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Aki Fukasawa
Aki Fukasawa
Aki Fukasawa
Dr Kazuo Matsumoto

Rodan and Fields Advisory Board was announced as part of Rodan and Fields Commitment to improving the development and strengthening of Japanese skincare consultants. The premium skincare brand Rodan and Fields has appointed an advisory board of experts in specialised fields. Rodia & Fields Japan LLC (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Terry White), a premium skincare brand based in San Francisco, California, represents the North American skincare industry, announced today that it would expand its consultant development programme.

Aki Fukasawa
Dr Natsumi Noguchi, PhD

Rodan and Fields Advisory Board Japan: What You Need To Know

*1. Announced the creation of an advisory board of outside experts. The formation of the Advisory Board is Japan’s first effort to provide a higher level of consulting that is more customer-focused to the Japanese market, which has a distinct skincare culture distinct from that of the United States.

The Advisory Board will include dermatologist Dr Natsumi Noguchi, Vice Director of Shibuya Clinic, Shibuya Cosmetic Surgery, hairdresser Aki Fukasawa, and Dr Kazuo Matsumoto, Fellow of The Institute of Chemical Research, Kyoto University and Chairman of Nurse Corporation.

Table of Contents - Rodan and Fields Advisory Board

Rodan and Fields Advisory Board Japan: What You Need To Know

What are Rodan and Fields?

Rodan and Fields were founded in San Francisco, California, in 2002 as a company focused on the skincare and beauty care industries. We are committed to applying our proprietary science of the three R’s – Rejuvenate, Recharge, and Revitalise – to deliver the most powerful and effective skincare products available on the market. 

We take a comprehensive, science-driven approach to develop and developing our products, ensuring our products provide you with the highest level of performance, care, and results. Rodan and Fields were acquired by Estee Lauder on 18/7/2003 and operated as a global brand. 

Rodan and Fields believed in applying our research-backed science to produce the best products on the market for the consumer. In 2007 the Dermatologist Dr Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields bought back their Company from Estee Lauder.

It has a huge influence on the industry through its dermatology-based skincare programme and extensive consulting group, and it uses distribution platforms that can bring goods directly to smartphone and social network consumers in their everyday lives and shopping. Rodin + Fields debuted game-changing skin care products in Canada in 2015 and Australia in 2017. Rodan + Fields has been the number one luxury skincare brand in the United States for four consecutive years (2016-2019 results) * According to Euromonitor.

Rodan and Fields Advisory Board Japan: What You Need To Know

Why Japan?

Japan’s skincare culture is very different from the United States. Rodan & Fields has always been focused on delivering innovative skincare products that help people feel confident and look beautiful. 

But with Japanese consumers also having a strong focus on the quality of their products, the Company decided that consultants in Japan need a more in-depth understanding of these products to offer the same high-quality skincare service for Japanese consumers that Rodan & Fields delivers in the United States.

What is the Rodan and Fields Advisory Board

An advisory board is a group of experts in a particular field, chosen for their unique skills and expertise, formed by a company to help develop and strengthen the consultant network and service system, known as ‘base’. 

To improve the development and strengthening of Japanese skincare consultants for the premium skincare brand Rodan and Fields, an advisory board of experts in specialised fields were established.

The core or base is the Brands network of consultants who will provide the core resource for developing the Prestige Skincare Products products. Rodan and Fields Independent consultants are intended to establish and maintain the ‘Relationships’ between the customer and the Brand. This skincare brand trust is built on the trust and relationships between the customer and the Consultant. This professional contact between the Company and its base is the building block of the Brand.


Rodan and Fields Advisory Board Japan: What You Need To Know

Who Is On Rodan and Fields Japan Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will include dermatologist Dr Nahmi Noguchi, hairdresser Aki Fukasawa, and Dr Kazuo Matsumoto, Fellow of The Institute of Chemical Research, Kyoto University and Chairman of Nurse Corporation. 

The advisory board receives guidance for acquiring correct knowledge about skincare and skin and cosmetics in general, based on their knowledge and knowledge in their specialised fields, through seminar performances for consultants who are skincare experts, supervision of teaching materials, online lectures, and so on.

