns and get better-looking skin every day. Achieve life-changing results with Rodan + Fields today.

• Learn more – and book an appointment


Do you know a teen or young adult that would like to try SPOTLESS? Would someone you know like to try the new and improved UNBLEMISH? Send me a referral!

If they purchase a regimen, they get 10% off and FREE shipping off their first order + YOU get a $20 shop credit!


The best time to join a company is in the midst of global expansion and when new products launch. – Forbes Magazine, June 2018.

Here’s the thing about Rodan + Fields:

Rodan and Fields Acne | Audrey Anderson World

When they come out with a new serum or a cream or a peel, it’s not unusual for millions — literally, millions — of people to go nuts over it. – Allure Magazine, April 2017.

The technology and science behind these new/improved regimens change the acne-fighting game in the skincare industry. The regimens launched 2 days ago, and beauty and business magazines are already giving us a free press.

When people come looking for a consultant so they can try these amazing products, they might as well buy them from you. When they fall in love with their skin and want to repurchase, they’ll already have a personal consultant to call! I’m happy to show you how to get your virtual business off to a fast start.

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