Blown away



– 101 service


– story time so 2 weeks ago my nearly 2 year old machine was not working – hot water going to the drip tray and this meant no coffee.


– i love my coffee in the wee early mornings, my special time to think and to sip my coffee and snuggle the dogs. All this is accomplished around the time the sun comes up.


– a quick call to nespresso help – a wonderful help lady provided me with instructions to see if I could troubleshoot.


– this was totally unsuccessful. So a 2 call to nespresso was needed. Arrangements for a replacement machine was made and dispatched to me the next week for my ailing machine and we then sent our machine still under warranty to be repaired. How brilliantly easy.


– in this day and age I am blown away by my experience with this company. This isnt a paid endorsement.


– so after a couple of weeks, a new replacement machine was duly sent out to me and I am back in business this early Saturday – before the sun rises. I am back in business.


– this morning is perfecto, my coffee, in bed with my floofs.


Thank you for this amazing experience Nespresso


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