The doors will be open for


“The doors will be open for anyone bold enough to knock”


What held you back? From knocking on that door.


– with Halloween approaching and trick or treaters coming door knocking.


– it reminded me of this quote.


– as a kid I would be scared to knock on a neighbor’s door if my ball went over their fence. Yet when I did I got my ball back and life was good.


– i would be scared to knock on the neighbors door to ask if the kids coukd come out to play. Yet when I did – we would spend the weekend riding our bikes through the neighborhood.


– when kids go trick or treating the anticipation is that you might be favored with candy or a un answered door. Yet this does not stop them from knocking as they know eventually someone will open.


– so this week when that split second of fear holds you back.


– be brave and knock on some doors – fortune favors the brave.

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