Mr Terry White, Representative of the Advisory Board, commented on the formation of the Advisory Board, saying, “The Advisory Board is also critical in terms of understanding Japan’s skincare culture and diverse needs, as well as establishing itself as a premium skincare brand in Japan. We would like to hear from the Advisory Board’s experts and take on the task of emerging Rodan and Fields’ R&D and the strengths of skincare products centred on cosmetic dermatology. “I’m not going to do that,” he said.

Rodan and Fields Advisory Board Japan: What You Need To Know

Advisory Board Information 

Dr Natsumi Noguchi, PhD. Graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Shibuya Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Shibuya Clinic’s Deputy Director and member of the Society of Cosmetic Dermatology.

Cosmetic dermatology and nutritional therapy are her areas of expertise. We assist in realising “beautiful skin and a safe everyday life” through thorough assessments and women-specific care. With the theme of the mind-body link, not only in beauty and skin medical care but also in preventive medicine and the medical care system. 

After graduating from Keio University’s Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, he re-enrolled at the University of Medicine. He is currently serving as a deputy director of cosmetic surgery and is studying the relationship between diet and brain at The University of Tokyo’s Doctoral Program in Social Medicine.

Fukasawa, Aki Is a makeup artist. Actively involved in consultancy, online supervision, product creation, event appearances, and other activities for women’s magazines, ads, TV appearances, cosmetics firms, and other organisations.

We disseminate beauty methods and special beauty methods based on the premise that “women will still be beautiful if they do the right beauty process.” “You should be beautiful and optimistic about your feelings!” And it has several ramifications. His most recent books are “Magic Shining Brighter Than Humans” (TakarajimaSha), “How to Make Whitening Egg Skin: Magic Whitening Rule 40” (Sanku Publishing), and “You Can Get Love and Beauty in 7 Days!” ” (Yamato, Shobo). <

Dr Kazuo Matsumoto, Fellow of Kyoto University’s Institute of Chemistry and Chairman of Naars Corporation He has been an entrepreneur since 2009.

In partnership with Kyoto University and Osaka City University, he launched a venture from Kyoto University to create and produce The Naarsgen, a groundbreaking ageing care cosmetic ingredient based on a completely new idea. 

After serving as a representative director since 2012, he was appointed to his current role in 2021. He joined Tanabe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 1965, after graduating from Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Agriculture and Chemistry with a PhD in Agriculture.

How Rodan and Fields Will Help The Japanese Market

Rodan and Fields, on March 22 2021, were pleased to announce the formation of a dedicated Board of Advisors from renowned specialised fields in Japan. The formation of this advisory board is based on the demand from the Japanese market for consultative and specialised support in achieving the high level of customer satisfaction that Rodia & Fields is known for. 

This advisory board will assist Rodan & Fields Japan in its strategy to enhance the growth and development of its Skincare Consultant (Skincare Consultants), who specialise in the Brand, ensuring that they are equipped with the best expert knowledge and professional skills to serve their customers better. • “We are excited about the Advisory Board and what it will contribute to the growth of the Japanese market,” said Dr Noguchi.


Rodan and Fields Advisory Board Japan: What You Need To Know


Rodan and Fields is the leader in the category and category leader in the skincare industry. Rodan and Fields as Dermatologist, have treated millions of people with its superior products over the last 40 years from their first Acne Skincare Range ProActive. 

Rodan and Fields Skincare Products now include some of the industry’s highest quality skincare products, including Perfect Overnight Serum, Exfoliating Solution, Boosting Solution, Cream, Sleep Mask, the first non-medical sunscreen, Exfoliating Scrub, and its newest product, the No-makeup Blemish Concealer. Rodia has the largest R&D department of any cosmetic brand in the world. And despite all of this, it consistently stays true to the ‘R&D in development’ principle it established in 1976.

*1 A Rodan and Fields consultant is a person who is knowledgeable about Rodan + Fields skincare products. With skincare experience and product awareness, our experts will introduce you to items such as skincare programmes designed to address each individual’s skin condition and educate them on how to obtain the best skin they’ve ever had.

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