Steps on How to conquer the fear you have right now –

Updated: Sep 5

by Audrey Anderson SNS | Marketing | Personal Growth


“Hope is the only thing stronger than fear”

Steps on How to conquer fear

What is most important to you right now?

During this time, I am always hopeful things will work out – Why or How am I hopeful – it is because there are things I am able to work and focusing on day to day to be hopeful


What is “most important to me right now”, is to use this time wisely to Review, Re-set and Re-focus

What are my personal key drivers – I want to be “Happy, Respected and Organised” in my work life

(Drivers are – Successful, Purposeful, Inspired, Happy, Organised, Respected, Confident, Relaxed)

Then I look at my daily priorities – these are the steps I need to take to progress towards my goal. Right now I am only focused on 30 days as that is as far ahead as I can look

I use this sheet to help me start doing the things I need to do – to get to where I want to go, to build relationships, and use this time to train – self-development

I am always happy to talk with you on Skype : airecon

Steps on How to conquer Fear


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